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Speed Run Cubby

ASK Cubby - In Come The Questions, I Peel Tires & Haul For T…

“Off-Roading Tires Hey Cubby, What kind of tires are you running on your crawler? You do crawl don’t you? I live in southern Michigan, so I have a mix of dirt, rocks, and tree roots. I am pretty new to rc, so I am still running the stock tires on my Axial SCX10 II RTR. Sergio M.” Cubby- So what do ya say there [...]


Cubby Optima

ASK Cubby – Readers Write In, I Run For The Hills

“3S Lipos Hi, what are some good 3s lipos for someone on a budget, but doesn’t want to get new bright quality? I’m thinking This. It is for an ARRMA Notorious I’m saving up for, since the Tamiya had terrible customer support, and a dud of an esc we’re returning it, and I’m saving up for a notorious. Are those good [...]


Infraction Cubby

ASK Cubby – Got A Question? Good Luck With That

“Arrma Infraction Cubby, Hey buddy, is BigSquidRC doing a review on the ARRMA Infraction? Have you driven one? What do you think? How do you like the new Limitless? What tires do you recommend for the Infraction? Is an upgrade power system needed for the Infraction? Best Regards, Rusty B.” Cubby- Awwww yes, here we are, another edition of ASK Cubby. Thanks for taking the [...]


Racing Cubby

ASK Cubby – More Questions, Less Answers

“Where Are Belted Badlands??? Cubby, Pro-Line just released 3.8″ belted Trenchers, but where are the Badlands? I want belted Badlands right now! I needdddd to give them my money!!!!! Robin B.” Cubby- Ummmm, well, hello to you too Robin! Thanks for writing in, like always, your snail mail will get ya one of our super cool sticker packs. In fact, our sticker packs have [...]


The Cub Report Schaumburg

ASK Cubby - Another Week Of Your Questions w/ More Of My Non…

“Quick question How come we cant see your eyes??? Are they just so dreamy you don’t want all the attention? I guess people would accuse you of being just a pretty face and not a serious hobbyist. Brooks F.” Cubby- What’s up amigo? Thanks for writing in, and of course your snail mail will get you one of our send-it worthy BSRC sticker [...]


Cubby RRCi Magazine

ASK Cubby – In Come The Questions, Out Comes My Nonsense

“Facebook Dear Cubby, Why does it seem like everyone has become so nice on Facebook? It’s like everyone is kissing everyone else’s booty, I don’t get it Cubby. Even the dumbest products get a ton of likes, what gives? Boyd Q.” Cubby- Yo hey there Boyd, as always, thanks for taking the time to write in. Also like always, if you send me your [...]


Sunglass Cubby

ASK Cubby – Your Emails, My Non-Sense

“Promo Vidoes I love when a company puts out a promo video. Watching them pull off amazing tricks and getting huge air is just awesome. But my question is just how many vehicles do they demolish in order to make one short video? Back in the day Tyco must have gone through 20 Vehicles just to shoot one commercial. [...]


ASK The Cubbster – Fridays Are Always More Fun

“Crawler Or Monster Truck I have written twice before but never made it on Big Squid. Maybe third time is the charm oh great Cubby? Ok, so I have $400 and don’t know exactly what to buy. I like the speed of a monster truck, but all my friends are into crawling right now. What should I do? Danny W.” Cubby- So hello there [...]


Denver Cubby

ASK Cubby – You Write The Questions, I Run For The Hills

“200 MPH??? You have officially lost your mind now. There is no way a 200 mph RTR is coming out. Come on now, do you really expect us to believe that “rumor”? Daniel T.” Cubby- Yo hey Danny, thanks for writing in. Per the norm, shoot me your snail mail for a genuine BigSquidRC sticker pack. So… about that 200 MPH RTR rumor. Hey, [...]


Road Trip Cubby

ASK Cubby – Back To The Questions (And More Nonsense)

“ARRMA Infraction Question Hey Cubby, After driving the Infraction do you really think it is an XO-1 killer? Does it get crazy at high speeds? How about those new tires? Thanks man, Donald D.” Cubby- Yo what’s up Double D? Thanks for writing in, as always, a snail mail for a sticker pack. Ya, so about that ARRMA Infraction, what is it like? Stock on 6S, [...]


ASK Cubby – Your Legit Questions, My Legit Question Dodging

“Slow Times Hey I read your site pretty religiously and for the past few years it seems that you continue to talk about how times are slow in the hobby. I just don’t understand why. The hobby has as you have said in the past a lot going for it. Yeah video games are a thing i get that. I have [...]


Speed Run Cubby

ASK Cubby - The Best Of Your Questions, The Worst Of My Answ…

“RJ Hey, Have you guys heard from RJ @ TheToyz recently? Is rj still with us? His FaceBook page hasn’t had any new posts since like last November, and BSRC hasn’t posted anything new from TheToyz from around that time too. Just wondering if you guys knew anything? Thanks, Jim And here is a picture of my Slash“ Cubby- I actually posted something about RJ Blaisdell [...]


Cubby Helmet

ASK Cubby – In Come The Questions, Out Goes My Mind

“Starter Cubby, Looking for a good first crawler buddy. Not wanting to spend a whole lot, is there anything worth buying for around 300? Derek L.” Cubby- Hummmmmm, lets see here Derek, you are looking for an affordable crawler. Guess what? You are luck, there just happen to be a BUNCH of them on the market right now (and more seem to be showing [...]


cubby typhon

ASK Cubby – More Questions, More Non-sense

“How much?????? Cubby, I started looking for my first rc car three weeks ago. What I have not found is roughly how much do I need to spend to get a true hobby grade car? If I buy a $99 car will it be hobby grade or just an expensive toy? How fast is a $99 car? Thanks, Darren J.” Cubby- Yo hey there Darren, [...]


Cubby Crawler Shootout

ASK Cubby – Another Week Dodging Your Questions

“RC bodies Hey Cubby, Are there any companies that make custom lexan bodies upon request. I’m a fan of the Pontiac brand and was trying to find a Pontiac Grand Am SE or the Pontiac G8 body. If you or anyone can point me in the right direction of this quest it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! JLWes” Cubby- Hola there JL, thanks for sending [...]