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Pro-Line Masher X HP Belted Pre-Mounted Tires

Pro-Line Masher X HP Belted Pre-Mounted Tires for X-MAXX & K…

Just announced by Pro-Line are all new belted Masher X HP pre-mounted tires. The new Masher X HPs were designed to be the highest performance tire ever in its size category. Check out these highlights- * Lightweight belted design * Futurist Chevron style tread and sidewall detail * Belted to handle extreme power levels * Standard 24mm wheel hex with standard 1/5 through hole * [...]


Pro-Line Reaction+ HP Wide SC S3 Belted Drag Tires

Pro-Line Reaction+ HP Wide SC Belted Drag Tires

Just announced by Pro-Line are Reaction+ HP Wide SC Belted Drag Tires. Pro-Line is always bringing innovation to the plate and their new Reaction+ HP tires are 20% wider than standard sized drag tires. Check out these highlights- * Massive grip off the line * Fully belted to prevent tire expansion & to increase control * Must be used with P-L Showtime+ Wide [...]


Duratrax RC Belted Tires

New Belted Tires From Duratrax

New from Duratrax is an entire line-up of Belted Tires. The new Duratrax belted tire line-up comes pre-mounted on durable wheels and features an all new belted technology that eliminates tire expansion at high speeds. * All new Micro Fiber Tech (MFT) belted tires * More rigid and consistent tire structure * Lightweight design * Reduced tire expansion * Increased stability * More grip, longer [...]


Pro-Line Badlands MX28 HP 2.8" Belted Tires Mounted

Pro-Line Badlands MX28 HP 2.8″ Belted Tires Mounted

Coming soon to a hobby shop near you are Pre-Mounted Badlands MX28 HP 2.8″ Belted Tires from Pro-Line. Pro-Line Badlands are known across the bashing world as some of the best tires that you can use for traction. Now, being fully belted, they are better than ever before. The 2.8″ sized pre-mounts are a great fit for trucks like the [...]


JConcepts Belted Hotties Drag Tires

JConcepts Announces Belted Hotties Drag Tires

Just announced by JConcepts is a Fully Belted version of their popular Hotties Drag Race Tires. The new belted Hotties will not expand at high speed and are molded in JC’s soft blue rubber compound. * Fits most 2.2 x 3.0″ SCT wheels * Fibrous and woven belt materials * Lightweight bead * Wide footprint for improved tracking * Authentic tire lettering w/ retro JConcepts [...]


ARRMA dBoots HOONS Belted On-Road Tires

Video – New ARRMA dBoots HOONS Belted On-Road Tire Compounds

The crew at ARRMA has announced new Tire Compounds for their extremely popular HOONS Belted On-Road Tires. The new compounds range from gold compound, which is perfect for colder temps or to get maximum grip levels, to silver, which was designed for hotter temperatures and for longer life. * dBoots HOONS Gold Compound – #ARA550071 * dBoots HOONS White Compound – #ARA550062 * [...]


Pro-Line Badlands MX38 HP 3.8 Belted Tires Mounted

Pro-Line Badlands MX38 HP 3.8″ Belted Tires Mounted

A whole lot of people have been waiting for this one, and now it is here. Pro-Line has just dropped fully belted Pro-Line Badlands MX38 HP 3.8″ Pre-Mounts. The previous version of the 3.8″ Badlands took over the monster truck world, the new belted versions take performance to an entirely new level. Here are the highlights- * Herringbone weave pattern belt * [...]


Pro-Line RC Belted Street On Road Tires

Video - Pro-Line Street Fighter HP & Avenger HP Belted Stree…

The good guys & gals over at Pro-Line have uploaded a new promotional video for their Belted Street Fighter HP & Avenger HP street tires. The Avenger HP is a perfect fit on most 1/8 buggies, while the Street Fighter HP is for 1/8 monster trucks. Both are fully belted so they do not balloon at high speeds, thus making [...]


Pro-Line Street Fighter HP 3.8 BELTED Tires Mounted

Pro-Line Street Fighter HP 3.8″ Belted Tires Mounted

Are you ready for some high speed bashing? The crew at Pro-Line have just announced Street Fighter HP 3.8″ Belted Tires Mounted. The fully belted Street Fighter HPs do not expand at speed, thus making your truck easier to drive when making speed runs. Here are the highlights- * High-performance herringbone weave pattern belt * Tires do not balloon or expand at [...]


Pro-Line Reaction Drag Tire Video

Video – Pro-Line Reaction HP SC Drag Racing Belted Tires

New from Pro-Line is an Action Video for their Reaction HP SC tires. The Reactions were made specifically for the no-prep drag racing scene and are rated up to 90 mph with their fully belted design. The video does a great job of showing off the Reaction HP SC tires, a tire that is perfect for your next drag car [...]


Sweep Racing GT2 Belted Drag Speed Run Tires

Sweep Racing Belted GT2 Drag Race/Speed Run Pre-Mounts

For all you drag racers and speed run fanatics out there, Sweep Racing has announced Fully Belted GT2 Pre-Mounts. The GT2 pre-mounts come with a 17mm wheel hex to fit a wide variety of 1/8 scaled vehicles and feature Sweep’s ROK Hard wheels that are designed not to warp under hard acceleration. * Belted design does not expand at speed * 95mm [...]


Pro-Line Belted Reaction HP SC Drag Racing Belted Tires

Pro-Line Belted Reaction HP SC Drag Racing Tires

All new from Pro-Line are Fully Belted Reaction HP drag racing tires. The belted Reaction HP tires were designed to fit standard SCT wheels and will not expand at high power levels. Here are more highlights- * Herringbone weave internal belt * Designed for no-prep drag racing * Molded from P-L’s soft S3 rubber compound * Reaction HP does not expand at speed * Soft [...]


Pro-Line Avenger HP Street BELTED Buggy Tires

Pro-Line Belted Avenger HP Street 1/8 Buggy Tires!!!

Here ya go speed run guys, hardcore street bashers, and long jumpers- Pro-Line has just officially dropped their new Avenger HP pre-mounts. The Avenger HPs are Fully Belted to eliminate tire expansion at speed, thus allowing you to put much more power to the ground! Here are the highlights- * High performance herringbone weave belt * Avenger does not expand at high [...]


Pro-Line Trencher HP Belted 3.8 Video

Video – Pro-Line Trencher HP 3.8″ BELTED Tires

Guess who just announced fully Belted 3.8″ Trencher HP monster truck tires? Yes, that would be Pro-Line and they have just posted a new promotional video to get your blood pumping for the weekend! Watch below to see just how extreme you can get with their incredible 3.8″ Trencher HP pre-mounts. Available pre-mounted on high-tech Raid removable hex wheels, the [...]


Pro-Line Belted Trencher HP 2.8" Tire Review

Pro-Line Belted Trencher HP 2.8″ Tire Review

This review has been a long time coming folks. No, we aren’t talking about how we got a new set of Pro-Line Trencher HP 2.8″ Monster Truck Tires a few weeks ago and have been trying to burn their rubber off ever since. We are talking about how our hobby has long been waiting for monster truck tires that do [...]