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Cubby Off Road

THE Retired Report- Wanna Bash On Grandma’s Face?!?!?

So I’m cruising YouTube, blowing off another day, just like any other, and I come across the crazy video below. In the video, it shows an rc truck driving around a house. You see it come down some wood stairs without scratching them. You also see the truck drive over a precious piano. You then see it drive over “Dad’s” [...]


Air Hogs X-Wing Starfighter Unboxing

Maybe the #ForceFriday Millennium Falcon Quad Copter isn’t your thing, well you are in luck as Air Hogs also has a two engine X-Wing Starfighter. We are assuming all flight control is via the two ducted fans, as we don’t see any other moving parts. So power to both fans gives lift, a little more to one or the [...]


Air Hogs Millennium Falcon Quadcopter Unboxing

#ForceFriday seemed like the perfect day to post our unboxing pictures of the Air Hogs Millenium Falcon Quadcopter, or Quad as they like to call it. The initial impressions upon opening the box, is it feels really heavy. The foam they use to shape the Falcon isn’t light, so it will be interesting to see how it handles and flies. [...]


Air Hogs Hyperactives Pro Aero GX Review

For most of us, winter puts a serious damper on most of our RC driving. If you’re like me, an indoor track is hours away, and your fingers go numb five minutes after you start a bash session outside. While I use winter as an opportunity to clean/maintain/fix all of my vehicles that took a serious beating through [...]