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AKA Mule Rolling Gear Bag

AKA has a new gear bag called the Mule to get all your equipment to the track or bash spot in one trip. Made from durable nylon mesh and reinforced with plastic, the Mule can make it a whole lot easier to get all that stuff of yours around, and to do it in style. * Size– 31″ x 14.5″ x [...]


RC Driver Magazine

Industry News – LRP America, AKA Typo, & RC Driver

Back in September LRP opened up a new facility in Southern California. Their long term distribution deal with Associated had ended so LRP America was formed. Here in America we are used to only seeing LRP electronic speed controllers, but they have a much more vast product line that includes cars, trucks and buggies. Now it sounds like us Yanks [...]


AKA Evo 1:10 Wheels

AKA 1:10 EVO Wheels and 1:10 Slingshot Tires

You probably know AKA from their 8th scale tires but they are making a big push into the 1:10 scale class with their new Evolution series wheels and tires. The big news is the use of an “L” shaped bead on their 10th scale Evo wheels. An “L” shaped bead is said to allow for a stronger bond and is commonly [...]


AKA Handlebar STD Buggy Tires

AKA Handlebar STD Tires and Pre-Mounts

The latest addition to AKA’s tires line-up is the Handlebar STD for 10th scale buggy. The new STD version of the Handlebar has taller treads to give more traction and longer tire life. They are available in three different compounds- Clay, Super Soft, and Soft compound. The new Handlbar STD’s are also available pre-mounted on either white or yellow HEXlite [...]


AKA Has New Short Course Tires and Inserts

Short course trucks are still on fire and AKA has just introduced a revised line-up of tires for them. Taking several of their popular tread patterns they have made them wider, thus improving their grip. The tires that got the upgrade are the Handlebar 2, Cityblock 2, Enduro 2, and the Wishbone 2. Some of the tires also got further [...]


AKA Pre-Mount Handlebar Impact

New AKA 10th Scale Buggy Pre-Mounts (Handlebar & Impact)

AKA has just announced several new sets of pre-mounted tires for 10th scale buggies. Now you can get Handlebar or Impact tires (in soft or super soft compounds) pre-mounted on either white or yellow wheels. AKA’s popular red closed cell inserts come standard and are known for their handling and longevity. 13110SRW 1:10 Buggy Handlebar LTD Rear (Soft) HEXLITE Wheel Pre-Mounted [...]


AKA Medium Black Closed Cell Inserts for 8th scale and short course trucks

AKA Black Medium Closed Cell Inserts for 8th Scale Buggy and…

AKA has some new medium density closed cell inserts for 8th scale buggy and short course trucks. These new inserts are fluted on the inside making them a bit softer and allows air to escape more easily through vent holes in your rim. The part number is #34001MFG and they have a price of $19 for a set of four. [...]


AKA AKA Stadium Truck Closed Cell Red Tire Inserts

AKA Closed Cell Stadium Truck Tire Inserts

AKA changed the tire world when they first introduced their closed cell inserts for 8th scale tires several years ago. Now AKA is introducing closed cell inserts for 10th scale stadium trucks. These inserts will not only last much longer than traditional foam, but they can also make your truck handle better in corners and through the rough. Part number [...]


AKA Indoor Handlebar Tires

AKA Handlebar Tires for 10th Scale Buggy, SCT, and 8th Scale…

AKA has just announced their new Handlebar series of tires. With their low-profile tread and rounded edges, Handlebars should be the bomb at your local indoor clay track. AKA is producing Handlebars for a wide variety of vehicles- 10th scale buggy, 8th scale, and for short course trucks. And talk about variety, some Handlebars are available pre-mounted, some just with inserts, [...]


AKA Enduro SC Tire

AKA Enduro Short Course Tire Review

THE AKA Enduro Short Course Tire ReviewAKA Enduro tires have gained quite a reputation for being one of the premier race tires money can buy. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the AKA Enduro, specifically the short course truck version, to see how it stacks up in the bashing world. Do they last? Do they have incredible traction? [...]


AKA Indoor Clay Compound Tires

If you plan on spending your winters indoor and off-road, AKA Racing has something new for you. They have just announced that many of their 1/8 Buggy, 1/10 SC, and 1/10 buggy tires will be available in their new Clay Compound designed for maximum traction on indoor clay tracks. Watch for these shipping after December 1st, 2012. Need [...]


Gil Losi Jr

Wednesday Interview – Gil Losi Jr.

You might remember Gil Losi Jr from his days with Team Losi, but newer hobbyists probably know him from companies like AKA Products and Firelands Group (Helion, Anza, Radient). Gil is a legend in the rc industry and we were lucky enough to get an interview with him. BigSquidRC: What trends do you see coming for the rc basher market? Gil: [...]


AKA Moto Tires 8th Scale Buggy

AKA Moto 8th Scale Buggy Tire Review

THE AKA Moto 8th Scale Buggy Tire ReviewSince their introduction AKA has made a big splash in the rc racing scene. Thankfully they have just released a new tire with us bashers in mind, their new Moto tires for 8th scale buggy. The Moto’s have large, widely spaced lugs that look much like a dirt bike tire, which in theory [...]


aka moto tires

AKA Moto 1/8 Buggy Tires

It looks like AKA Racing is answering some pleas and putting out a tire that can handle some serious action! The new MOTO a 1/8 buggy tire with some massive lugs on it looks ready to attack that tough terrain. This isn’t your standard racer tire, this monster looks like it’s ready to go bashing! Yes, AKA and Bashing in [...]


AKA EVO Truggy line on sale

From now until next Friday, the 23rd, AKA Racing is having a 30% off sale on their entire line of EVO Truggy wheels and tires. There’s a ton of options and I need to get my word count up, so I’ll list most of them for you. On the tire side you can get yourself some of AKA’s I-Beam, Cityblock, [...]