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Pro-line New Paint Colors

Pro-Line Adds Vibrant Colors & Pearl Flake Clear to Paint Li…

The crew at Pro-Line Racing are serious about their paint and have just announced a batch of new items. Pro-Line has announced 5 new vibrant colors, as well as a pearl flake in clear. Here are the details- * #6324-03 Pearl Flake Clear * #6325-16 Lime Green * #6325-17 Sky Blue * #6326-06 Metallic Billet Silver * #6327-09 Pearl Electric Blue * #6327-10 Pearl Arctic Blue The [...]


Bittydesign Michelangelo RC Airbrush

Bittydesign Michelangelo Airbrush

Take your painting skills to the next level with the new Michelangelo Airbrush from Bittydesign. Airbrushing allows you to save paint, while also doing more elaborate designs. Here are the highlights- * Innovative “hybrid” nozzle for easy removal and maintenance * Air Pressure Range – 15~50 PSI * Standard 0.4mm thread-less nozzle * Capacity Of Bottle – 35cc (optional bottles available with 60cc [...]


Losing Grip – Hobbynox airbrush paints

I painted my very first polycarbonate body in 1992, using two pots of paint and a brush. A Kyosho Ferrari F40, state of the art. Red body, red spoiler, black windows. Back then precut window masks weren’t invented, so the method was slightly different. First, a thin (1mm) black masking tape was applied on the outside, marking windows and body [...]


Losing grip – wrapped up

A week ago, just about everytning I own was in boxes and bags, neatly stuffed away in the attic. A couple of days later, just about everything I own was all over the place, in a humongous mess that I had to wade through to get into the kitchen. Today, things are a bit more organized, and I can see [...]