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Awesomatix RC A800R Touring Car Kit

Awesomatix 1/10 A800R Touring Car Kit

The crew at Awesomatix has been doing a lot of winning at high level carpet races around the globe the last few years. To help extend their dominance, they have just announced the 1/10 A800R Touring Car Kit. The A800R comes with a number of upgrades and revisions to make it Awesomatix’s fastest touring car to date. Here are the [...]


Awesomatix A800FX Evo FWD RC Touring Car Kit

Awesomatix A800FX Evo FWD 1/10 Touring Car Kit

After a complete sweep of the 2021 ROAR On-Road Carpet Nationals, Awesomatrix has announced the 1/10th scaled A800FX Evo FWD 1/10 Touring Car Kit. For all you guys looking for the highest of high-end FWD machines, the A800FX Evo is ready to rock your world. Here are the highlights- * Based off the Awesomatrix A800FX * Extended wheelbase * Completely new steering unit * [...]


Awesomatix RC A12 12th Scale Pan Car Kit

Awesomatix Announces A12 1/12 Pan Car Kit

Over the last few years, a little company called Awesomatix has made a huge impression on the 1/10 touring car class. The Awesomatix team has won numerous titles, and at many tracks, they are the chassis of choice for the “fast guys”. Over the last 5 years, Awesomatix has done an incredible job of beating the bigger names in the [...]


Awesomatix A800X Evo

Awesomatix A800X EVO Touring Car Kit

New for the touring car racing crowd is the Awesomatix A800X EVO. The guys at Awesomatix have done a great job of putting their name on the map over the last several years, the new EVO version of their A800X touring car should be their fastest TC ever. Here are the highlights- * 3 versions will be released * First is the [...]


2017 Awesomatix A800X

2017 Awesomatix A800X/XA/XAH

The crew over at Awesomatix had a great year in 2016. Their factory team won a bunch of titles and their touring car proved it had incredible speed. To take things up a notch for 2017, Awesomatix has announced not one, but three new touring cars. The A800X sports a carbon fiber chassis, the A800XA comes with a soft aluminum [...]