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ARC A10-25 Touring Car Kit

ARC 1/10 A10-25 Touring Car Kit

Just announced by ARC is the 1/10 A10-25 Touring Car Kit. This speedy race machine comes loaded with carbon fiber bits and has been updated to increase durability and adjustability. Check out these highlights- * Updated suspension, lower arms, bulkheads, & motor mount * 2.25mm carbon fiber chassis * 2mm longer lower arms * Lowered bulkheads to improve corner speed * Fully adjustable upper arms * [...]


ARC RC 8th R8.4E Kit

ARC Announces 1/8 R8.4EL & R8.4ES On-Road Kits

Recently announced by ARC are the 1/8 R8.4EL & R8.4ES On-Road Kits. These high-end race machines are highly updated for more speed and durability. Check out these highlights- * Two versions available * EL and ES versions differ via transmission & battery layouts * 5mm carbon fiber chassis * EL version can run shorty or regular batties * ES version set-up just for shorty style [...]


ARC RC A10MF-24 FWD Touring Car Kit

ARC 1/10 A10MF-24 FWD Touring Car Kit

The folks over at ARC have released details on their upcoming 1/10 A10MF-24 FWD Touring Car Kit. The designers at ARC went at it hard to make this one of the fastest FWD touring cars on the market. Check out these highlights- * Fine tuned weight distribution * Includes brass weights * New servo and battery layout * 10% more weight in the front [...]


ARC RC A10-23 Touring Car Kit

ARC RC A10-23 1/10 Touring Car Kit

New from ARC is the A10-23 1/10 Touring Car Kit. The A10-23 comes on an entirely new platform and was designed to get the center of gravity even lower, as well as to increase mechanical grip. Here are more highlights- * New single piece upper deck * All new X-Low shocks * New lower shock towers * Low profile anti-roll bar * Kevlar drive belt * [...]


ARC A10MF FWD Touring Car Kit

ARC Announces 1/10 A10MF FWD Touring Car Kit

New from ARC is the ultra-low center of gravity A10MF FWD Touring Car Kit. This high-end race machine is loaded with carbon fiber parts and was designed from the ground up for incredible performance. Here are some highlights- * Based on ARC’s new A10 platform * Uses a mid-motor layout * Transmission parts are kept as low as possible * Designed for high traction [...]


A10 Competition Touring Car Kit

ARC 1/10 A10 Competition Touring Car Kit

New from ARC is their 1/10th scaled A10 Competition Touring Car Kit. This full race kit uses high-end materials for speed and longevity. Here are the highlights- * Completely new platform * Increased mechanical grip * Lower center of gravity * New one piece upper deck * One piece motor bulkhead * Carbon fiber lower arms * Adjustable upper arms * Low friction ball joints * Active toe system [...]


ARC R12.1 RC Touring Car Kit

ARC R12.1 1/10 Touring Car Kit

New from ARC is the R12.1 touring car kit. ARC is hardcore into the on-road racing scene and their new R12.1 is their latest and greatest. Check out these highlights- * Based off ARC’s R12 platform * Easy to build and maintain * 2.1mm carbon fiber slimline chassis * New upper a-arm design * New front spool w/ removable outdrives * Beefy Kevlar belts * New battery [...]


ARC RC R8S-21 Electric On-Road Pan Car

ARC 1/8th R8S-21 Electric On-Road Pan Car

New over at ARC is the mighty 1/8th scaled R8S-21 Electric On-Road Pan Car. The new ARC is perfect for high-end road racing, or for building a gnarly speed run car. Check out these features- * Based off of ARC’s successful R8S platform * New slot-less chassis for added rigidity * New 2.0mm chassis flex plates for increased stability & traction * Body-shell mount [...]


ARC R8.3 8th Scale Nitro On-Road Kit

ARC R8.3 1/8th Nitro On-Road Kit

Shipping soon from ARC is the 1/8th scaled R8.3 Nitro On-Road Kit. The R8.3 has received numerous updates to increase durability, as well as speed. Here are the highlights- * All new chassis * All new shocks * All new steering blocks with larger bearings * All new internal gear ratio & 2 speed shoes * All new top deck * All new front bulkhead You can [...]


ARC R12FF Touring Car Kit

ARC Releases the R12FF 1/10-scale Touring Car Kit

ARC has released their latest 1/10-scale, on-road touring car, the R12FF Kit (#R10026). This model follows in the tire tracks of its predecessor, the R11F, which had a successful campaign during the 2020 Euro Touring Series. Among the highlights of the R12FF include a front-mounted motor that sits lower in the chassis, a narrow upper deck, a battery holder that’s compatible [...]


ARC R12 4wd Touring Car Kit

ARC R12 1/10 4wd Touring Car Kit

The folks over at ARC have dropped the new R12 touring car kit. Designed for maximum performance on-track, the R12 is loaded with the latest touring car technology. Check out there highlights- * Lower overall center of gravity, more efficient drive-train * Increased mechanical traction * New longer a-arms with twin shock mounting locations * Narrow, lightweight suspension blocks * 2-piece, adjustable top deck * Centralized [...]



ARC 1/10 R11F FWD On-Road Kit

Have you been looking for a high-end front wheel drive on-road car? If so, have a look at the new R11F kit from ARC. The ARC R11F is a 1/10 FWD touring car kit designed from the ground up up for serious performance. Here are the highlights- * Based on ARC’s 4wd R11 kit * Forward motor positioning * Belt driven FWD * 2.25mm [...]


ARC R11 2019 Touring Car

ARC R11 2019 Touring Car

New from ARC is the 2019 version of their R11 Touring Car Kit. This freshly updated on-road racer comes with numerous updates to improve handling and durability. Here is the scoop- * Lower front bulkhead along with new front bumper * Plastic 20 tooth center pulley * New front steering blocks * Improved rear uprights * New ultra-short shocks * New floating ESC/receiver mount * Upgrade kit [...]


ARC R8.1

ARC R8.1 On-Road Kit

Earlier today the folks at ARC announced their new R8.1 on-road kit. The R8.1 is a 4wd 1/8th scale nitro on-road race machine that now sports a number of upgrades over the original R8. * New front bulkhead with adjustable belt tension * New shock springs * New spur gear sizing * New X-Hard clutch spring * Aluminum front arm downstop * New anti-roll bars To get [...]



ARC R8.1E 1/8th Kit

Just announced by ARC is the gnarly looking R8.1E. The R8.1E was designed for high speed 1/8th on-road racing, but looks like it could make one heck of a speed run car to us. ARC updated the R8.1E with numerous revisions over the previous car, here are some of the updates- * Front bulkhead with adjustable belt tension * New anti-roll bar * [...]