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Novak Ballistic Vented Endbells

  Want more speed and lower operating temperatures from your 540 Ballistic motor? Novak’s got you covered with this Vented Endbell kit, which includes both the front and rear endbells as well as oversised bearings.You can get your hands on a kit in November, so keep an eye on the Novak Website for details


Novak Epoxy dipped 550 stators for short course 4×4

Novak is expanding their line of epoxy dipped stators for their Ballistic line of brushless motors.  The newest release is specifically for their short course 4×4 focused Ballistic 550.  This new stator comes in a 4.5T wind for all the power the 4x4s need.  For the uninitiated, epoxy dipping makes motors more durable and have a longer life when used [...]


Upgrades for Novak’s Ballistic brushless motor line

Did you think your days of taking apart motors was over when you switched to brushless?  Well, you were wrong!  WRONG!  Taking motors apart will always be a part of this hobby, whether you like it or not.  Along those lines, Novak has a few new pieces for you to put back in your motors. The epoxy dipped stators for the [...]


Novak Havoc Pro SC now with 540 Ballistic motors

Novak‘s Havoc Pro SC is now available in a combo with the Ballistic 540 size brushless motors.  Previously it had only been available with the larger 550 size motor.  This new combo gives you a greater selection of windings, 8.5T/5000 kv, 13.5T/3300kv, and 17.5T/2200kv.  The 550 size 4.5T combo is also still available and ideally suited for the new 4wd [...]