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McAllister Racing Associated DR10 SC10 Body Mount Kit Drag Racing

McAllister Racing DR10/SC10 Body Mount Kit w/ Extended Rear …

New from McAllister Racing is a Body Mount Kit with Extended Rear Support for the Associated DR10 drag car, as well as their SC10 short course truck. The second version of the body mounts come with an extended rear support, thus allowing more flexibility when it comes to body choice. * Comes with mounting hardware * Improved body support * Shorter front [...]


RC4WD Lexan Body Mounting System TF2 LWB

RC4WD Lexan Body Mount System For The TF2 LWB

Shipping now from RC4WD is a Lexan Body Mount System for the extremely popular Trail Finder 2 LWB. The mounts have a perfect factory look, while also being strong enough to take on the gnarliest of trails. * Made from CNC machined billet aluminum * Corrosion resistant black anodized finish * Weight- 2.6oz The mounts are street priced at $49 with a part number [...]


RPM No Clip Body Mounts Traxxas

No Clip Traxxas Body Mounts From RPM

Let’s face it everybody hates body clips (especially Cubby!). New from RPM are No Clip Body Mounts for the Traxxas Slash short course trucks. The body mounts completely eliminate body clips and help to add scale realism to your Slash 2WD and the Slash 4×4. * Mock fans & radiators double as rear body lock * Eliminates body clips completely * Increases scale [...]


RPM Axial SCX10 Shock Hoops Body Mounts

RPM Body Mounts & Shock Hoops for the Axial SCX10

New from RPM RC are Shock Hoops and Body Mounts for the Axial SCX10. The body mounts are stronger than stock to keep your body from shifting around on the trail, while the shock hoops give you a bunch more mounting options to help dial in your truck. Made right here in the good old USA, the new parts are [...]


P-L Extended Body Mounts

Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts for the Tekno SCT410

Do you have a Tekno SCT410 and want to mount up a rally car body? Make the install an easy one by getting some of the new Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts for the SCT410. You see, the P-L extended body mounts allow you to mount just about any kind of body to your truck. Better still, they come with Pro-Line’s [...]


Killerbody RC Stealth Body Mount Kit

Killerbody RC Aluminum Stealth Body Mounting Kit

You can’t have the ultimate in scale realism with ugly clips sticking out of your body. To solve that problem Killerbody RC has a new Aluminum Stealth Body Mounting Kit. The kit comes with blue anodized body mounts along with strong magnets to keep your body exactly where you want it. The part number for the stealth body kit is #48508 [...]


Pro-Line Extended Front Rear Body Mounts Stampede 4x4

Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts for the Traxxas Stampede 4×4

f you were to walk around the pit area here at BigSquidRC you would see that we pretty much mount up any type of body to any type of vehicle. You will find we touring car bodies on monster trucks, and monster truck bodies on touring cars. And we aren’t alone, many bashers like putting all sorts of crazy bodies [...]


TheToyz Stealth Body Mounts

TheToyz Adjustable Stealth Body Mounts

If you are going for the trickest, absolutely most scale authentic looking vehicle possible, you just can not have ugly clips securing your body. TheToyz now makes it easy to use magnets or velcro to secure the lid on your drifter/touring car with their adjustable stealth body mounts. Made from aluminum, the stealth body mounts are easy to install and [...]


PROTOform Crosshair Body Mounting Kit

PROTOform Crosshair Magnetic Body Mounting Kit

Figuring out where to drill the mounting holes on your freshly painted touring car body can be a real hassle so PROTOform has a new kit that should make it a whole lot easier. PROTOform’s new Crosshair Body Mounting Kit uses magnets to help you perfectly align and mark the holes before you drill. * Uses high powered magnets for [...]


Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts Losi Traxxas

Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts for Losi & Traxxas Vehicles

One of our favorite innovations of the last couple of years has been the Pro-Line Thumbwasher sets. These replace traditional body clips and won’t fall off and get lost during a hard bash session. They also help keep your body from ripping out around the body post. The Pro-Line crew has incorporated their Thumbwasher sets into their new Extended Body Mounts [...]


Installing a Pro-Line Body Mount Thumbwasher Kit

How To – Installing a Pro-Line Body Mount Thumbwasher Kit

When Pro-Line first introduced their extended body mounts that used Thumbwashers instead of body clips we were instantly in love. You see the BigSquidRC Bash Crew loses literally thousands of body clips each year and we are sick and tired of buying more. Pro-Line Thumbwashers (part number #6070-02, $5) are superior to regular body clips in a couple of ways- 1. They [...]


JConcepts SC10 Body Mount Grommet with Leash

JConcepts SC10 Body Mount Grommet with Leash

Isn’t it amazing how you can go out for an easy bash session, barely hit anything, and come back missing one (or more) body clips? Most of the BigSquidRC Bash Crew has made the switch over to Pro-Line Thumbwashers so we don’t have to worry about losing body clips anymore, but for those of you that have not JConcepts might [...]


The Toyz Stealth Magnetic Body Mounts Alloy Magnetic Stealth Body Mounts

Do you hate body clips as much as we do? Have you been looking for a sano way of securing your body without any visible clips? TheToyz has announced their new Magnetic Stealth Body Mounts. Say goodbye to lost body clips and ground-down body posts forever, TheToyz stealth mounting system uses magnets to secure the body. Finally you can have that [...]


Video Pro-Line body mounts

Video - Pro-Line Extended Front & Rear Body Mounts Installat…

The crew over at Pro-Line have just posted a new video showing you the step-by-step process of installing their extended body mounts on your short course truck. From cracking open the bag to the final touches, they walk you through every step to make sure your new body mounts go on perfectly. We’ve used the Pro-Line extended mounts on several projects [...]


Dynamite EZ Body Marker

Dynamite EZ Body Post Marker Set

Bashers often times mount up bodies that were never intended to go on their trucks. For example, one of the members of our BigSquidRC Bash Crew is known for running car bodies on his Savage to get a custom look. Dynamite has introduced a product that makes it easy to mark body holes for those custom installs. The Dynamite EZ [...]