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warming hut

DIY: Transmitter Warming Hut from Old Political Signs

With the weather turning to nuclear winter blast furnace, us RC folk are struggling to keep the trigger finger warm enough to lay down the power. While you could source a ready made transmitter warming hut thing, it’s going to cost you. Instead, reclaim some political sign garbage from a street corner near you and get to work! This guide will [...]


Bashers Basics — How to Paint A RC Body

Hello and welcome back to Bashers Basics. We all know that the process of painting your first RC body is always quite daunting, but don’t fear, Bashers Basics is here! In this tutorial I am going to just do a simple paint job, a solid metallic blue, which will look great on my hypothetical SLASH 4X4.    Firstly I select my [...]


Bashers Basics — Weight Distribution

I have had quite a few newcomers to the hobby ask me this simple statement, but complex question; “how can I make my crawler perform better”. While there are a multitude of different ways that one can increase the performance and ability of their crawler, one of the easiest and most impactful change that someone can make to their crawler [...]


Bashers Basics – Soldering

The world of RC is a great and vast hobby, but no matter where you travel throughout the hobby, at one point or another, you will come across something that requires you to solder. For someone that doesn’t have previous experience with industrial equipment, it may seem extremely daunting, from the specialized tools needed, to the safety risks. But never [...]


Bashers Basics – The Bench – Charging Station

Charging RC batteries is probably one of the most dangerous part of the whole hobby (we aren’t renowned for being daredevils), but there is a way to do it right, and a way to do it wrong, not sure if you are safe? Never fear, Bashers Basics is here! There are 3 steps to take to diagnose your battery charging situation [...]


Bashers Basics – The Bench – Edition 1 – The Table

Welcome to Bashers Basics’ “The Bench” series. We will be going over ways to construct, arrange, and improve your rc workspace! In this, the first post, we will be talking about the table. As one of the most crucial and yet basic parts of your rc workspace, you want to make sure that you are in a quiet, low traffic area so [...]


Bashers Basics — Tires.

Hello and welcome back to Bashers Basics! If you have already read the first post, you will know what you are trying to pursue, for those who didn’t, I’ll make it clear, traction. Grip. What converts the rotation of your motor into lateral speed. If you have seen any of the cool slow-motion bashing videos littered around YouTube, you have [...]