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Pro-Line LockDown Losi 5IVE-T

2 New 1/5th Scale Tires From Pro-Line

Pro-Line will soon have a pair of new tire options for all you HPI Baja 5SC and Losi 5IVE-T drivers. First up is the LockDown X2. LockDowns are famous for their traction on prepared tracks with loose conditions and with the new X2 compound should last longer than ever. The LockDown X2s have a part number of #10117-002 and uses webbing [...]


Pro-Line Blockade 2.2 4WD Front Tires

Pro-Line Blockade 2.2″ 4WD Buggy Front Tires

The BigSquidRC Bash Crew are big fans of Pro-Line’s Blockade Tires. They work incredibly well on hard pack or dusty surfaces, plus, they wear a very long time. The P-L crew recently announced that they are now making Blockades in 1/10th 2.2″ 4WD Buggy Fronts. They will be available in M3 or M4 compound with pricing right at $20 per [...]


Pro-Line Blockade 3.8 Monster Truck Tires

Pro-Line Blockade 3.8″ Monster Truck Tires

Pro-Line’s Blockade tires are some of the most race winning tires in recent history. They have dominated everywhere from local tracks to world championships. Now they are available in a 3.8″ size to give serious traction to your monster truck. Blockades give great forward bite with predictable side bite in the corners. The Traxxas style 3.8″ version comes with rows and [...]


Pro-line blockade 3.8

Sneak Peak – Pro-Line Blockade 3.8″ Tires

Blockades are famous for winning races, now Pro-Line is teasing them in the popular 3.8″ Monster Truck size. If you spend much of your time bashing on a hard packed dirt surface the Blockades should give you excellent traction. Expect full details in a few days, until then feel free to head over to Pro-line’s Website for more information on [...]


Pro-Line Blockade Truggy X2

New X Compound Pro-Line Blockade VTRs for 1/8 Truggy

If we had to choose one tire to race with, it would be the Pro-Line Blockade. Why? They work awesome on just about every track we’ve tried them on. The latest Blockades are X Compound for 1/8 Truggy. Pro-Line’s X2 (medium) and X3 (soft) compounds are made for long life, meaning you have to replace tires less often, saving you money. The [...]


pro-line pre-mounted 8th scale tires

Pre-Mounted 8th Scale Buggy Tires from Pro-Line

For all you 8th scale buggy drivers, Pro-Line has announced that three of their most popular tires now come pre-mounted on Velocity wheels. Bow Tie 2.0, Big Blox, and one of our favorites, Blockades for 8th scale buggy now come pre-mounted, saving you a bunch of time. The part numbers are #9039-033 for Blockade X3, #9045-033 for the Bow Tie 2.0 [...]


Pro-Line Blockade 8th Scale Buggy Tires now available in X C…

Pro-line Blockade tires aren’t new, in fact they are one of the most winning tires of the last couple of years. However, it is big news that they are now available in Pro-line’s new X Compound. Why would you, Mr Basher, care that you can get them in X Compound? Because the new X Compound is all about long tire [...]


Pro-Line Blockade Mx Compound 8th scale buggy tires

Pro-Line Blockade MX Compound 8th Scale Buggy Tires

Our favorite tires for track use are Pro-Line Blockades. Blockades give fantastic traction and wear a long time, what’s not to like? Recently, Pro-line has announced their extremely popular Blockade 8th scale buggy tires are now available in MX (blue groove) compound. Pro-Line’s MX compound is specifically designed for hot outdoor blue groove outdoor tracks where premature wear can become [...]


Pro-Line Blockade official info

Last week Pro-Line snuckily sneaked a sneak peak of their new ROAR 1/8 Buggy national championship winning tire, the Blockade.  Well today they’ve provided the official info.  Pro-Line says of this new tire that the large lug design offers great tread life while the balanced tread spacing gives excellent forward bite.  The tire will be available in the M2, M3, [...]


Pro-Line Sneakily Snuck a Sneak Preview into their race post…

In Pro-Line‘s blog post talking about their recent success at the ROAR 1/8 nitro nationals they posted a pic of the yet to be released Blockade tire, which was part of the combo used by the winner, Ryan Cavalieri.  There isn’t any info about price or availability, but a version for 1/8 scale buggies is a good bet.  And I’d [...]