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Ruddog RP691 Brushless Motor

Ruddog RP691 1/8-scale Brushless Motors

If you need a new powerplant for your 1/8-scale racer, Ruddog has announced its latest brushless motor, the RP691. Designed with competition in mind, the RP691 crams plenty of power into a sleek and efficient package. With KV ratings ranging from 1800kv to 2600kv, there more than enough power options for your R/C racer. Featuring plenty of cooling ports and outlets, [...]


HRC Tri-Pole MR30 Gold Connectors

HRC Tri-Pole MR30 Gold Brushless Motor Connectors

Coming soon from HRC are gold plated Tri-Pole MR30 Brushless Motor Connectors. These three pole connectors can be used between your brushless motor and ESC to make it faster/easier to change out motors between vehicles. HRC9020P – MR30 Triple – 1 male & 1 female HRC9020M10 – MR30 Triple – male 10 pcs HRC9020F10 – MR30 Triple – female 10 pcs The connectors are [...]


HobbyWing 1S ESC

New Electronics From HobbyWing

The folks over at HobbyWing have announced a new brushless ESC for the 1S pan car market as well as a pair of new motors for the off road crowd. First up is the XeRun XR10 Pro Stock Spec 1S speed controller. The latest XeRun from HobbyWing is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, making it easily fit in the tight [...]


Castle Creations Sensored Brushless Motors

Castle Creations Sensored Brushless Motors

Do you like the insane power of a non-sensored motor, but want the precision start up produced by a sensored design? Now you can have both with the new Sensored Brushless Motors from Castle Creations. The new Castle sensored motors come in a wide variety of sizes and kV ratings to bring crazy power and precision to 1/10th and 1/8th [...]


Carisma Sensored Brushless System

New Sensored Brushless ESC & Motors From Carisma

Coming soon from Carisma Racing is the V70R Sensored Brushless ESC and 24mm Mini Sensored Brushless Motor. Both were designed for small scale rc cars like 18th and 16th scale. The V70R can be driven in blinky or boost turbo mode and adjustments can be made via an optional programming board. The 24mm motors will be available in 4600 or [...]


Dynamite V2 Brushless Combo

New V2 Brushless Systems From Dynamite

The good folks over at Dynamite have announced 6 new V2 Brushless Combos. All the V2 systems were designed for better operation under heavy loads, all are waterproof, and all are sensorless designs. The new 1/8th V2 Fuze Combo (#DYNS0800) features a 6 pole 1800kV motor, while the new Fuze V2 SCT (#DYNS0710) system comes with a 3900kV unit. For tenth [...]


Kershaw Leopard X-Maxx Brushless Review

Kershaw Leopard 150A ESC/5874 Brushless Combo For X-Maxx Rev…

The folks over at Kershaw Designs are hardcore about their monster trucks and large scalers. A couple months ago we reviewed one of their 1/5th scale Leopard systems on 8S, you can read that review HERE, but to boil it down, it put out wayyyy more power than the X-Maxx was capable of putting to the ground, or its drivetrain [...]


Kinexsis Brushless Motor ESC Combo

Kinexsis 1/10 4-Pole ESC/Motor Combos

Looking for an inexpensive brushless system? If so, have a look at the new brushless ESC/Motor Combos from Kinexsis. The Kinexsis brushless combos come with a 540 sized motor and were designed to work in 1/10th scale vehicles. The ESC is waterproof and is rated for 70 amps, while the motors are a sensorless 4 pole design for more torque. [...]


Dynamite Tazer Twin 2-N-1 ESC Brushless Motor

Dynamite Tazer Twin 2-in-1 Brushless Motor/ESC Combo

Looking for a super easy install? It doesn’t get much easier than the new Dynamite Tazer Twin 2-N-1 Brushless Motor/ESC Combo. Normally your ESC and motor are two separate units, with the new Tazer Twin they are combined, saving space inside your car and reducing the amount of wiring that is required. * 4-pole 3000kV motor * Comes with LiPo cut-off * CNC [...]


Team Orion VST2 Brushless Motor

Team Orion VST2 Pro 550 4.0T Brushless Motor for Short Cours…

Team Orion has announced a new 550 sized VST2 4 Turn Brushless Motor for short course trucks. This 2 pole motor is rated at 5100kV and is stated to put out 950 watts of power. Efficiency is stated to be 92% and it comes with a 5mm output shaft. Dual sensor ports make for an easier install, while vents in [...]


Fantom IONv5 Brushless Motors

New IONv5 Brushless Motors from Fantom Racing

Fantom Racing wants the world to know about their new IONv5 brushless motors. These feature all the latest in brushless technology and are designed to give you the extra power you are looking for. The IONv5s are available in a wide variety of winds and are ROAR legal. Some of the updates on the version 5 include- * 8 grams lighter [...]


Scorpion Mini-Z Brushless Motor

Scorpion Power System Kyosho Mini-Z Brushless Motor

Is your Kyosho Mini-Z lacking the ridiculous power you crave? The folks over at Scorpion can help you out. They have a new 1410 sized brushless motor that should take your car from boring, to holy cow. With 8500kV and a heat resistant magnet, the Scorpion Mini-Z brushless motor was designed for serious power. The part number is #Z_1410_8500, it is [...]


REDS Racing Brushless Motors

REDS Racing 3.5T, 4.0T and 5.5T Brushless Motors

While REDS Racing is best known for their nitro engine prowess, they also do brushless motors for the flashlight crowd. For you truly power hungry types, 3.5, 4.0, and 5.5 turn motors are now available from REDS. These are 2 pole sensored 540 sized motors which are intended for tenth scale applications, and are part of REDS VX motor line-up. [...]


Speed Passion V4.0 Brushless Motors

Speed Passion V4.0 Competition Brushless Motors

Our friends over at Speed Passion are teasing their latest and greatest V4.0 Brushless Motors. The 4.0s will come in a variety of winds and feature a new can with large cooling vents. Also new on the 4.0s are new endbells and bullet connectors. More information like part numbers and pricing will be coming soon, until then you can hit [...]


Novak 4PHD SCT Brushless Motor

Novak 4PHD Heavy-Duty 4-Pole 4X4 SCT Brushless Motor

Novak has a new motor and speed controller combo for all you 4wd SCT drivers. The 4PHD is a heavy duty 4-pole brushless motor designed for the rigors of 4wd SCT racing and bashing. Its 4 pole design means it can accelerate harder and handle heavier loads, and it uses rubber gaskets to keep dirt/dust/mud out of the inside of [...]