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JConcepts 2020 Ford Raptor Summit Racing Bigfoot 21 Body

JConcepts 2020 Ford Raptor Summit Racing Bigfoot 21 Body

New from JConcepts is a 2020 Ford Raptor Summit Racing Bigfoot 21 Body. This incredibly scale realistic body was designed to fit trucks like the Axial Racing SMT10 and the Losi LMT. Here are more details and highlights- * JC teamed with BIGFOOT 4×4 to offer officially licensed decal sets & bodies * Summit Bigfoot 21 includes all truck logos in a [...]


Monster Truck Madness – With Some Sway

I’ve always been one to get lost in YouTube wormholes, especially when it comes to classic monster truck footage. I recently stumbled upon a video posted by the BIGFOOT 4×4 team that helps back up a point that I’ve been trying to drive home in this space for years- the absolute importance of sway bars on your r/c monster truck. The [...]


JConcepts Bigfoot Action Video

Video – JConcepts Bigfoot 15 Car Crush

Right down the road from Cubby’s house is the Bigfoot monster truck shop in Pacific Missouri. When Bigfoot recently put on a big event, the crew from JConcepts came out to support the throngs of Bigfoot lovers in attendance. Watch the video below to take an inside look into the Bigfoot facility, as well as a chance to see some [...]


Bigfoot Axial SMT Build Takes a Victory Lap

Just wanted to share s short video of Jeremy’s Bigfoot build that started with the Axial SMT10 kit. With the help of Greg H. they knocked this thing out of the park and won the monster truck class at the Axialfest 2020 concours! Congratulations guys! Enjoy the video, please hit that subscribe button and notification bell.Get more details on the Axial [...]


Traxxas Bigfoot No 1 RC Video

Traxxas Bigfoot No. 1 The Original Monster Truck Goes Retro …

New from Traxxas is an action video for their Bigfoot No 1 Monster Truck. The video shown below was shot in a park-like setting, the exact type of venue that many people turn to for a hardcore bashing session. The Traxxas Bigfoot No 1 has plenty of suspension travel for big jumps, plus it comes with waterproof electronics for all [...]


Traxxas RC BIGFOOT No. 1 Retro Graphics

Traxxas BIGFOOT No. 1 With New Retro Inspired Graphics

Traxxas has just announced that their ultra-popular BIGFOOT No.1 Classic Monster Truck is shipping soon with new Retro Inspired Graphics. The new graphics have a look straight out of the late 1970s back when the 1:1 BIGFOOT was showing the entire world just how crazy a truck could get. The Traxxas BIGFOOT No. 1 With Retro Graphics has street pricing of [...]


Flame Edition Traxxas BIGFOOT No. 1

New Flame Edition Traxxas BIGFOOT No. 1

First teased at SEMA this fall, Traxxas has officially announced a new Flame Edition of their BIGFOOT No. 1 Monster Truck. The original No. 1 monster truck body will soon be available with the special Flame livery, here are more details- * New flame body graphics * Fully licensed * Built Traxxas tough for all day fun * Chrome scale detailing * Replica winch & [...]


Traxxas Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Body

Traxxas Drops Hot New Gear At SEMA

The crew at Traxxas have been supporting the SEMA Show for a decade now, and this year they are showing off a bunch of cool new products. First up is the new fully licensed Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Body (shown above) for the 4-TEC 2.0. The Corvette body has been faithfully reproduced by Traxxas to give you a gorgeous new option to [...]


Event Coverage – JConcepts King of the Monster Trucks

Greetings, o ye of the monster truck faith! This weeks Monster Truck Madness is a day early and a tad different, as I have an event report for you versus the standard blog post. The JConcepts King of the Monster Trucks event was held this past weekend at Vinyl Images in Fenton, MO (just outside St. Louis) and wow, what a [...]


Traxxas Ford Highlight Video

Traxxas Ford Model Mashup Video

The folks at Traxxas have recently released a number of scale authentic Ford models. To show off their scale realism, as well as how awesome they look while bashing, Traxxas has posted a new Highlight Video. The video below features a number of Ford Traxxas models ranging from monster trucks, to on-road cars. After watching the video you can hit [...]


Red White Blue Traxxas Bigfoot

Red, White, And Blue Edition Traxxas Bigfoot

Coming soon from Traxxas is a Red, White, and Blue edition of their Bigfoot Monster Truck. The Red, White, and Blue edition sports a modern Bigfoot body with special patriotic livery, perfect for the month of July. * Officially licensed Bigfoot body * Titan 12 turn brushed motor * 30+mph top speed * XL-5 speed controller * TQ 2.4GHz radio system * Oil-filled shocks * Shaved tires Street [...]


Monster Truck Madness - A Look at the JConcepts Ford Raptor …

JConcepts officially debuted their upcoming Ford Raptor Race Truck Body at the Bigfoot 4×4 Open House a couple weeks back, and I was lucky enough to score a pre-release version! I’ve just finished it up and before I head into battle, I wanted to give you a look. I have it mounted to my Pro Modified Axial SMT10, which sits at [...]


Bigfoot Open House 2018

JConcepts Video – Bigfoot Open House 2018

Recently posted by JConcepts is a video from the 2018 Bigfoot Open House held in Pacific, Missouri (just outside St. Louis). The Bigfoot open house is a yearly event that is a great way for people to get a closer look at the incredible Bigfoot monster trucks, plus it is also an important scale RC monster truck event. Held in [...]


Traxxas Bigfoot Video

4K Video – Traxxas Bigfoot No.1 vs Bigfoot

To get ready for a weekend filled with high-flying bash action, why not have a look at the latest Traxxas video? Their newest video features the original BIGFOOT No. 1 as well as the new school BIGFOOT. Watch below to see both trucks getting in some good old fashioned bashing, including hitting some plastic skateboard ramps. In short, the BIGFOOT video [...]


Integy Aluminum Suspension Kit Traxxas Bigfoot

Integy Aluminum Suspension Kit For The Traxxas Bigfoot

Have you been looking for ways to hop-up your Traxxas Bigfoot monster truck? If so, have a look at the new Aluminum Suspension Kit from Integy. The suspension kit from Integy comes with loads of aluminum upgrades for your Bigfoot, plus all those parts are available in blue, red, silver, green, orange, or grey. The parts included in the kit [...]