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Pro-Line Mini Micro 18th 24th Big Bore Scaler Shocks

Pro-Line Announces 1/24 & 1/18 Big Bore Scaler Shocks

Now available for pre-order from Pro-Line are 1/24 & 1/18 Big Bore Scaler Shocks. Pro-Line has released two new sizes of Big Bore Scaler Shocks to fit vehicles like the SCX24, AX24, and TRX-4M. Here are the highlights- Pro-Line 1/24 Big Bore Scaler Shocks (4) * Part number – #PRO639100 * Street Price – $44 * Ultimate performance AX24 or SCX24 shocks * CNC machined [...]


Pro-Line RC 24th Scale Big Bore Scaler Shocks

Pro-Line 1/24 Big Bore Scaler Shocks

The good folks over at Pro-Line have announced 1/24 Big Bore Scaler Shocks. These trick looking dampers were designed to fit trucks like the SCX24 and come with two sets of springs for additional tuning. Here are more highlights- * CNC machined aluminum shock caps * Threaded aluminum shock bodies * Polished steel shock shafts * 5mm bore shock bodies * Double o-ring seal on [...]


Pro-Line Big Bore Scale Shocks

Video – Pro-Line Big Bore Scaler Shocks

The crew over at Pro-Line recently uploaded a video that features their all new Big Bore Scaler Shocks. The video has plenty of action shots, plus it goes over some of the features on Pro-Line’s best scale shocks ever. With an 11mm bore and an all-new dual-rate spring design, the P-L Big Bore shock are ready for even the gnarliest [...]


Pro-Line Big Bore Scaler Shocks

Pro-Line Big Bore Scaler Shocks

New from Pro-Line are Big Bore Scaler Shocks. These bad boys were designed to be the best-of-the-best for your hardcore scale off-road rig. Coming in at 90mm in length, the new Big Bore Scaler Shocks feature the latest in shock technology. * Nearly 11mm bore * Large oil volume * CNC machined aluminum shock caps, bottom caps, bodies, collars * Hard chrome coated steel [...]


Basher Basics — Shock Tuning

Hello and welcome to Basher Basics. In this series we will go through many of the basic topics to help you improve your RC’s performance on the track, and in the pit. So without further ado, let’s jump into the topic for this week: shocks. Your truck likely has four, or in some cases eight, but regardless of the number, it [...]


MIP Bypass1 kit associated 12mm shocks

MIP Bypass1 Kit for Associated 12mm Big Bore Shocks

We are big fans of the MIP Bypass1 shock pistons here at BigSquidRC. They are super tunable and can help your ride soak up some very rough terrain. MIP recently announced a Bypass1 kit for Team Associated 12mm Big Bore shocks. If you have the 12mm shocks on your B4, T4, or SC10, this is the piston kit for you. * [...]


Associated 12mm Big Bore Shocks

New Information On Associated's 10th Scale 12mm Big Bore Sho…

The Team Associated crew released a teaser image of their new 12mm Big Bore Shocks for the B4, T4, SC10, and B44 a couple of weeks ago. Here is some more information on Team Associated’s all new big bores- * Black anodized shock cap with bleeder screw * Shock shafts are Titanium Nitride coated * Shock shafts are now 3mm and come with [...]


Associated 12mm Big Bore Shock Teaser

Teaser Picture 12mm Big Bore Shocks From Associated

Team Associated posted this teaser pic on their FB Page of their upcoming 12mm Big Bore Shocks for their RC10/SC10 series of off-roaders. Associated didn’t mention any pricing or a solid release date, all they stated was “They’re getting close…”. We’ll post more information when we get it. Are you a big Team Associated fan? Check out more Associated news right [...]


TQ Racing wants to smooth out your ride

Big bore shocks are all the rage these days, their extra size and capacity makes for a more consistent shock experience, especially over very bumpy terrain.  TQ Racing is now on the market with their own big bore shocks for short course and stadium trucks.  What separates these from all the rest is the two spring setup that allows you [...]


Exotek big bore shocks for 1/16 E-Revo

Traxxas’ tiny truck is getting a big upgrade in the shock department thanks to the Exotek crew.  Their new Big Bore Shocks for the 1/16 E-Revo (and pretty much all the other 1/16 scale Traxxas vehicles, with minor parts swaps) are beautifully machined hunks of alloy with threaded shock bodies and a gun metal finish for hot looks.  You’ll also [...]