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T-Bone A-Skid/Mud Guards For The ARRMA Kraton

To help you beef up your ARRMA Kraton, T-Bone Racing has announced A-Arm Skids/Mud Guards for your epic bash machine. The A-Skids help to protect the rear arms, as well as keeping unwanted mud/dirt/rocks from hitting the rear shocks. The skids mount easily with the provided materials are street priced at just $29. Get full details by Making The Jump over [...]


T-Bone Racing A-Arms Skids ARRMA Nero

T-Bone Racing A-Arm Skids For The ARRMA Nero

With the ARRMA Nero continuing to gain in popularity every day, the crew at T-Bone Racing has been releasing a bunch of products to help tank-it-out. Now available for your bashing pleasure are Front & Rear A-Arm Skids. The skids are made from an extremely durable plastic to take a beating and keep on ticking. The Nero Front Skids are priced [...]


T-Bone TBR ARRMA Senton Bumper

Six New ARRMA Senton Products from T-Bone Racing

Do you bash your ARRMA Senton as hard as we do? We know you guys, the chances are pretty high that you bash yours as hard, or even harder, than the BSRC Bash Crew. If that is the case, adding heavy duty bumpers and skid plates can help protect your truck and reduce the chances of breaking a part. Thankfully, [...]


TBR A-Arm skids E-Maxx

T-Bone Racing Front A-Skids for the Traxxas E-Maxx

Don’t you hate it when you are out bashing and you get a stick caught in your a-arm? With the new Front A-Arm Skids from T-Bone Racing you won’t have to worry about that problem. Designed to fit the Traxxas E-Maxx, the skids will keep sticks out of the arms while giving them added protection against rocks (or curbs). The skids [...]


T-Bone Racing Skids Axial Yeti

T-Bone Racing Chassis and A-Arm Skid Plates for the Axial Ye…

While the Axial Yeti is a pretty good climber out of the box, a slicker surface underneath can help it get over obstacles more easily. To help slide right over those tough spots, T-Bone Racing has introduced a chassis skid plate and a-arm skids. Both are made from ultra-tough nylon and come with TBR’s lifetime warranty against breakage. The chassis [...]


T-Bone Racing Rear A-Arm Skids Traxxas E-Revo

T-Bone Racing Rear A-Arm Skids for Traxxas E-Revo

If you are a legit basher you’ve been out running and noticed your truck driving strange, sort of like it was pulling an anchor behind it yet it pulls to one side. Yes, that’s the dreaded branch stuck in an a-arm syndrome. The crew over at T-Bone Racing have had this issue before too, thus the reason they now make Rear [...]