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ECX RC Amp Crush 2WD Monster Truck

ECX 1/10 Amp Crush 2WD Monster Truck

Coming soon from ECX is the 1/10 Amp Crush 2WD Monster Truck. The affordable Amp Crush comes as a ready to run that has everything you need to run right inside the box. Take a look at these highlights- * Oil filled shocks * Durable nylon chassis * 2.4GHz radio transmitter * Aggressive off-road tires * Waterproof electronics The ECX Amp Crush Monster Truck has street [...]


Time Lapse Video ECX AMP MT Build To Drive Kit

Video – Time Lapse ECX AMP MT Build-To-Drive Kit

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? The world will never know, but we are wondering how cool it is to build one of the new AMP MT Build-To-Drive Kits from ECX. To find out how easy it is to do one of the Build-To-Drive kits, the folks at Horizon Hobby have [...]


ECX AMP MT Build-To-Drive Kit

ECX AMP MT Build-To-Drive Kit

The rc world has gone mad, a RTR company has announced their very first KIT! That’s right, ECX has announced the AMP MT Build-To-Drive kit. Why would they do such a crazy thing? For a couple of reasons. The first is many institutions (like schools) have asked Horizon Hobby for an affordable and easy to build kit. The second is, [...]


ECX AMP MT Monster Truck Review

ECX AMP MT RTR Monster Truck Review

With a shockingly low street price, you just have to wonder how good the AMP line of RTR vehicles from ECX RC (Horizon Hobby) can be. I mean, they are street priced at just $129, while their list of features hasn’t been diminished as much as you would expect to make the price point. We’ve been driving the ECX AMP [...]


Unboxing ECX AMP MT Monster Truck

Unboxing The ECX AMP MT Monster Truck

New and super affordable ($129) from the folks at ECX is the 1/10 AMP MT. While it is named a “monster truck”, it more looks like a stadium style truck and we recently got a chance to shoot some pictures while pulling our test unit out of the box. Inside the box you’ll find the truck (of course), the new style [...]


Unboxing ECX AMP Desert Buggy

Unboxing The ECX AMP Desert Buggy

ECX made some big news when they announced their AMP line-up of vehicles. Why is that? Because the AMP line brings hobby grade 10th scale to an extremely low price point. How low? $129, which should fit into just about anyone’s budget. While we finish our full review of the AMP Desert Buggy, please take a look at the unboxing pictures [...]



Ultra Affordable 1/10th AMP Line-up From ECX

Aimed right at the bashing crowd is the new 1/10th scale AMP line-up from ECX. The biggest news from the AMP line is price, with both the DB desert buggy and MT monster truck hitting the streets at just $129. Some of the other highlights of the line include- * Waterproof electronics * 2 wheel drive * Everything is included, like AA batteries [...]