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ARRMA dBoots HOONS Belted On-Road Tires

Video – New ARRMA dBoots HOONS Belted On-Road Tire Compounds

The crew at ARRMA has announced new Tire Compounds for their extremely popular HOONS Belted On-Road Tires. The new compounds range from gold compound, which is perfect for colder temps or to get maximum grip levels, to silver, which was designed for hotter temperatures and for longer life. * dBoots HOONS Gold Compound – #ARA550071 * dBoots HOONS White Compound – #ARA550062 * [...]


STRC Aluminum Option Parts ARRMA Outcast 6S

STRC Aluminum Option Parts for the ARRMA Outcast 6S

The crew over at ST Racing Concepts have recently announced a line of Aluminum Option Parts for the 6S ARRMA Kraton. STRC has long been known for supplying high quality aluminum upgrades, their new parts for the Outcast can really help to bomb-proof your Outcast. * CNC Machined Aluminum Chassis Protector Plates (Front & Rear) * CNC Machined Aluminum Front Upper Steering [...]


ARRMA Full Line Action Video Kraton 8S

Video – ARRMA Complete Range, Which One Is Right For You

New from ARRMA is a Complete Range video. The video shown below is over 6 minutes in length and shows each of the ARRMA trucks in action. From the giant 8S Kraton monster truck, to their Mega series of bash machines, the video does a great job of showing off just how extreme ARRMA bash trucks can get. With huge [...]


ARRMA Kraton Snow Video

Video – ARRMA Kraton 6S Blizzard Machine

New from the Horizon Hobby Insider crew is a ARRMA Kraton 6S Blizzard Machine video. In the video below, the Horizon Hobby Insider crew took the mighty 6S ARRMA Kraton out on a snow covered day for some action video. Shod in 3.8″ Pro-Line Sling Shot tires for the video, the brushless BLX powered Kraton is a serious beast out [...]


2019 Bash Vehicle of the Year!

It’s the end of 2019, and that leaves us with one post left. It’s hard to overstate how difficult this decision was for us. Everyone here in the office has been arguing their sides, coming up with lists, and I think if Cubby didn’t have to leave for his New Years Eve party, there may have been fisticuffs. It’s the [...]


Big Squid RC Top 3 Large Scale Under the Tree

So everyone is taking the vehicle genera they normally work with and trying to come up with a top 3 vehicles you want to find under your tree this year. Since I’m a large scale fan, the task of coming up with what three large scale vehicles you want to find under your tree was up to me. Let me [...]


Just Bash It RC ARRMA Kraton 8S Chassis

Just Bash It RC ARRMA Kraton 8S Chassis

Do you take your ARRMA Kraton 8S to the very limits of extreme? If so, have a look at the Just Bash It RC ARRMA Kraton 8S 7075 Aluminum Chassis. The JBIRC chassis was designed for hardcore bashing and is expected to start shipping early in January. * Fits Kraton 8S * Made from 7075-T651 aircraft grade aluminum * Main floor thickness- 4.5mm * [...]


Pro-Line Pre-Cut 2020 Ram Rebel 1500 Clear Body ARRMA 6S

Pro-Line Pre-Cut 2020 Ram Rebel 1500 Clear Body For ARRMA Kr…

For all you 6S ARRMA Kraton owners out there, Pro-Line has dropped a Pre-Cut 2020 Ram Rebel 1500 Clear Body. Pre-cut to save you time, this version of the 2020 Ram Rebel is a perfect fit for trucks like the 6S ARRMA Kraton. Here are the highlights- * Fully licensed by Ram * Comes in clear * Comes with large decal sheet * Made [...]


T-Bone Racing EXO Roll Cage Arrma Mojave

T-Bone Racing EXO Roll Cage For The ARRMA Mojave

The crew over at T-Bone Racing have a number of upgrades for the ARRMA Mojave. Their latest is a beefy EXO Roll Cage. The EXO cage is great for protecting the body on your Mojave, as well as making it more durable overall. Here are the highlights- * Form fitting design * Mounts directly to body * Comes with mounting hardware * Easy to [...]


Amped RC Kevlar Battery Straps ARRMA 6S Trucks

Amped RC Kevlar Battery Straps For ARRMA 6S V3/V4 Trucks

Available right now from Australian company Amped RC are Kevlar Battery Straps for 6S ARRMA vehicles. If you are a hardcore basher then you already know how easy it can be to snap the stock Velcro strips, the Kevlar units from Amped RC are totally made for sending-it. * Made from a high quality woven Kevlar * Easy to install * Comes with [...]



New T-Shirts From ARRMA

ARRMA has announced Four New T-Shirts for your bashing pleasure. These high quality shirts feature four new designs and can show the world that you are a fan of the ARRMA line-up. * New Vintage, Tread, Motorworks, and Zoom artwork * Available in sizes from small to 4XL * Made from 60% cotton/40% polyester blend, or 100% cotton * 100% designed tough! The New ARRMA [...]


ARRMA RC McDonalds TV Holiday Commerical

McDonalds’ “Holiday Shopping” Commercial Featuring ARRMA!!!

Last night about 10PM I received a phone call from Cubby. Cubby- “Wow, like wow, WTF, Holy freak’n Cow! Ummmmmm, I think I just saw an ARRMA on a McDonalds commerical!” Tim- “Come on Cubby, you’ve had a few too many bro, why don’t you call it a night?” Cubby- “Dude, I am not drunk, nor am I kidding! I think I just [...]


Infraction Cubby

ASK Cubby – ARRMA Drops The 1/5 Kraton 8S Day!

“New 1/5 Kraton vs X-Maxx Shootout!!! Shootout!!! Shootout!!! Which one is really better Cubby? Sincerely, George L.” Cubby- Hey ya there George, nice letter ya got there. But seriously, thanks for writing in. Remember, a snail mail gets ya one of our sticker packs. So… I do happen to have a lot of back-to-back driving experience between the new 1/5 Kraton 8S and the Traxxas [...]


Xtreme Carbon Fiber Shock Towers ARRMA Mojave

Xtreme Carbon Fiber Shock Towers For The ARRMA Mojave

Coming soon from Xtreme Racing is a pair of Carbon Fiber Shock Towers for the ARRMA Mojave. The shock towers are incredibly beefy at 5mm in thickness and even come with an extra shock mounting hole for another adjustment option. Pricing on the Xtreme Carbon Fiber Shock Towers ranges from $42 to $44 and you can hit up This Link [...]


ARRMA 1/5 Kraton 8S RTR Review

THE ARRMA 1/5 Kraton 8S RTR Review

Whoa, ARRMA just dropped a 1/5th Scaler?!?! Yes indeed hardcore rc enthusiast, ARRMA has just announced their highly anticipated 1/5 Kraton 8S RTR Monster Truck. Yes it is huge! Yes it is designed for hardcore bashing! Yes it comes with a Spektrum 8S capable SMART speedo! Yes it has huge tires! Nobody reads this part anyways, LOL, so let’s just [...]