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JConcepts Aluminum Transmission Motor Plate Axial AX10 SMT10

JConcepts Aluminum Transmission Motor Plate for Axial AX10 &…

Here is a great upgrade for a bunch of you Axial owners out there. JConcepts has announced a new Aluminum Transmission Motor Plate that fits trucks like the Axial AX10, the SCX10, the Wraith, as well as the SMT10 monster truck. Check out these highlights- * Honeycomb milling for strength in multiple directions * Lightweight design * Made from 3mm thick aluminum * Durable [...]


RC4WD Leverage High Clearance Axles

RC4WD Leverage High Clearance Axles For Axial Trucks

We hope you aren’t “that” guy. You know the guy, the one always getting stuck and holding up everyone else out on the trail. To help improve ground clearance and the performance of your rig, RC4WD has announced front and rear Leverage High Clearance Axles for the SCX10/AX10. These axles are engineered and manufactured by RC4WD to be heavy duty [...]


SSD Diamond Centered Rear Axles

SSD Diamond Centered Rear Axles for Axial Wraith

New from SSD RC is a Diamond Centered Rear Axle for the Axial Wraith/Yeti/AX10. Their trick new rear axle is CNC machined from aluminum and comes with integrated upper link mounts. Hardened steel axle shafts are used for durability, stock Axial gears fit inside, and it is the same width as a standard AR60 axle. The part number for black is [...]


SSD Axial Wraith Steering LInk

SSD RC Titanium Steering Links for Axial Wraith & AX10

New from SSD RC are Titanium Steering Links for Axial’s Wraith and AX10. Titanium is both light and strong (not to mention trick) and SSD’s link can help beef up the steering on your Axial. Each steering link kit comes with a steering and drag link along with durable plastic rod ends with metal balls. The part number for the [...]


Axial AX10 Aluminum Parts

New Axial AX10 Aluminum Option Parts

There is no better way to beef up (and bling out) your rig than with aluminum parts. Axial Racing has announced three new aluminum upgrades for their popular AX10 trucks. The Axial AX10 Aluminum Shock Tower Brace is machined from aluminum and is best suited for high power applications and general bashing. These help eliminate chassis flex and are compatible with [...]


Axial AX10 Deadbolt Unboxing

Unboxing – Axial AX10 Deadbolt RTR

Everything Axial is super hot in the scaler world and deservedly so, they look good and work well out on the trail. The latest machine from Axial? The Deadbolt. The Deadbolt uses the ever popular AX10 platform and has a body that is a bit reminiscent of an old Bronco II. Some of its features and specifications include- * Three battery configurations * [...]


Axial AX10 Ridgecrest Lexan Body

Axial AX10 Ridgecrest Clear .040 Polycarbonate Body

Looking to personalize your Axial AX10? Nothing personalizes your rig like putting your own custom paint scheme on your body. Today Axial announced their clear Ridgecrest .040 Polycarbonate Body for their popular AX10 truck. Some of the features are- * Clear replacement body for AX10 Ridgecrest * .040 thick polycarbonate for extra durability * Comes with window mask and complete decal sheet * Comes [...]


Axial AX10 Ridgecrest 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD RTR hitting …

April 2012 marks the five year anniversary of the Axial AX10™ and the peeps from Axial felt that it was time for the product that launched them into the crawling segment to undergo some evolution and receive some trickle-down technological advancements of its own! They have not changed the original scope of the vehicle; the AX10™ Ridgecrest™ is still [...]


Interview with Jeff Johns of Axial

We would like to start off by thanking Jeff and Axial for their time, and for being the first in one of our new segments where we talk to people at the top of the fastest moving companies in RC. These interviews are not just with the company PR guys, we go as high up the food chain as possible, [...]