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JConcepts Scalloped 2.2 Carpet Turf Foam Tire Inserts

JConcepts Scalloped 2.2″ Carpet/Turf Tire Inserts

Over at JConcepts they have announced Scalloped 2.2″ Carpet/Turf Tire Inserts. The scalloped inserts help to increase rolling speed, while adding support to the center section of the tire. Here are the highlights- * Soft and pliable open cell material * Increased sidewall support * Open cell material, scalloped inner cuts * Bright white material for easy identification * 2 pieces included per package The JConcepts [...]


JConcepts Drop Step 2.2 Buggy Rear Tires

JConcepts Drop Step 2.2″ Buggy Rear Tires

Now shipping from JConcepts are Drop Step 2.2″ Buggy Rear Tires. The new Drop Steps have a vintage look and are molded from JConcepts’ pink rubber compound, which is known to work well on carpet or turf tracks. Here are the highlights- * Designed to work on many artificial conditions * JConcepts fit, finish and design * 3D, double-step, large-height pin-size * Semi-circle protrusions [...]


Schumacher RC 8th Buggy Ridge Pin Carpet Turf Tires

Schumacher 1/8 Ridge Pin Carpet & Turf Race Tires

New from Schumacher are 1/8 Ridge Pin Carpet & Turf Tires. Designed for racing 1/8th scale buggies on carpet or turf, the new Ridge Pin off-road tires are a solid choice for high-bite indoor racing. With fewer spikes than Schumacher’s Mini Pin tires, the Ridge Pins give a less aggressive, but more consistent feel, while racing. The Schumacher 1/8 Ridge Pin [...]


Schumacher Mini Dart

Schumacher Mini Dart Buggy Tires

Are you getting ready to race some indoor carpet or AstroTurf this winter? If you plan on doing so, you are going to need the right tires. Just announced by Schumacher are Mini Dart Tires for 1/10th buggies. These use medium height pins that help reduce traction rolling while improving bump handling. * Low profile design * Long life * Suitable for control [...]


JConcepts Swaggers

New Carpet And Astro Tires From JConcepts

Just announced by JConcepts is a full line-up of Carpet and Astro Tires. All the tires were designed for use on 1/10th buggies when racing on high-bite surfaces like indoor carpet or on AstroTurf. First up are Swaggers. These are a 2wd front tire designed to be easy to drive while providing excellent corner speed. The Swaggers fit 2.2″ slim front [...]


Schumacher 2 row stud tires

Schumacher 2 Row Stud Front Tires

Schumacher has announced they are bringing back their 2 x 20 Stud front buggy tires. Stud tires are designed to penetrate and find traction in surfaces such as grass and AstroTurf, making them a good option for you guys that like to bash on the greener side of the fence. Schumacher is producing them in their long wearing yellow compound [...]