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Exotek front bulkhead associated

Exotek Front Bulkhead for the Associated B44.3

Years ago 4wd 1/10th buggies had a terrible reputation for breakage. Back in those days even the slighest tap to a pipe usually resulted in a broken part and a DNF. The new age of 4wd buggies are different, they can take harder hits without snapping a part, but like every other vehicle out there, they do have their weak [...]


STRC Option Parts Associated B5 B5M

STRC Option Parts for Associated B5/B5M

The Team Associated B5 & B5M are some of the hottest buggies on the market right now and ST Racing Concepts has released several upgrade parts to help uber them out. Up first is the STRC CNC machined aluminum front bulkhead. The 25 degree bulkhead is made to increase front end durability and helps add a bit of weight up front [...]


RDRP Kyosho RB6 Front Bulkhead

Revolution Design Aluminium Bulkhead for Kyosho RB6/RT6/SC6

Revolution Design Racing Products have been putting out some pretty snazzy upgrade parts lately, their latest is an aluminum front bulkhead for the Kyosho RB6 Buggy. The bulkhead is made out of 7075-T6 aluminum making it much stronger than the stock plastic part and will eliminate ripped out ballstuds. RDRP parts are known for looking trick and the RB6 front [...]


DuraTrax Evader DT Week: Graphite Chassis and Aluminum Parts…

It’s the second day of DuraTrax Evader DT week.  Yesterday I installed some of DuraTrax’s high-end hard anodized shocks.  Today I tackle the blue anodized aluminum front bulk head (part DTXC6807), the blue anodized aluminum transmission brace (part DTXC9640), and the Evader graphite chassis (part DTXC6999). If you aren’t a fan of blue, all of the aluminum [...]