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Artful Dodgers Design GroundFox V2 LCG Chassis for the Eleement Enduro

Artful Dodgers Design Releases the GroundFox V2 LCG Chassis …

Artful Dodgers Design has released its newest conversion kit for the Element RC Enduro platform; the GroundFox V2. Designed to offer you ground-hugging performance, this low center-of-gravity (LCG) chassis conversion kit should help you transform your stock Enduro into a ground creeper. Several options are available with the GroundFox V2 kit based on servo mounting style (CMS or SOA), chassis rail [...]


Artful Dodgers GroundFox Front Bumper for the VS4-10

Artful Dodgers GroundFox Front Comp Bumper for the VS4-10

Outfit your Vanquish VS4–10 for the challenges of the trail with Artful Dodgers’ GroundFox Front Comp Bumper. This hand-crafted bumper offers a minimal, low-profile option for comp-focused R/C crawlers. Made from raw-finish steel, the GroundFox Front Comp Bumper includes a fairlead with a plastic insert and can easily be mounted to the chassis rails of the VS4–10. Artful Dodgers Design GroundFox Front [...]