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Treal Vintage 1.55 Beadlock Wheels - Bronze

Treal 1.55" Type G Vintage Beadlock Wheels<

Do you prefer the look and the challenge of running 1.55″ wheels on your R/C crawler? If so, Treal’s latest release might be perfect for you. They’ve applied their classic, vintage styling to their new Type G 1.55″ Beadlock Wheels. With a multi-piece design and four color options to choose from (black, bronze, gray, and silver), these wheels should give new [...]


Treal 2.2 Vintage Beadlock Wheels - Bronze

Treal Aluminum 2.2″ Vintage Style Aluminum Beadlock Wheels

Treal has released a new set of 2.2" Aluminum Beadlock Wheels that is a perfect option for R/C crawlers, rock racers, or mud trucks. With a classic style and sleek design, these wheels will transform just about any off-road rig into a real eye-catcher. Made of durable aluminum, these wheels are available in three color options (black, bronze, and silver) and [...]


Losing grip – On wheels and The Wall

G’day folks! Do you remember the fall of the Berlin Wall? I can’t say that I remember the exact date, but I clearly remember hearing the dramatic news on the radio. Years later my wife got to know a German who grew up on the Eastern side of the wall, in former DDR. Her strongest memories of the changes it [...]


Vanquish Products KMC 1.9 KM236 Tank Wheels - Silver

Vanquish Products KMC 1.9" KM236 Tank Crawler Wheels

The folks at Vanquish Products have released another stellar replica beadlock wheel for your next 1/10-scale crawler build. Their KMC 1.9″ KM236 Tank Beadlock Wheels bring rugged styling and an authentic appearance to any RTR or kit. With an officially licensed design, these wheels are made from machined aluminum and feature a multi-piece design including front and rear rings, beadlock rings, [...]


Treal Multi-spoke 2.2 Aluminum Beadlock Wheels - Full Range of Colors

Treal Multi-spoke 2.2″ Aluminum Beadlock Wheels

If you’re looking for a new set of wheels for your R/C rock racer, crawler, or mud truck, Treal has a new option for you. Their latest release is a line of 2.2″ Multi-spoke Aluminum Beadlock Wheels, perfect for just about any type of off-road, radio-controlled action. Each wheel has been machined for precision and features a sleek multi-spoke design. Weighing [...]


REEF's RC Beadlock Rings

REEF’s RC Launches New Colored Beadlock Ring Sets

If you love to customize every aspect of your scale R/C crawler (and who doesn’t), REEF’s RC has you covered with their latest release, Inner and Outer Colored Beadlock Rings. Made from machined aluminum and anodized in a variety of colors, these beadlock wheel rings are a great way to make your radio-controlled trail machine your own. These ring sets have [...]


Treal 1.9" Beadlock Wheels

New 1.9″ Beadlock Crawler Wheels from Treal

The folks at Treal have released another stunning set of 1.9″ beadlock wheels for 1/10-scale crawler fanatics. Their latest design features a five-spoke star design with an outer ring. Each wheel uses a multi-piece assembly and includes a 12mm SLW hex hub mount. Weighing 126g per wheel, this is a great way to add style to your radio-controlled trail truck and [...]


RC4WD OEM 6-Lug Stamped Steel 1.55″ Beadlock Wheels

Available now from RC4WD are OEM 6-Lug Stamped Steel 1.55″ Beadlock Wheels. If you are looking to up your style, these Stamped Steel 1.55″ wheels might be the item you need to take your scale rig to the next level! * CNC Machined * Billet Aluminum and Various Steel Materials * Fits Standard 12mm Hex * Wheel Size: 1.55″ * Each Weigh: 1.25oz / [...]


Spec RC SW19-15 1.9″ Aluminum Beadlock Crawler Wheels

Looking for new wheels for your R/C crawler or scale trail rig? Spec RC has launched their latest aluminum beadlock wheel, the SW19-15. Designed to fit 1.9″ crawler tires, this wheel features a multi-spoke design in a raw aluminum finish. The wheels are 1″ wide (at the ring face) and use a 6-log SLW bolt pattern. Weighing 74g each, these wheels [...]


JConcepts Starfish Mambo R/C Drag Racing Wheels

JConcepts Starfish Mambo Beadlock R/C Drag Racing Wheel

If you love the ease of mounting tires to beadlock wheels, you’re going to dig JConcepts latest set of drag racing rims. The Starfish Mambo Beadlock R/C Drag Racing Wheel (#3415B) is designed to accommodate wide rear slicks while offering an easy-to-mount setup. With a four-piece design, these wheels will fit custom dragsters built on the Traxxas Slash or Bandit chassis, as [...]


REEF'S RC Hammer Off-road CNC Wheels

Hit the Trail with REEF's RC Hammer Off-road Aluminum Beadlo…

REEF’s RC has launched a new set of aluminum beadlock wheels for 1/10-scale R/C crawlers. The 1.9″ Hammer Off-road CNC Wheels feature a stunning, bright aluminum finish and a modern, multi-spoke design. Each wheel features a multi-piece design with two outer ring color options (silver or black). The Hammer Off-road CNC Wheels are priced at $165.99 for a set of four and [...]


REEF's RC Fury Beadlock Wheels

REEF’s RC Unleashes Their Fury Off-road Beadlock Wheels

REEF’s RC has launched a new set of aluminum beadlock wheels for 1/10-scale R/C crawlers. The 1.9″ Fury Off-road CNC Wheels feature a bright aluminum finish and a multi-spoke design that’s sure to be a great fit with any style of radio-controlled trail rig. Each of these aluminum beadlock wheels features a multi-piece design with two outer ring color options (silver [...]