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Locked Up RC 1.9 Stator Fossil Gray Bead Lock Rings

Locked Up RC 1.9″ Stator Fossil Gray Bead Lock Rings

New over at Locked Up RC are 1.9″ Stator Fossil Gray Bead Lock Rings. These trick looking bead lock rings are easy to install and make a big difference on how your rig looks. Check out these highlights- * Unique stepped cog design * Stepped cog design can also function as side biters in tight situations * Easy Mount wheel system uses only [...]


Pro-Line Holcomb 1.9 Bead-Loc Crawling Wheels

Pro-Line Holcomb 1.9″ Bead-Loc Crawling Wheels

Coming in July from Pro-Line are Holcomb 1.9″ Bead-Loc Crawling Wheels. This innovative wheelset has a retro look, with high-end modern performance. Here are the highlights- * Easy-to-assemble, 3-piece design * Standard 12mm wheel hex * Sold in pairs * Unique outer ring with inner wheel face * Molded-in bead-loc ring and lug nuts * Made in the USA The Pro-Line Holcomb 1.9″ Bead-Loc Crawling Wheels have [...]


RC4WD Black Stamped Steel 0.7 Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD Black Stamped Steel 0.7″ Beadlock Wheels

Now available from RC4WD are Black Stamped Steel 0.7″ Beadlock Wheels. A whole lot of people have jumped into the small scale crawling market this year. Now, thanks to RC4WD, here is a set of very trick scale wheels for your next build. Check out these highlights- * Scale realistic stamped steel wheels * Beadlock design * Fits – 0.7″ crawling tires * Width [...]


Fastrax RC 1.9 Ten Aluminum Beadlock Wheels

Fastrax 1.9″ “Ten” Aluminum Beadlock Wheels

New over at Fastrax RC are 1.9″ sized “Ten” Aluminum Beadlock Wheels. These scale realistic wheels are made from durable aluminum for a hot look, as well as for durability. The “Ten” aluminum wheels can also help to add a bit of weight to your rig and are a true beadlock design to keep those tires from slipping. The Fastrax “Ten” [...]


Boom Racing ProBuild 1.9 Wide CAL-6 Adjustable Beadlock Wheels

Boom Racing ProBuild 1.9" Lightweight Extra Wide CAL-6 Adjus…

New from Boom Racing are some very trick 1.9″ sized ProBuild Lightweight Extra Wide CAL-6 Adjustable Offset Beadlock Wheels. These wheels are the latest from Boom Racing and were designed to be incredibly adjustable, as well as having a unique look. Here are the highlights- * Fully customizable w/ adjustable wheel & multiple setup options * Revolutionary and cutting edge design * Type [...]


Locked Up RC 1.9 EG1 Bead Lock Rings Black

Locked Up RC 1.9″ EG1 Bead Lock Rings in Black

New from Locked Up RC are 1.9″ sized EG1 Bead Lock Rings in Black. Featuring a trendy 5 blade design, these bead lock rings are an easy way to give your crawler a sharp new look. * Anodized in black * Bead Diameter- 1.9″ * Width- 3mm * Weight- 0.35oz * 6 screw mounting system The Locked Up RC Black EG1 Bead Lock Rings are priced [...]



If you did not catch last nights Big Squid RC live stream then you missed out, not only on a good time but also a new tool we talked about from DSM Off-Road. The Beadlock Buddy. I know from a lot of people myself included that dread doing beadlock or wagon wheels when the time arrives. Setting a tire on [...]


JConcepts Colt 1.9 Beadlock Chrome Wheels

JConcepts Colt 1.9″ Beadlock Chrome Wheels

New from JConcepts is a Chrome version of their affordable Colt 1.9″ Beadlock scale crawling wheels. The Colts feature a low price point along with big performance, check out these features- * New chrome look * 8-spoke “wagon wheel” styling * Standard 12mm wheel hex * Secure beadlock design * Comes with hardware and center caps * Fits 1.9″ crawling tires Street pricing for the Chrome JConcepts [...]


RC4WD TNK 2.2 Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD TNK 2.2″ Beadlock Wheels

Shipping right now from RC4WD are TNK 2.2″ Beadlock Wheels. The TNK wheels have been CNC machined from aluminum and have an amazingly scale realistic look. * Anodized with black/silver finish * Fits 2.2″ sized tires * Weight- 4.47oz each * Width- 1.4″ * Positive Offset- 0.11″ * Outer Diameter- 2.39″ The RC4WD TNK 2.2″ Beadlock Wheels are street priced at $116 for a set of four [...]


Element RC 1.9 The Ocho Beadlock Wheels

Element RC 1.9″ The Ocho Beadlock Wheels

New from Element RC are 1.9″ sized The Ocho beadlock wheels for scale rock crawlers. These feature a classic 8 hole design and come with an SLW-style hub. Available in either silver or black, The Ochos will look great on your next scale build. The Element RC “The Ocho” Wheels are street priced at $21 for a complete set of four. Read [...]


RC4WD Stamped Steel 1.7 Black Wagon Wheels

RC4WD Stamped Steel 1.7″ Black Wagon Wheels

Shipping now from RC4WD are Stamped Steel 1.7″ Black Beadlock Wagon Wheels. These feature the classic “wagon wheel” look and are sized to fit 1.7″ crawling tires. * Standard 12mm wheel hex * Weight- 1.66oz each * Width- 0.87″ * Negative Offset- 0.36″ * OD- 1.87″ The RC4WD Stamped Steel 1.7″ Black Wagon Wheels have a part number of #Z-W0270 and are street priced at $59. [...]


JConcepts Colt Beadlock Crawling Wheels

JConcepts Announces Colt 1.9″ Beadlock Wheels

The crew over at JConcepts have just dropped new scale crawling wheels. Their new beadlock wheels are named Colt and are sized for 1.9″ tires. Take a look at these features- * 8 spoke “wagon” design * 12mm wheel hex * Designed to fit 1.9″ tires * Beadlock design * Center cap included * Comes with metric assembly hardware Street priced at just $17, you can click [...]


Vanquish Products Incision KMC 1.9" Panzer Wheels

Vanquish Products Incision KMC 1.9″ Panzer Wheels

New from Vanquish are Incision KMC 1.9″ Panzer Wheels in clear and black. Officially licensed by Incision, these have the scale realism you desire, with all the trail worthiness that you require. Here are the highlights- * Only 5 screws for rapid tire changes * Strong, lightweight design * Grade 5 stainless steel hardware * Internal clamp ring beadlock mounting system * Detailed center cap [...]


RC4WD Hana 2.2 Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD Hana 2.2″ Aluminum Beadlock Wheels

The crew at RC4WD have just announced Hana 2.2″ Aluminum Beadlock Wheels. The Hana 2.2″ wheels sport a great off-road look and were designed to take on the toughest of trails. * Made from CNC machined aluminum * Fits 2.2″ sized tires * Anodized silver/black/green finish * OD- 2.43″ * Width- 1.49″ * Positive Offset- 0.21″ * Weight- 3.23oz The RC4WD Hana 2.2″ Aluminum Beadlock Wheels have [...]


RC4WD Rogue 1.7 1.9 Aluminum Wheels

RC4WD Rogue 1.7″ & 1.9″ Beadlock Wheels

Do you have a scale crawler in need of some hot new aluminum wheels? If so, have a look at the new Rogue Beadlock 1.7″ and 1.9″ aluminum wheels from RC4WD. The Rogue wheels feature a tough off-road look and are made from beefy aluminum. * Standard 12mm wheel hex * CNC machined from billet aluminum * Silver anodized finish * True beadlock design * [...]