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MOD AE 6:5 2wd Feather Weight Ball Diff Kit

MOD Releases a Feather Weight Ball Diff Kit for Team Associa…

Matt Olson Designs (MOD) has a new upgrade designed specifically for the two-wheel-drive Team Associated 6/5 series. The MOD AE 6/5 2WD Series Feather Weight Ball Diff Kit (#20511) offers improved performance for multiple types of racing, including stock, superstock, drag racing, and more. The differential kit features tungsten carbide diff balls, a machined aluminum T-nut, and 1-piece machined feather-light steel [...]


Tamiya Super Ball Diff Tamiya

MIP Super Ball Diff For Tamiya HotShot & BigWig

New from MIP is a Super Ball Diff for the Tamiya HotShot and BigWig. This uber diff was designed to take more power than the stock unit, as well as increasing acceleration and corner speed. * Easy to rebuild * Long lasting design * Durable steel outdrives The part number for the diff is #17160 and it is priced at $115. Hit This Link [...]


MIP TLR 22 Super Diff

MIP Super Diff Bi-Metal Kit For The TLR 22 Series

Gain an advantage over your foes by picking up the new MIP Super Diff Bi-Metal Kit for your TLR 22 series vehicle. The Super Diff not only shaves weight/rotating mass for quicker acceleration, but was also designed to survive the rigors of week-in, week-out racing. The kit comes with two piece bi-metal diff components, tungsten carbide diff balls, and hard [...]


MIP Bi-Metal TLR 22 Diff

MIP Bi-Metal Super Diff For The TLR 22 Series

Shave precious rotating mass while beefing up the drive-line on your TLR 22 series vehicle with a Bi-Metal Super Diff from the folks at MIP. The MIP Super Diff is said to be 30% lighter than the stock diff and comes with uber parts like Tungsten carbide diff balls and hard polished drive rings. The Super Diff is retail priced [...]


MIP Super Ball Diff for Pro-Line PRO-2 PRO-MT

MIP Super Ball Diff Kit for the Pro-Line PRO-2 & PRO-MT

While we are big fans of the stock gear diff in the Pro-Line PRO-2 and PRO-MT, some racers prefer the feel of a ball diff. When it comes to ball diffs the crew over at MIP are experts and they’ve announced a Super Ball Diff Kit that fits the PRO-2, PRO-MT, and the Pro-Line performance transmission. The MIP super diff [...]


Exotek Micro RS4 CVD

Exotek Ball Diff and CVDs for HPI Micro RS4

Remember the long hours spent over on One18th looking at thread after thread of ubered-out HPI Micro RS4s? Yes, the BigSquid crew has been there too. Then the micro market died out, One18th went away, and so did aftermarket interest in the littlest HPI touring car. HPI has recently released some new Micro RS4s and now we are starting to see [...]


MIP Super Ball Diff for Pro-Line PRO-2

MIP Super Ball Diff Kit for Pro-Line PRO-2 SCT

Ever thought about putting a ball diff into your Pro-Line PRO-2 SCT or your Pro-Line Performance Transmission? Well now the folks over at MIP have the hook-up for you. The MIP ball diff for the PRO-2 fits with no modifications and is lighter than stock. The part number for the MIP Super Diff is #13375, it is priced at $60, [...]