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Cubby Crawler Shootout

ASK Cubby – Your Weekly Questions, My Weak Responses

“What is a good radio for letting others drive? I purchased myself a fly sky gt5 so I could drive multiple cars, but now I kinda want a radio that works with it to let other people drive. Should I get a more expensive one, or get 2 or 3 cheaper ones? Matthew G.” Cubby- Hola there Matty, thanks for taking the time [...]


ASK Cubby – Here Come The Questions, I Run For The Hills

“Posting on Big Squid Thanks for all of you guy’s great works! If I may add my 0.2 I think the racing products news which is already covered by the RedRC or the Neo Buggy is just wasting valuable “front-page time” for other real “Bashers approved” posting. Just my 0.2. have a wonderful week! Best Regards, John L.” Cubby- Well hello there John. Thanks for shooting us [...]


Denver Cubby

ASK Cubby – No Questions, Just Best Of The Year Commentary

Nope, you won’t be finding any questions (or answers) in today’s ASK Cubby. However, what you will find are some of thoughts on our “Best of the Year” winners. First up is rc product of the year, so lets get to it! 2019 Bash Product of the Year- And the winner was… Pro-line 2.8″ Belted Trencher HP tires. OK, so my [...]


Cubby Video

ASK Cubby - You Ask The Questions, I Pretend to Have Good An…

“Best truck ever Cubby can’t wait to see what you guys name as truck of the decade. After that, why don’t you name a best truck of all time? Lemar H.” Cubby- Hey there Lemar, thanks for writing in. Per the usual, a snail mail address will get ya one of our ridiculously cool Big Squid sticker packs. Holy cow, a “Best Backyard Bash [...]


Cubby AMA Motocross National

ASK Cubby – More Smart Questions, More Questionable Answers

“Monster Truck I got a question about building a monster truck out of a crawler. The answer to my question wld been an smt10 or axial bomber kit or an scx10 kit a few years back but now these models are gone so. Also the clod busters is too much money.Is the axial scx10 ii raw builders kit a good kit [...]


cubby typhon

ASK Cubby – My Top 3 Picks For Under Your Tree

The BigSquidRC Bash Crew is in the process of doing a series of articles on some of our “Top 3 Picks” for the holiday season. The owner/editor of BigSquidRC, Brian, will be writing up his personal top 3 large scaled vehicles for X-Mas 2019. I hear Jeremy will be doing a top 3 for scale crawlers, Tim is doing small [...]


Traxxas Cubby

ASK Cubby – You Supply The Questions, I Supply The Non-Sense

“T2T Braces Hey Cubby, what is the best T2T brace for my Kraton? I like hitting big jumps and want to stiffen up my rig! Captain B.” Cubby- Hello there Captain, I hope you and Mrs. Tennille have been doing well. 🙂 So, about those tower-to-tower braces… I am personally not a big fan of them for hardcore bashing. Years and years ago I tried [...]


Cubby Traxxas X-Maxx Whoopsee

ASK Cubby – Gobble Gobble Edition

“Down the road a ways Cubby, The hobby sure seems to have changed over the last two years, where do you see it 5 years from now? Manny W.” Cubby- Hey there Manny, thanks for taking the time to write me an email. I tend to get a lot of questions like this, and tend to skip over a lot of them, but sure, [...]


Infraction Cubby

ASK Cubby – ARRMA Drops The 1/5 Kraton 8S Day!

“New 1/5 Kraton vs X-Maxx Shootout!!! Shootout!!! Shootout!!! Which one is really better Cubby? Sincerely, George L.” Cubby- Hey ya there George, nice letter ya got there. But seriously, thanks for writing in. Remember, a snail mail gets ya one of our sticker packs. So… I do happen to have a lot of back-to-back driving experience between the new 1/5 Kraton 8S and the Traxxas [...]


Cubby Rocky Mountain Show 2017

ASK Cubby – More Great Questions, More Terrible Answers

“Corally 6s cars Yo Cubby, I’ve seen the new Corally 6S cars and I think (like a lot of other people out there) they look a lot like the Arrma 6S line-up. What do you think about that? Personally I think it’s a bit cheap to copy just a bunch of cars, but by the looks of it, they try to improve [...]


Cardinals Cubby

ASK Cubby – Interesting Questions, Irrelevant Answers

“New ARRMA Has Landed!!!!!!!!! Hey Cubby what do you think of the pics of the new ARRMA? Is it better than the Traxxas X-Maxx? Martin P.” Cubby- Yo yo yo there Martin, and thanks for the letter. A snail mail for a sticker pack per the usual. So what about that new ARRMA? Ya know, we place bets on days when the new Horizon [...]


Footwear Cubby

ASK Cubby – You Send In Questions, I Run For The Hills

“Make racing great again! We need help. Hey Cubby, I’m looking for some racing advice from a different perspective. I help run the local dirt track. This summer we had pretty weak attendance. Our track is special, not because we power wash the pit barn out once a year or because we have the cleanest port-o-john in the city. Our track is [...]


ASK Cubby – More Astute Questions, Really Terrible Answers

“New budget Trail Rig Hey Cubby, Are there any trail rigs worth buying that are less than $200? Here in Canada $200 USD ends up more like $260 CAD and it makes a difference, especially with Christmas presents on a budget. Maybe there’s a builders kit that costs less than $200? Thanks for the help! Jadyn D. P.S. Could I get some of those [...]


Rockstar Cubby

ASK Cubby – Is It Time For Denver Yet?

“Mojave Vs UDR Which do you think is better one of the new Mojaves or the Traxxas UDR? I mainly bash in my backyard, but also drive some foot trails in the park. Thanks, Roger E.” Cubby- Yo, what’s up Roger? Ya know, there are a whole lot of people looking at the ARRMA Mojave, and there are already loads of Traxxas UDR owners [...]



ASK Cubby – More Questions, Less Answers

“BSRC Review question Do you have consistent standards for your reviews? The TRX6 got an A in Time to Bash with the comment “as long as you have a pack charged, from the box to hitting the trail, it takes about 2 minutes.” The Infraction got a B in Time to Bash with essentially the same comment “pop in some charged [...]