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ARRMA Nero Contest Winners

We had thousands of entries in the raffle for a chance to win the ARRMA Nero Big Rock that was crowned March Bash-ness 2017 Champion, and we have picked the winners. All winners were chosen by our random number software from the valid entries we received. Congratulations to the grand prize winner: Stephen Lindsey from Chula Vista, CA. Watch [...]


March Bash-ness 2017 Champion – ARRMA NERO BIG ROCK

It wouldn’t be March Bash-ness without a few upsets and controversies, but in the end we have a winner! The ARRMA NERO BIG ROCK has been voted the March Bash-ness 2017 Champion! Congratulations to ARRMA and the Hobbico team! A few of the Big Squid RC crew had the ARRMA NERO going to the finals in their brackets, it’s a [...]


March Bash-ness 2017 Finals – For Real!

It looks like more than a few people enjoyed our April Fools finals, but now it’s time to get serious! Many people were surprised by the Traxxas Slash 4×4 making the big jump to get to the finals, but when you think about it, the Slash has been THE go-to basher vehicle for so many people for so many years! [...]


ARRMA Nero 2016 Bash Vehicle Of The Year

Video – ARRMA Nero Basher Of The Year!

To help celebrate the ARRMA Nero’s big win as our 2016 Bash Vehicle Of The Year, Hobbico has released a new video. The video shows some pretty epic hardcore bashing, something that the ARRMA Nero just loves to do. The Nero is a beast with huge power, smart diffs, and the ability to take a hit and keep on bashing. The [...]


ARRMA Nero 2016 Big Squid Bash Vehicle Of The Year

Press Releases For The ARRMA Nero Winning BigSquidRC Bash Ve…

As a faithful reader of BigSquidRC, you already know who won our “2016 Bash Vehicle Of The Year”, the ARRMA Nero Monster Truck. Today, both the crew from Hobbico and ARRMA put out formal press releases to celebrate their big win. The Nero certainly earned the award, it is a high-tech, revolutionary bash machine that proved itself to be the [...]


Big Squid RC 2016 Bash Vehicle of the Year

We would like to congratulate ARRMA RC and Hobbico on their Nero Monster Truck winning our coveted Bash Vehicle of the Year for 2016! There were a ton of great vehicles released in 2016, but the ARRMA Nero edged out the competition with its durability, intense power system, and Smart Diff technology. The Nero proved it can take a serious [...]


Video ARRMA Bashing Brothers

Video – ARRMA Ultimate Bashing Brothers

In 2016, ARRMA has taken the bashing world by storm with their Nero series of bash tracks. The original smart diff equipped Nero started it all off, then was followed by the scale’ish looks of the Big Rock and the street oriented Fazon. To help promote all three Nero based trucks, ARRMA has posted a new video. Watch the video [...]


T-Bone Racing A-Arms Skids ARRMA Nero

T-Bone Racing A-Arm Skids For The ARRMA Nero

With the ARRMA Nero continuing to gain in popularity every day, the crew at T-Bone Racing has been releasing a bunch of products to help tank-it-out. Now available for your bashing pleasure are Front & Rear A-Arm Skids. The skids are made from an extremely durable plastic to take a beating and keep on ticking. The Nero Front Skids are priced [...]


ARRMA Fazon Review

Review – ARRMA Fazon BLX Monster Truck

First came the Nero, then the Big Rock, now ARRMA has unleashed the Fazon BLX on the world. The Fazon is an 1/8th scale, BLX powered, monster truck, that is aimed more at the pavement/high-speed bashing crowd. The Fazon comes with ARRMA’s cutting edge Smart Diff system, making it easy to lock up all the diffs depending upon how you [...]


ARRMA Fazon Unboxing

ARRMA Fazon BLX Monster Truck Unboxing!

Take a look folks, here is the new Fazon BLX Monster Truck from ARRMA. So what is the scoop on the Fazon? It is based off the popular Nero platform but has some small tweaks to make it more suitable for on-road bashing. The Fazon comes stock with an adjustable wheelie bar, more street oriented tires, and some aero tweaks [...]


T-Bone Racing Wheelie Bar ARRMA Nero

T-Bone V2 Wheelie Bar For ARRMA Nero

When you remotely lock all the smart diffs on an ARRMA Nero, it becomes a wheelie machine. To help you ride wheelies longer without having to worry about flipping over backwards, T-Bone Racing has a V2 Wheelie Bar for your truck. The version 2 wheelie bar for the Nero allows you to dial in different mounting angles, making it easy [...]


T-Bone Front Bumper ARRMA Nero

T-Bone Racing Front Bumper For ARRMA Nero

The ARRMA Nero is one tough customer, now yours can be even tougher with a Thrasher Series Front Bumper from T-Bone Racing. The TBR bumper is a two piece design with plenty of width for serious protection. The Nero bumper is priced at $29, it has a part number of #10039, and you can get all the finer details over on [...]


ARRMA Nero Big Rock BLX Review

ARRMA Nero Big Rock Review

Hot on the heals of the very popular Nero, ARRMA has released the Nero Big Rock Monster Truck. While the Big Rock is very much like the original truck, it sports a scale realistic look, something that is in big demand with today’s consumers. Of course we’ve been driving our test Big Rock like we stole it, so the big [...]


ARRMA Nero Big Rock Unboxing

Unboxing – ARRMA Nero Big Rock Monster Truck

The Nero Big Rock is the latest and greatest monster truck to be released by bashing powerhouse ARRMA RC. Based on the ultra high-tech Nero platform, the Big Rock adds touches of scale realism for a truck that looks as good as it performs. Today we are posting pictures of what it looks like to pull a brand new Big Rock [...]


ARRMA Nero Big Rock Monster Truck

ARRMA Nero Big Rock 6S BLX With Video

Now here is a big, burly, beast, the new Nero Big Rock 6S BLX from ARRMA. The Big Rock comes with more of a scale look than the previous model, sporting a tough extended cab pick-up style body with big scale inspired wheels & tires. It also comes with ARRMA’s diff brain technology, allowing you to lock the diffs via [...]