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Axial Rock Crawling

BigSquidRC Road Trip – Axial Racing

I knew we were in trouble when we pulled up in front of the Axial Racing offices. You see Brian and I were dressed more for a boardroom than we were for walking around in the desert, and by the looks of the myriad of hardcore off-road vehicles in the parking lot, I doubted we’d be spending much time indoors. [...]


Cubby The Cub Report

THE Cub Report, 05.12.2014, Version- Woe, where is thy VW FO…

Hello rc world, nice to meet you, I’m Cubby and this is THE Cub Report. As you’ve seen from our front page we spent last week gallivanting around SoCal hitting up the makers and shakers of rc. Why would we do such a thing? That was the most frequent question asked by the manufacturers when we dropped by. As a reader/basher, [...]


BigSquidRC Pro-Line Trip

BigSquidRC Road Trip – Pro-Line Racing

This week the BigSquidRC Bash Crew made a big Road Trip to Southern California. We’ve been wanting to road trip SoCal for a long time now, to get in some “face time” with the makers and shakers of rc, and to generally learn as much as possible about the rc scene on the West Coast. Both personally and professionally, we’ve been [...]