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Losing grip – To BEC or not to BEC?

An external BEC is a nifty little device that I recently realised I use too often. Maybe you do as well? My Bomber, Yeti and SCX10III all have one, added by way of default thinking as I was setting up the electronics on them. I had read that it’s a good thing, and so added one to every car without [...]


Castle Creations BEC 2.0 Waterproof

Two New BECs From Castle Creations

New from Castle Creations is a pair of BECs. The first is the BEC 2.0 which is aimed at the air crowd with the second being the BEC 2.0 Waterproof Edition for surface drivers. The air BEC is lightweight at just 0.7oz and is designed for 14 amps. The waterproof surface version is designed for 15 amps and comes in a [...]


A load of new stuff from LRP

LRP has got something for everyone today it seems. If you’re in the market for a new battery charger they’ve got the new Quadra Pro 2. Wit it you can charge NiMHs/NiCads (1-14 cells), LiPos, or LiFes (both types 1 – 5 cells) at anywhere from 0.1 up to 5.0 amps. It’s also got an integrated balancer [...]