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Pro-Line 6th Masher X HP Belted 5.7 Tires Mounted

Pro-Line 1/6 Masher X HP Belted 5.7” Tires Mounted on Raid…

For all you ARRMA Kraton 8S drivers out there, Pro-Line has just announced 1/6 Masher X HP Belted 5.7” Tires Mounted on Raid Wheels. Pro-Line’s Masher monster truck tires have been a favorite among bashers for many years, now you can get them super-sized to fit your large scaler. Here are the highlights- * Designed to be lightweight, belted, and extremely [...]


HoBao Racing RC HB-EX10 Drag Car Kit

HoBao Racing 1/10 HB-EX10 Drag Car Kit

After about a month of teasing, Hobao Racing has officially dropped their new 1/10 HB-EX10 Drag Car Kit. The designers at Hobao used premium materials to make the HB-EX10 one serious drag machine. Check out these highlights- * Mid-motor, 3-gear transmission design * Designed to be lightweight and rigid * Made with lots of carbon fiber and hardened aluminum parts * All metal gear [...]


Pro-Line 8th Menace HP Belted 3.8 MT Pre-Mounted Tires

Pro-Line 1/8 Menace HP Belted 3.8″ MT Pre-Mounted Tires

Coming soon from the good folks at Pro-Line are 1/8 Menace HP Belted 3.8″ MT Pre-Mounted Tires. Belted to eliminate tire expansion at high speeds, the new Menace pre-mounts are the perfect upgrade for speed running your 1/8 monster truck. Here are the highlights- * Belted to handle extreme power and high speeds * No tire ballooning * Low-profile tire carcass, deep grooves, [...]


Maverick RC QuantumRX Rally Car

Maverick RC 1/8 QuantumRX Rally Car

Coming soon from Maverick RC is the 1/8 QuantumRX RTR Rally Car. The QuantumRX comes loaded with big brushless power and a nicely scaled rally style body. Check out these highlights- * Long travel shocks * High ground clearance suspension setup * Tredz Stage belted gravel tires with rally style wheels * Heavy duty 4wd drivetrain * Raised front bumper * Large rear diffuser * 4S Flux [...]


Sweep Racing 8th Land Crusher Belted Monster Truck Tires

Sweep Racing 1/8 Land Crusher Belted Tires

Coming soon from Sweep Racing are 1/8 Land Crusher Belted Tires. The Land Crushers were made for high speed bashing, no matter if you are running on pavement, or dirt. With strong internal belting to eliminate tire expansion at speed, and nicely spaced lugs for more traction on dirt, the Land Crushers are ready for speed runs, or a day [...]


Powerhobby 8th Armor Belted Pre-Mounted Buggy Tires

Powerhobby 1/8 Armor Belted Pre-Mounted Buggy Tires

Now shipping from Powerhobby are 1/8 Armor Belted Pre-Mounted Buggy Tires. Featuring PH’s Armor tread pattern and heavy duty belts to reduce tire expansion at speed, the new pre-mounts are ready to go really fast on dirt or pavement. Here are the highlights- * Pre-mounted for your convenience * Closed cell foam inserts * Belted to reduce tire ballooning * ATV inspired tread design * [...]


Carisma RC Belted M10DR Eliminators Drag Race Rear Tires

Carisma 1/10 Belted M10DR Eliminators Drag Race Rear Tires

In stock and shipping now from Carisma are 1/10 Belted M10DR Eliminators Drag Race Rear Tires. Available pre-glued for your convenience, or just as raw tires, the belted drag rear tires from Carisma were designed for serious performance. These are sized to fit all the popular 1/10th no-prep drag cars on the market, while also have a nicely scaled appearance. [...]


Pro-Line Pre-Mounted 6th Menace HP Belted 5.7 MT Tires

Pro-Line Pre-Mounted 1/6 Menace HP Belted 5.7″ MT Tires

Pro-Line has just announced their highest performance on-road tire ever, the Pre-Mounted 1/6 Menace HP Belted 5.7″ MT Tires. With heavy duty internal belting and a tread designed for maximum street performance, the new Menace HPs are a great choice for on-road bashing. Here are the highlights- * Lightweight, belted, and durable * Race inspired tread * Standard 24mm wheel hex * Standard 1/5 [...]


Exotek Twister Belted Drag Tire Wheel Set

Exotek Twister Belted Drag Tire and Wheel Set with Inserts

New from Exotek Racing is a Twister Belted Drag Tire and Wheel Set with Inserts. Designed for the absolute maximum in performance, the Twister belted drag tires are ready to give your car its quickest passes yet. Here are the highlights- * Fits – 2wd drag cars * Tires are belted to eliminate tire expansion * Molded from a premium rubber compound for [...]


Team Associated Belted Drag Slick Rear Tires

Team Associated Belted Drag Slick Rear Tires

Now shipping from Team Associated are Belted Drag Slick Rear Tires. In the never ended pursuit for performance, the AE crew has dropped new belted drag slicks. With a soft rubber compound and a belted design, the new tires are perfect for getting you down the lane faster than ever before. Here are the highlights- * Size – 2.2”/3.0” fits most [...]


JETKO Power Belted Pre-Mounted 8th GT Tires Quicker Black Pheonix

JETKO Power Announces Belted Pre-Mounted 1/8 GT Tires

Recently the crew over at Jetko Power announced a pair of new Belted Pre-Mounted 1/8 GT Tires. New from Jetko are the Quicker Belted and Black Phoenix Belted tires. Designed from the ground up for extreme performance, a heavy duty belt is used to eliminate tire expansion at speed. A special high temperature foam insert is used and both sets [...]


Powerhobby 7th Raptor X Belted Pre-Mounted Tires

Powerhobby 1/7 Raptor X Belted Pre-Mounted Tires

Just announced by Powerhobby are 1/7th Scaled Raptor X Belted Pre-Mounted Tires. The Raptor X Belted tires are size to fit trucks like the Traxxas X-Maxx and ARRMA Kraton 8S. Here are the highlights- * Fully belted to eliminate tire expansion * Available with black or chrome wheels * 24mm wheel hex * Pre-mounted for your convenience * Innovative Micro Fiber-Tech (MFT) woven belt * Sold [...]


Method RC Terraform Belted 8th Monster Truck Tires Review

THE Method RC Terraform Belted 1/8th Monster Truck Tire Revi…

What in the world, Cubby is out of retirement? That’s right folks, I’ve pulled my lazy rear end out of my Lazy-Boy to do a special review for you guys! What makes this review special enough to get me out of retirement? Well, that would be Method RC! Method RC is coming at the tire/wheel market in a big way [...]


Powerhobby RC Wildcat Belted Rear Drag Tires

Powerhobby 1/10 Wildcat Belted Rear 2.2"/3.0" Ultra-Soft Dra…

New from Powerhobby are 1/10 Wildcat Belted Rear 2.2″/3.0″ Ultra-Soft Drag Racing Tires. Right now is peak season for no-prep drag racing and the crew at Powerhobby have just dropped another great tire option. Here are the highlights- * Innovative carcass design for massive traction off the line * Fully belted to reduce tire expansion at speed * Specifically designed for no-prep drag [...]


Pro-Line Reaction HP Ultra Blue Drag Tires

Pro-Line 1/10 Reaction HP Ultra Blue 2.2″/3.0″ Drag Tires

Just announced for all you no-prep drag racers are 1/10 Reaction HP 2.2″/3.0″ Drag Tires in Ultra Blue Rubber Compound from Pro-Line. The new Reaction HP tires are fully belted and are molded in P-L’s new Super Soft Ultra Blue rubber compound. Check out these highlights- * Designed to provide even more grip from the Reaction HPs * Ultra Blue compound gives [...]