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Bittydesign 8th Scale Seven65 GT Clear Body

Bittydesign 1/8 Seven65 GT Clear Body

Over at Bittydesign they have just announced their first ever 1/8th scaled body, the Seven65 GT. The Seven65 fits 1/8th scaled on-road cars and has a great supercar look to it. Here are more highlights- * Fits cars with 321 to 325mm wheelbase * Supercar styling * Meets 1/8 race requirements worldwide * Made from genuine Lexan * Includes hardware * 1mm thick lightweight version * Includes [...]


Bittydesign RC Hyper-M M-Chassis Clear Body

Bittydesign Hyper-M M-Chassis Clear Body

Shipping soon from Bittydesign is the Hyper-M clear body for on-road cars. Designed for performance, as well as a scale look, the Hyper-M is a great choice for your next M-class body. Here are the highlights- * Fits Mini styled cars with a 210-225mm wheelbase * Comes in clear awaiting your custom paint scheme * Made from genuine Lexan * Comes with rear wing [...]


Bittydesign VISION Series Body Kyosho MP10E

Bittydesign VISION Series Body for the Kyosho MP10E

New from the crew at Bittydesign is a Vision Series Clear Body for the Kyosho MP10E race buggy. With performance enhancing attributes, as well as sleek styling, the Vision clear body for the MP10E is ready to put you on the top step of the podium. * Made from from genuine Lexan * Pre-cut for your convenience * 1mm thick for durability * Comes [...]


Bittydesign Vision Clear Body Agama A319 Buggy

Bittydesign Vision Series Clear Body for the Agama A319 Bugg…

New from Bittydesign is a Vision Series Clear Body for the 1/8 Agama A319 race buggy. The Agama A319 is a popular nitro race buggy over in Europe. Soon A319 drivers will be able to mount up a Vision series body to improve performance, as well as a cool new look. * Made from genuine Lexan * Pre-cut by laser for a [...]


Bittydesign Vision Body HB RC D819RS

Bittydesign Vision Body For The HB Racing D819RS

Over at Bitty Design they have announced one of their Vision Series Clear Race Bodies for the HB Racing D819RS. This Italian made body was designed to help optimize handling, while also have a stylish appearance. Here is the highlight list- * Made from genuine Lexan * Pre-cut by laser to save you time * Plenty of room internally * Comes with pre-cut decals [...]


Bittydesign Seven20 GT Clear Body RC

Bittydesign Seven20 GT Clear Body

Coming soon from Bittydesign is the 1/10th scaled Seven20 GT Clear Body. The Seven20 GT looks to be a great choice for USGT competition, or for your next 1/10th speed run build. Modeled after real supercars, the Seven20 GT was designed for high-end track performance. * Styled like the British GT3 supercar class * Low nose to enhance steering * Made using the [...]


Bittydesign HC-M M-Class Clear Body

Bittydesign HC-M M-Class Clear Body

New for your M-Class on-road car is the HC-M clear body from Bittydesign. The HC-M is a stylish new body that was designed for serious aerodynamic performance. The HC-M’s handling was optimized by using a large front splitter and specially designed rear wing for increased rear traction. * Universal fit, but designed for 210-225mm wheelbase M-class cars * Made from genuine 0.75mm [...]


Bittydesign RC HC-F FWD Clear Body

Bittydesign 1/10 HC-F FWD Clear On-Road Body

Now shipping from Bittydesign is the HC-F Clear On-road Body. The HC-F was designed to fit 1/10th scaled front wheel drive cars and has a very stylish look. Here are the details- * Optimized aerodynamic performance * Large front splitter * Specially designed wing * Made from genuine Lexan * Comes with wing mounting hardware * Lightweight design * Comes with decal sheet and window masks The Bittydesign [...]


BittyDesign 12th Scale Agata Body

BittyDesign 1/12 Agata Clear Body

Shipping now from Bittydesign is a new Agata clear body for 1/12th scaled cars. The 1/12 Agata has an ultra-aggressive super car look, but was also designed to be durable. Here are the highlights- * Made from genuine GE Lexan * Laser cut foam at nose to prevent vibration * Sold in clear awaiting your custom paint scheme * Comes with decals, window masks, [...]


Bittydesign Agata GT 1/10 RC Body

Bittydesign Agata GT Clear On-Road Body

Recently announced by Bittydesign is the Agata 1/10 190mm GT on-road body. The Agata comes in at 190mm in width, perfect for fitting a huge variety of different touring cars. The body features super car styling and is fully USGT class legal. Here are the highlights- * Made from genuine GE Lexan * Molded from 0.75mm thick lightweight Lexan * Comes with wing [...]


BittyDesign Force Clear Body Kyosho TKI 4

BittyDesign Force Clear Body For The Kyosho TKI 4

New for all you Kyosho TKI 4 nitro buggy owners is the Force Clear Body from BittyDesign. The Force body has a large rear flap that helps air flow to the rear wing for increased down force. It was also designed for balanced handling and for optimizing airflow to the nitro engine for better cooling. * Formed from 1mm polycarbonate Lexan * [...]


BittyDesign Type-6R Body

BittyDesign Type-6R F1 Body

F1 rc racing has really taken off across the globe. To help give racers more of a choice with their bodies, BittyDesign has just announced the Type-6R. The Type-6R has been heavily tested to ensure better handling on both outdoor and indoor tracks. * Made with genuine Lexan polycarbonate * Clear body that awaits your custom paint scheme * Includes large decal sheet [...]


Bittydesign Type-6C F1 body

Bittydesign Type-6C F1 Body

New for the F1 racing crowd is the Bittydesign Type-6C clear body. The 6C is formed from genuine Lexan and was designed for great scale realism while still offering high performance on the track. A flat underbody helps produce more downforce, while the rear end has been shaped to be low and lean, helping airflow to the rear of the [...]