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Axial Capra Crawling and Bashing at Axialfest 2020

Just a short video we shot featuring the Axial Racing Capra doing a little crawling and bashing at Axialfest 2020 with our friend Tony from CCxRC and his vehicle along for the trails. We had a great time all weekend, and we can’t wait to go back next year! Enjoy the video, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and [...]


Axialfest 2020 Badlands Concours Walk Through Video

While having a blast at the Axialfest 2020 Badlands event, I had the opportunity (read impossible mission) of judging the concourse event! Talk about a challenge. There were so many amazing vehicles in each category, it was difficult to choose the top three in each, and then nearly impossible to choose an overall winner. I’m glad I had a few [...]



  Now that the dust has settled literally and figuratively of Axialfest Badlands and I am no longer in a zombie like state due to the medication post-surgery, let us go over the event!  I left the house early Thursday morning, for me it is about a two-hour ride and luckily Brian Already had the booth set up and ready to rock. [...]


Axialfest 2020 Banner Signing and Night Crawl Start Video

As people filed in for the awards ceremony at Axialfest 2020, they were invited to sign a large Axialfest banner, and we had our camera ready to capture the action. It turned out pretty good so we thought we’d post it up. We also caught the beginning of the night crawl event as everyone ventured off into the woods! Hope [...]


Bigfoot Axial SMT Build Takes a Victory Lap

Just wanted to share s short video of Jeremy’s Bigfoot build that started with the Axial SMT10 kit. With the help of Greg H. they knocked this thing out of the park and won the monster truck class at the Axialfest 2020 concours! Congratulations guys! Enjoy the video, please hit that subscribe button and notification bell.Get more details on the Axial [...]


Axialfest 2020 Preview and Setup Video

Axialfest 2020 officially starts this Thursday! (7/16/2020). Jeremy headed down early to get a behind the scenes preview and sneak peak at some of the hard work that is going on behind the scenes to make Axilfest the amazing event that it is! Many of the folks from Axial and Horizon Hobby were kind enough to answer questions from Jeremy about [...]