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THE Cub Report, 09.16.2013, Version- Ozymandias

All the best stories start with “So I was walking through my local Fry’s…”. So… I was strutting through the isles of my local Fry’s, just looking to pick a techno babble fight with one of their 19 year old greenhorns, and I stumble across a quite “hobby grade” looking rc car for sale. And not just one, but they actually [...]


Best Buy Traxxas

World’s Most Expensive Traxxas E-Revo?

Have you just won the lotto and want to buy the world’s most expensive Traxxas E-Revo? While in my local Best Buy electronics store last night, Cubby and I had a salesperson look up “Traxxas” in their computer system just to see if we could buy one. It turns out that yes you can buy several different Traxxas vehicles directly from [...]