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T-Bone Racing Bumpers ARRMA Mojave

T-Bone Racing ARRMA Mojave Bumpers

The crew over at T-Bone Racing have announced new Bumpers for the ARRMA Mojave. New from TBR is a XV4 Front Bumper which is priced at $27, as well as a SC Basher Series Rear Bumper that comes in at $23. Both bumpers were designed to take serious abuse and come with TBR’s lifetime warranty against breakage. Both bumpers were designed [...]


Granite Voltage 2WD Brushed Mega Monster Truck RTR Video

Video – ARRMA 1/10 2WD Granite Voltage Mega RTR

New from ARRMA is a video for their 1/10 2WD Granite Voltage Mega RTR. The Mega Series Granite comes RTR with a battery and charger, making it fast and easy to get up and running. An innovative battery tray allows for the use of LiPo batteries, while bashing optimized suspension allows the Granite to go big! Here are the highlights- * [...]


ARRMA RC Teaser Video

New ARRMA Teaser Video

For all you ARRMA fanatics out there, here is the latest teaser video for their next big product announcement on November 21st. The short teaser video doesn’t show much, but it helps get the point across that this one is gonna be a huge release for ARRMA and the bashing community. As we await more clues to be released, you can [...]


RPM Blue A-arms ARRMA Kraton Talion Outcast

Now In Blue! RPM A-arms for ARRMA Kraton/Talion/Outcast

That’s right members of the ARRMA ARRMY, soon you will be able to get your A-Arms in Blue from RPM. RPM a-arms are designed from the ground up for maximum durability and come molded in RPM’s legendary blend of plastic. * 10% lighter than stock * Less slop than stock arms * Fits 6S Kraton, Talion, & Outcast * Also fits Durango DEX8T * Available [...]


Xtreme RC ARRMA Carbon Fiber Infraction Limitless

Xtreme Carbon Fiber Upgrades For The Limitless/Infraction

Coming soon from Xtreme Racing are 3 new Carbon Fiber Upgrades for the ARRMA Infraction and Limitless. Xtreme has long been known to make some of the trickest carbon fiber goodies in rc, now they have set their sights on the high speed ARRMAs. Here is the rundown- #12382 – ARRMA Infraction/Limitless 5mm carbon fiber front shock tower, $39 #12383 – ARRMA [...]


ARRMA Infraction 6S BLX Review

It’s rare when a company comes out with a product that you would never expect, and even more rare when that product does not look like anything else you have ever seen. This is exactly what ARRMA RC and Horizon Hobby did when they released the 1/7 Scale Infraction 6S BLX. Does this street basher fire on all cylinders? Keep [...]


10th Anniversary Limited Edition

ARRMA 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Outcast 6S BLX RTR

New from ARRMA is a 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Outcast 6S BLX RTR. This is the first limited edition truck ever released by ARRMA and is being done to celebrate their ten outstanding years in the bashing business. * All new 10th anniversary limited edition body livery * Silver anodized aluminum parts * Limited edition chassis decal * Custom 10 year anniversary license plate * [...]


ARRMA 7th Mojave 6S BLX 4WD Desert Racer

Full Details – ARRMA 1/7 Mojave 6S BLX 4WD Desert Racer

After a fair bit of teasing, ARRMA has official dropped full details on their massive new 1/7 Mojave 6S BLX 4WD Desert Racer. The new 1/7th scaled Mojave comes with a beefy full time 4wd system, powerful BLX brushless system, and plenty more. Lets have a look at the highlights- * 2050kV BLX brushless motor, 6S BLX ESC * dBoots Fortress tires * [...]


ARRMA Mojave 1/7 Scale Truck Video Plus Spy Shot?

So over the weekend, it looks like the new ARRMA Mojave had a picture of it leaked… then a few hours later, the promotional video shows up on YouTube which we have linked below. We were playing with the Mojave over the weekend, but because of our NDA we aren’t really allowed to talk about it, or post any pictures [...]


ARRMA Granite Senton 4x4 Mega Brushed

ARRMA SENTON 4x4 Mega 550 Brushed & GRANITE 4x4 Mega 550 Bru…

Hot on the heals of announcing a sub $220 Typhon buggy, ARRMA has now announced the SENTON 4×4 Mega 550 Brushed as well as the GRANITE 4×4 Mega 550 Brushed RTR. Both of these are priced just like the new Typhon at just $219 and both come loaded with all the features you need to get into the exciting world [...]


ARRMA Typhon 4x4 Mega 550 Brushed RTR

Under $220 – New ARRMA Typhon 4×4 Mega 550 Brushed RTR

For all you aspiring hobbyists out there, ARRMA has just dropped the Typhon 4×4 Mega 550 Brushed RTR. The big news with the latest Typhon is its price point- just $219. The low price point, as well as the easy to manage Mega 550 brushed power system, make the new Typhon the perfect starting point for new hobbyists. * 12 turn [...]


RPM ARRMA Kraton Outcast 4S A-Arms

RPM A-Arms for the ARRMA Kraton 4S BLX & Outcast 4S BLX

The crew over at RPM have announced A-Arms for the ARRMA Kraton 4S BLX & Outcast 4S BLX. RPM a-arms have long been known as some of the very toughest that money can buy. The designers at RPM took a look at the stock arms, then beefed them up in all the right places to increase durability. Here are the [...]


T-Bone Racing Speed Run Wheelie Bar 6S Arrma Kraton Typhon Talion

T-Bone Racing Speed Run Wheelie Bar For 6S Arrma Kraton/Typh…

New from the crew at T-Bone Racing is a Speed Run Wheelie Bar for the 6S ARRMA Kraton, Typhon, and Talion. This wheelie bar was specifically designed for the incredible rigors of high speed runs. A good wheelie bar helps to keep all 4 wheels on the ground, something that isn’t easy going 70 mph+. Here are some highlights- * Perfect [...]


MaxAmps LiPo Batteries ARRMA Infraction Limitless

MaxAmps Announces LiPo Batteries For The ARRMA Infraction & …

For all you new ARRMA Infraction and Limitless owners out there, MaxAmps has announced a new LiPo Battery Set for you. MaxAmps has long been known as one of the premium suppliers of LiPo rc car batteries, now you can bolt insane MaxAmps performance into your new ARRMA. MaxAmps LiPo Batteries ARRMA Infraction & Limitless * Comes with two 3S 11.1v 12000mah [...]


Just Bash It RC 6s Kraton Aluminum Long Chassis Brace Set

Just Bash It RC 6s Kraton Aluminum Long Chassis Brace Set

Shipping now from Just Bash It RC is an Aluminum Chassis Brace Set for the 6S ARRMA Kraton. Just Bash It RC is well known for overbuilding their upgrades to stand the test of time, their aluminum chassis braces for the Kraton were designed for hardcore bashing. * Made from 6082-T6 aircraft grade aluminum * Designed to reduce chassis flex * Weight- 62 [...]