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Kyosho Teaser

Kyosho Drops New Buggy Teaser

New over at Kyosho is a Picture Teaser of their next big buggy release. The Kyosho crew has been teasing a re-release of their Optima Mid 4wd buggy for several weeks and the latest teaser image looks right on point. For now all we have is a single teaser picture, expect full details soon on what is sure to be [...]


2022 Tamiya Thunder Shot Pre-Painted Kit

2022 Tamiya Thunder Shot Pre-Painted Kit

Over at Tamiya they are now teasing the 2022 Thunder Shot Pre-Painted Buggy Kit. The mighty Thunder Shot is a true classic from Tamiya and the 2022 version is upgraded for your bashing enjoyment. Here are the highlights- * First produced in 1987 * Upgraded CVA II oil shocks * Upgraded aluminum motor mount * Pre-painted & pre-cut body for your convenience * Durable ABS [...]


JConcepts Pre-Mounted Pin Swag Fuzz Bites Tires

JConcepts Announces Pre-Mounted Pin Swag And Fuzz Bites

Jason and the crew over at JConcepts have announced new Pre-Mounted versions of their Pin Swag and Fuzz Bites race buggy tires. The Pin Swag and Fuzz Bites are great choices when racing indoors on carpet. Here are the highlights- Pre-Mounted Fuzz Bite Tires * Original JConcepts designs * Low profile tire carcass * Ultra-light weight scalloped tire beads * Reverse “water tower” pin shape * [...]


XRay 2022 XB4 Buggy Kit

XRay Announces The 2022 XB4 1/10 Buggy Kit

For all you indoor racers out there, XRay has just dropped the 2022 edition of their XB4 buggy kit. The XB4 is a high-end competition kit that is ready to take you to the top step of the podium. Here are some highlights- * New chassis layout with more weight up front * Unique XRAY one-way center slipper * Symmetrical side guards * Multiple [...]


Mugen Seiki RC MBX8R Nitro Buggy Kit

Mugen Seiki 1/8 MBX8R Nitro Buggy Kit

New over at Mugen Seiki is the MBX8R nitro buggy race kit. Mugen is incredibly serious about their 1/8 buggy racing and the “R” version of the MBX8 is designed to win at any level of competition. Check out these highlights- * New S bend air filter boot and high-volume filter housing * New brake override and caliper springs for smoother braking * [...]


Carisma Racers Edition GT24B RTR Buggy

Carisma Racer Edition GT24B RTR Buggy

Shipping right now from Carisma is a Racer Edition of their very popular GT24B RTR buggy. The Racer Edition GT24B comes with special livery and includes a burly 8,000kV brushless motor. Here are more highlights- * 2.4GHz FHSS radio system * Includes battery and USB charger * LMR racing livery * Hobby grade steering servo * 2S LiPo ESC * Bearings are included * High grip rubber [...]


Serpent RC SRX8 Nitro RTR Buggy

Serpent 1/8 SRX8 Nitro RTR Buggy

For all you nitroholics out there, Serpent has just dropped the 1/8th scaled SRX8 Nitro RTR Buggy. The ready to race version of the SRX8 comes with a powerful .21 3-port nitro engine and durable 4wd chassis. Here are the highlights- * Top-quality components packed in a Ready-to-race package * .21 Serpent 3-port pull start engine * DragonRC 2.4 GHz pistol grip transmitter * [...]



Teaser – 2022 Kyosho Optima Mid 4WD Buggy Kit

Over at Kyosho they are teasing the return of their classic Optima Mid 4wd Buggy Kit. The Optima Mid was a force to be reckoned with across the globe in the 1980s, soon you will be able to relive all the glory from days gone past. Like other Kyosho re-releases, they have upgraded the Optima Mid for today’s power systems. [...]


XRay RC 2022 XB2 Buggy Kit

XRay Announces 2022 XB2 Buggy Kits

The crew at XRay have released full details on their upcoming 2022 XB2 Race Buggy Kits. There will be two different versions available, a carpet edition as well as a dirt edition, to give you the edge you need to win. Here are the highlights- * Two different versions – XB2D for dirt, XB2C for carpet * Made in Europe * Carpet Edition [...]


Agama 2022 A319 8th Nitro Buggy Kit

Agama 2022 A319 1/8th Nitro Buggy Kit

Now available for pre-order is the 2022 edition of the Agama A319 Nitro Buggy Kit. The A319 has been updated to increase durability, as well as for more speed out on the track. Here are the highlights- * Updated performance gearing * 39T crown gears mate up with 12T pinion gears * Grey diff cups * Emulsion style shock caps * Grey/orange springs and 8×1.2f/8×1.3r [...]


Losi Mini-B Pro Roller Buggy

Losi 1/16 Mini-B Pro Roller 2WD Buggy

New from Losi is the 1/16 scaled Mini-B Pro Roller. The Pro Roller version of the Mini-B lets you pick the electronics and comes with a clear body for your own custom livery. Check out these highlights- * Can be used for racing or general driving * Suspension geometry from the TLR 22 platform * Enhanced performance with the top five aluminum parts [...]


JConcepts Tire Sidewall Support Bands

JConcepts 1/10th & 1/8th Sidewall Support

New from JConcepts are Sidewall Support Bands for 1/10 & 1/8 race buggy tires. The support bands help to make the sidewall stronger, thus preventing oversteer on high bite surfaces. Here are the highlights- * Mounts inside tire * Can be used front or rear * Precise fit * Made from rubber * Easy to install with tire glue * Interlocking features * Shipped in a set [...]


2022 Tamiya Astute TD2

More Details – 2022 Tamiya Astute TD2

The good people over at Tamiya have been teasing their futuristic looking Astute TD2 buggy kit for a few weeks. Today Tamiya released full details on the TD2 to help give you guys more information before its final release. Check out the details below- * Brand new TD2 2wd chassis * Newly designed body by Kota Nezu of Znug Design * 1/10 assembly [...]


Yokomo RC YZ-2 DTM3.1 CAL3.1 Buggy Kit

Yokomo Drops New YZ-2 DTM3.1 & YZ-2 CAL3.1 Buggy Kits

Over at Yokomo they have just dropped the new YZ-2 DTM3.1 and YZ-2 CAL3.1 race buggy kits. Both units are designed for incredible performance on the track, while also being highly adjustable. Here are the highlights- YZ-2 DTM3.1 * Long chassis for improved stability on dirt * JConcepts high clearance 7″ wing * Aluminum front suspension mount * 3mm shock shafts YZ-2 CAL3.1 * Long chassis to [...]


Tamiya Super Avante TD4 Pre-Painted Body

Tamiya Announces Super Avante TD4 with Pre-Painted Body

For all you guys that don’t have time to paint, Tamiya has announced a Pre-Painted version of their Avante TD4 Off-Road Buggy Kit. The Avante TD4 is the hottest new release from Tamiya this year, and soon you will be able to get it pre-painted to save you time and mess. Here are more highlights- * Polycarbonate body is pre-painted and [...]