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Pro-Line Fugitive X2 Tires

Pro-Line Fugitive X2 1/5 Truck Tires

Listen up 1/5th scale drivers, Pro-Line has announced their Fugitive Truck Tires in X2 compound. These fit trucks like the HPI Baja 5SC and the Losi 5IVE-T. These are based off of Pro-Line’s world championship winning Fugitive tire technology and are molded in a long lasting rubber compound. * Small, tightly packed pins for optimal traction * Perfect for high wear conditions [...]


Pro-Line LockDown Losi 5IVE-T

2 New 1/5th Scale Tires From Pro-Line

Pro-Line will soon have a pair of new tire options for all you HPI Baja 5SC and Losi 5IVE-T drivers. First up is the LockDown X2. LockDowns are famous for their traction on prepared tracks with loose conditions and with the new X2 compound should last longer than ever. The LockDown X2s have a part number of #10117-002 and uses webbing [...]


Kershaw HPI Savage Flux 5SC Chassis

Kershaw Designs HPI Savage Flux 5SC Chassis

The crew over at Kershaw Designs are known for coming up with innovative and affordable large scale products. Their latest creation, a new chassis for the HPI Savage Flux 5SC, is a good example of their creativity. The new Kershaw 5SC chassis is designed to not only be stronger than stock, but to also allow the use of larger motors [...]


2013 HPI Baja 5SC

Updated 2013 HPI Baja 5SC

The HPI Baja 5SC has established itself as a popular machine among the bash crowd and for 2013 it gets even better. Recently announced are some updates to ring in the new year. First up is a new gas engine to give the 5SC even more power, and secondly, the 5SC is available in two new colors, matte black and [...]


RCX 2012 – Kraken RC basher chassis for Baja 5 line.

Kraken RC is showing off their recently announced X2 chassis for the HPI Baja 5 line of vehicles. If it looks like a molded chassis, that’s because it is. In fact, it’s the first ever molded chassis for HPI’s 1/5 scale vehicles. It’s made from a specially formulated polymer created by DuPont, and Kraken claims it has great hardness, rigidity, [...]


HPI Baja 5SC SS 29cc

HPI Baja 5SC Kit with 29cc Engine!

Looks like HPI Racing wants to up the speed factor. They just announced the Baja 5SC Kit with a 29cc Engine! The kit also comes with a aluminum tuned pipe and a list of option parts to handle the new power. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() [...]


baja 5sc body

HPI Racing Baja 5SC Bodies

New from HPI Racing are two new 1/5th scale Baja 5SC bodies. They come pre-painted in red or black and will fit the Baja 5SC RTR, Kit, and SS Limited Edition. You know that body you have been running in starting to look beat up so maybe look into getting a pre-painted replacement. It looks like Tower Hobbies has a [...]


hpi baja 5sc ss limited edition

HPI Racing Baja 5SC SS Limited Edition

In the ‘ask and you shall receive’ world, HPI has just announced the new Baja 5sc SS Limited Edition. The 1/5th scale Limited Edition is an unassembled kit for racers that are looking to really get their hands dirty and build it from the ground up. It has been created based on requests that HPI sell a version without a [...]


BZM Micro’s engine isn’t all that micro…

BZM Micro was showing off their new 23cc engine for the Baja 5 line at RCX.  This beast is an all new design, not just a bulked up Fuelie or Zenoah.  While this guy may be smaller than a lot of other after-market engines, it’s numbers are anything but.  According to BZM’s dyno testing, when this engine is paired to [...]


Team Chase’s new rear shock towers for Baja line

If you’ve ever snapped a shock tower on your Baja 5B/T/SC then you might want to take a look at these new, super beefy towers from Team Chase.  In the picture to the right you can see a stock shock tower at the top and Team Chase’s redesigned and much stronger tower below.  Beyond the redesign, Team Chase is molding [...]


Kit builders rejoice, HPI Baja 5SC SS kit

RTR Sucks.  I said it, and I don’t feel bad for saying it.  So any time I hear of a kit version of any vehicle being released I jump for joy.  HPI has long been cool about releasing their Baja 5 line as a kit version, so their new Baja 5SC SS comes as no surprise.  Just like all the [...]


HPI Racing adding more wheel options to Baja 5T and 5SC

HPI Racing has some new gear for the recently released Baja 5SC and the Baja 5T.  The new TR-10 wheels are true bead locks that will hold your tires securely without glue.  The wheels are available in four finishes: white, black, gunmetal gray, and chrome.  The fronts measure in at 120x60mm and have a 4mm offset while the rears are [...]


HPI Racing Baja 5SC

Leave it to HPI to get my 5th scale juices flowing again! They just announced the new Baja 5SC. A 1/5th scale short course truck based on the Baja series of vehicles! It comes with a 2.4ghz radio and the 26cc Fuelie engine that will get your giant short course truck up to 40mph! Click through [...]