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Losing grip – Outside my comfort zone, again

G’day folks! Once again, I’ve strayed outside my comfort zone in regards to painting lexan bodies. My Vanquish Phoenix is getting a new body and I’m painting it using a combination Tamiya rattle cans, my trusted airbrush, and a fine detail brush. I’m not quite done yet, so at this stage you’ll have to make do with some pictures of [...]


Losing grip – Painting faces

Today: heads. Because heads are important, not only to people in general, but also to an RC interior. If you’re doing an interior, it’s worth spending a bit of extra time on your chosen driver’s head, because that’s what our eyes are naturally drawn to. The very first thing anyone will see, upon reflex, is your driver’s face. We all [...]


Losing grip – Pimp My Ride!

G’day folks, it’s time to Pimp My Ride! As you may know, ever since I released the TRX-4 Simba, I have felt a dire need to update the look of my SCX10III. I want to bring it up to the same standard as its Traxxas mate, which to me means both a new paint job and adding a bucketload of [...]


Losing grip – Painting, fading, learning

G’day mates! I hope you’ve all had a good Christmas and that you got some RC stuff from Santa. I did and did not. Christmas was great, but no RC stuff for me this year, somewhat surprisingly. My wife forgot about the Vanquish VS4-10 I had on the top of my list and gave me an Exit game instead. Or [...]


Bittydesign RC Airbrush Starter Kits

Bittydesign Airbrush Starter Kits

Over at Bittydesign they have announced a full line-up of Airbrush Starter Kits. The kits are set up to suit beginners to pros and are a great way to take your painting skills to the next level. These high quality airbrush kits are convenient to use and can save you some cash. Here are the highlights- Bittydesign Airbrush Starter Kits * Entry [...]


Bittydesign Michelangelo RC Airbrush

Bittydesign Michelangelo Airbrush

Take your painting skills to the next level with the new Michelangelo Airbrush from Bittydesign. Airbrushing allows you to save paint, while also doing more elaborate designs. Here are the highlights- * Innovative “hybrid” nozzle for easy removal and maintenance * Air Pressure Range – 15~50 PSI * Standard 0.4mm thread-less nozzle * Capacity Of Bottle – 35cc (optional bottles available with 60cc [...]


Pro-Line How To Airbrush Video

Pro-Line Shop Talk – Fundamentals of RC Airbrushing Part #2

New from Pro-Line is the second installment in their Shop Talk – Fundamentals of RC Airbrushing video series. Charlie Barnes of CFX Paintworks does a great job explaining exactly what is needed to do a high-end airbrush paint job on your next body. From talking about paints and reducers, to the different types of compressors and airbrushes, Charlie hooks you [...]


Pro-Line Fundamentals of RC Airbrushing Video

Video – Pro-Line Fundamentals of RC Airbrushing

Airbrushing has long brought true art to the rc world. That, and countless numbers of amazing custom paint jobs. Watch the video below to learn all the fundamentals of rc airbrushing. The video makes it easy to have success on your first airbrushed body, and features Charlie Barnes from CFX Paintworks. Chairlie does some of the best paint jobs in [...]


Pro-Line RC Paint Phase 5

Pro-Line RC Body Paint – Phase 5

For all you painting aficionados, Pro-Line has just dropped Phase 5 of their RC Airbrush Paint line-up. The new colors give you more options for your next scale, or race build. Here is the scoop- #6329-00 Candy Blood Red #6329-01 Candy Yellow Sun #6329-02 Candy Electric Green #6329-03 Candy Blue Ice #6329-04 Candy Ultra Violet #6329-06 Candy Turquoise #6329-05 Window Tint #6323-07 Candy Color Set: Blood Red, Yellow [...]


Pro-Line Phase 4 Airbrush Paint

Pro-Line Announces Phase 4 RC Body Paint

The crew at Pro-Line have just dropped Phase 4 of their RC Airbrush Paint line-up. Phase 4 includes five new colors to give you even more options for your custom paint schemes. Pro-Line Phase 4 #6325-13 Dark Earth – $7.95 #6325-14 Mars Red Oxide – $7.95 #6325-15 Sting Yellow – $7.95 #6326-05 Metallic Deep Blue – $8.95 #6327-07 Pearl Green – $8.95 Features- * Designed for rc body [...]



Pro-Line RC Body Paint Phase 3

The crew over at Pro-Line have announced the release of Phase 3 of their rc airbrush paint line-up. Phase 3 ushers in a dozen new colors to help make your next custom paint scheme your best one yet! #6324-02 Matte Clear #6325-08 Mil Spec Green #6325-09 Mojave Sand #6325-10 Slate Blue #6325-11 Heritage Blue #6325-12 Primer Gray #6327-04 Pearl Black #6327-05 Pearl Purple #6327-06 Pearl Red #6328-06 Fluorescent Pink #6328-07 Fluorescent [...]


Pro-Line RC Body Paint Rack

Pro-Line RC Body Paint Rack

Coming soon from Pro-Line is a new RC Paint Rack. This handy paint organizer makes it easy to store your Pro-Line airbrush paint, plus you just know it will look awesome on your workbench! Here are some of the rack’s features- * Holds up to 72 bottles * 12 rows, 6 bottles per row * Interlocking tabs allow for stacking of multiple units * [...]


Pro-Line How to Paint RC Car Body Video

Pro-Line How To Paint Your RC Body Video

New from Pro-Line is a video that shows how to Airbrush RC Car Bodies. The P-L crew has recently released more colors for their new airbrush paint line, watch the video below to see just how easy, and how cool, airbrushing an rc body can be. After watching the video, you can hit up This Link to check out Pro-Line’s entire [...]


Pro-Line Polycarbonate RC Car Body Paint

Pro-Line RC Body Paint Phase 2

Here ya go rc body painters, Pro-Line is now shipping Phase 2 of their new airbrush paint line-up. Phase 2 comes with 12 new premium colors to make your next paint job the best one yet. The Pro-Line paint is pre-thinned and water based. This makes it perfect for polycarbonate bodies that require an ultra-flexible, highly durable finish. Part #6326-02 [...]


Pro-Line Airbrush RC Car Paint Video

Video – New Pro-Line RC Car Paint

First teased a few weeks ago, Pro-Line has now posted a video to showcase their all new RC Car Airbrush Paint line-up. The folks at Pro-Line take bodies very seriously, their new paint line is no different. The P-L crew worked very hard to put out some incredible paint, watch the video below to learn more and to get pumped [...]