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Tamiya Re-Release 2009 Buggy Champ Kit

Tamiya Announces Re-Release of the 2009 Buggy Champ Kit

Over at Tamiya they have announced the re-release of the Buggy Champ Kit (2009). The Buggy Champ (##58441) is a true classic from Tamiya and has helped many people get into the hobby. With an easy to build chassis, and a nicely scaled body, the Buggy Champ is a true classic for the ages. You can use this link to visit [...]


Sparko Racing RC Formula Eight F8 Nitro Race Buggy Kit

Teaser - Sparko Racing 1/8 Formula Eight Nitro Pro Race Bugg…

The good folks over at Sparko Racing have posted more pictures of their upcoming Formula Eight Nitro Race Buggy Kit. The Formula Eight was designed to be an elite high-end race machine that sports some of the latest and greatest technology in nitro racing. As the Sparko F8 is getting very close to shipping, they have posted a bunch of [...]


Team Associated Pro2 DK10SW Dakar Buggy RTR

Team Associated 1/10 Pro2 DK10SW Dakar Buggy RTR

Coming next month from Team Associated is the 1/10 Pro2 DK10SW Dakar Buggy RTR. This fun to drive RTR buggy has Dakar styling and is based off AE’s world beating 2wd SCT truck. Here are more highlights- * Water-resistant Reedy Power brushless speed control * Reedy 3300kV brushless motor * 2.4GHz 2-channel radio with DVC (Dynamic Vehicle Control) * Reedy Power metal-gear, digital high-torque [...]


JConcepts 8th Buggy Off-Road Front Scoop Wing

JConcepts Announces 1/8th Off-Road Front Scoop Options

The crew at JConcepts has announced new 1/8th Off-Road Front Scoop Options. For all you hardcore 1/8 scale off-road racers, these new front scoops can be used to increase steering and to lower lap times. JConcepts – Tekno NB48 2.0 & EB48 2.0 Front Scoop * Part Number – #0506 * Includes two front scoops * Map Price – $10 * Fits – Tekno NB48 [...]


Tamiya 2023 Wild One Buggy Kit

Tamiya To Re-Release The Wild One Buggy Kit

One of the most iconic vehicles that Tamiya has ever released is the Wild One Buggy Kit. First released in 1985 (Duran Duran anyone?), the Wild One is back for another production run. With a cool scale look and a legendary history, the Wild One is a great starter buggy, as well as a great collector’s item. Here are the [...]


JConcepts 8th Recon Buggy Truggy Tires

JConcepts Announces 1/8 Recon Buggy & Truggy Tires

New from JConcepts are their Recon Race Tires for 1/8th buggies and truggies. The Recon tires use a horizontal design to giving you cutting edge traction. Here are more highlights- * Original design by JConcepts * Horizontal pins with flap, paddle movement * Diamond cluster grouped pins * Ghosted X-Pattern repeated * Inner radial ribs, continuous contour carcass * Available in 3 popular rubber compounds * Includes [...]


Tamiya Re-Release 2023 Candy Green Edition Grasshopper Kit

Tamiya Re-Releases The Candy Green Edition Grasshopper Kit

The good guys over at Tamiya have announced the return of the Candy Green Edition Grasshopper Kit. This legendary kit comes with a Candy Green pre-painted body and is a great way for anyone to get into our beloved hobby. Here are more highlights- * 1/10 buggy kit * Durable plastic body is pre-painted in Candy Green * Rear wheel drive chassis features [...]


SWORKz S12-2C Evo Pro Buggy Kit

SWORKz 1/10 S12-2C Evo 2WD Pro Carpet Buggy Kit

New from SWORKz is the 1/10 S12-2C Evo 2WD Pro Carpet Buggy Kit. The S12-2C EVO is specifically designed for high-bite carpet tracks and comes with a slew of updates. Here are the highlights- * Designed for pure racing * Evolution of the SWORKz S12-2C platform * Optimized corner speeds and easy handling on carpet tracks * New carpet version gear box system * T7075 [...]


Kyosho Inferno MP10 TKI3 Buggy Kit

Kyosho 1/8 Inferno MP10 TKI3 Buggy Kit

Recently announced by Kyosho is the 1/8 Inferno MP10 TKI3 Buggy Kit. Known as Kanai san’s ultimate choice for a nitro 1/8th buggy, the MP10 TKI3 is loaded with updates to increase speed and reliability. Here are the highlights- * New low profile body * New 43T/13T differential gears * Smaller center diff * Lightweight 46 tooth spur gear * New 18T/12T center differential gears * [...]


AKA RC Rivet Carpet Buggy Tires

AKA 1/10 Rivet Carpet Tires

New from AKA is a full line-up of 1/10 Rivet Buggy Tires. From 2wd front, to 4wd front, to rear tires, the new Rivets were designed to give your buggy increased grip on high bite carpet tracks. Here are more highlights- * Available in 1/10th buggy rear, 2wd, and 4wd front * Offered in two compounds specially formulated for carpet racing * Dense, [...]


Sweep Racing RC 10th Orbit Rear Buggy Tires

Sweep Racing 1/10 Orbit Rear Buggy Tires

New from Sweep Racing are 1/10 Orbit Rear Buggy Tires. The Orbit rear buggy tires were designed to give you extra grip on high-bite conditions like carpet, turf, or oiled outdoor tracks. The new Orbits will be available in multiple rubber compounds and were designed for less ballooning and more forward bite. You can hit up this link to check out [...]


JConcepts 2.2 Pin Swag 4WD Front Tires

JConcepts 2.2″ Pin Swag 4WD Front Tires

Shipping now from JConcepts are 2.2″ Pin Swag 4WD Front Tires. The Pin Swags are perfect for high-bite carpet or turf racing and are also available pre-mounted. Here are more highlights- * JConcepts original design, details, and materials * Low profile, wide-body carcass layout * Pin and Swag combo pin / lug arrangement * Hefty base pin with crisp ends * Dense layout to help [...]


JConcepts Drop Step 2.2 Buggy Rear Tires

JConcepts Drop Step 2.2″ Buggy Rear Tires

Now shipping from JConcepts are Drop Step 2.2″ Buggy Rear Tires. The new Drop Steps have a vintage look and are molded from JConcepts’ pink rubber compound, which is known to work well on carpet or turf tracks. Here are the highlights- * Designed to work on many artificial conditions * JConcepts fit, finish and design * 3D, double-step, large-height pin-size * Semi-circle protrusions [...]


Caster Racing USA RC 8th ETO821 E-Buggy RTR

Caster Racing USA 1/8 ETO821 E-Buggy RTR

New from Caster Racing USA is a RTR Version of their 1/8 ETO821 E-Buggy. Fully pre-assembled and pre-painted, the RTR ETO821 is ready to race, or bash, right out of the box. Here are the highlights- * Quality components packed into a Ready-To-Race package * 2.4 GHz transmitter * Hobbywing brushless motor and waterproof ESC * Big bore shocks * Anodized aluminum shock bodies * Tall [...]


Yokomo RO 1.0 Rookie Off-Road Buggy

Yokomo RO 1.0 Rookie Off-Road Buggy

New from Yokomo is the RO 1.0 Rookie Off-Road Buggy. The RO 1.0 comes with high-end features, but is an easy way for new hobbyists to get into the sport of rc racing. Here are the highlights- * Designed to be an affordable beginners buggy * Comes as a kit with some portions pre-assembled * Crash-resistant integrated resin main chassis * Suspension and drive [...]