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Agama RC N1e Electric Race Buggy Kit

Teaser – Agama 1/8 N1e Electric Race Buggy Kit

Over at NEMO Racing they have just dropped some teaser images of the upcoming Agama 1/8 N1e Electric Race Buggy Kit. Featuring lay-down style shocks and an ultra low center of gravity design, the new N1e looks ready to win at any level of competition. Agama released full details on their nitro powered N1 buggy a couple of months ago, [...]


Agama RC 8th N1 Nitro Buggy Kit

Pre-Orders Now Open – Agama 1/8 N1 Nitro Buggy Kit

After a few months of teasing, the radical new Agama N1 Nitro Buggy Kit is now available for pre-order. Featuring laydown shocks and numerous other high-end features, the Agama N1 is ready to win races! Here are more highlights- * Fully enclosed a-arms * Double bearing system on differentials * Super durable rear wing mount * Designed for easy maintenance * Laydown suspension to lower [...]


AGAMA RC 8th N1 Nitro Competition Buggy Kit

Teaser – AGAMA 1/8 N1 Nitro Competition Buggy Kit

Over at Nemo Racing they are now teasing a new AGAMA 1/8 N1 Nitro Competition Buggy Kit. The new Agama N1 sports a bunch of upgrades to help reduce lap times, while also increasing durability. The big news on the N1 are its laydown style shocks that help reduce the buggy’s center of gravity. Until we learn more, you can [...]


Agama 2022 A319 8th Nitro Buggy Kit

Agama 2022 A319 1/8th Nitro Buggy Kit

Now available for pre-order is the 2022 edition of the Agama A319 Nitro Buggy Kit. The A319 has been updated to increase durability, as well as for more speed out on the track. Here are the highlights- * Updated performance gearing * 39T crown gears mate up with 12T pinion gears * Grey diff cups * Emulsion style shock caps * Grey/orange springs and 8×1.2f/8×1.3r [...]


Agama A319P 8th Nitro Buggy Kit

Pre-Order Open – Agama A319P 1/8 Nitro Buggy Kit

Coming soon from Agama is the A319P 1/8 Nitro Buggy Kit. This high-end race kit was designed to be competitive at even the highest levels of competition. Here are the highlights- * New drivetrain w/ 43/13 diff & pinion gearing * 47T spur gear and 13T clutch bell * Aluminum 17.5 degree 7075 aluminum caster blocks * 7075 CNC machined aluminum engine mount & [...]


Bittydesign Vision Clear Body Agama A319 Buggy

Bittydesign Vision Series Clear Body for the Agama A319 Bugg…

New from Bittydesign is a Vision Series Clear Body for the 1/8 Agama A319 race buggy. The Agama A319 is a popular nitro race buggy over in Europe. Soon A319 drivers will be able to mount up a Vision series body to improve performance, as well as a cool new look. * Made from genuine Lexan * Pre-cut by laser for a [...]


Agama A215T Truggy

Agama A215T Nitro Truggy

Recently announced by NEMO Racing is the Agama A215T nitro truggy. The latest Agama nitro burner has numerous upgrades for enhanced handling and durability. * 17mm big bore shocks * 3mm 7075 aluminum chassis * Heavy duty 43/10 tooth ring & pinion gears * Redesigned body * 150cc fuel tank with splash shield * DBS differential system * New hinge pin braces * Stiffer a-arms * New steering rack You [...]


Agama A215E Electric Buggy

Agama Announces A215E Buggy

Being teased right now from Agama is their 1/8th scale A215E electric buggy. Agama is a brand mostly known in Europe for their high quality race machines and the A215E represents their latest entry into the 8th scale off-road wars. Agama states that the A215E is not a converted nitro machine, instead it was designed exclusively for electric power. The chassis [...]


Hobby Pro USA Fuel Bottles

  Hobby Pro USA are set to keep the nitro guys happy with their new 500CC fuel bottles. They’re just the right softness to be practical in all situations, and at a penny under $6 you can’t complain about value for money!   Head over to the Hobby Pro website to get your hands on one.