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Exotek Heavy Duty Aluminum Front Bulkhead B7

Exotek Heavy Duty Aluminum Front Bulkhead for the Associated…

Just announced by Exotek Racing is a Heavy Duty Aluminum Front Bulkhead for the mighty Associated B7 race buggy. The new bulkhead gets a fancy 2 color anodizing and is much stronger than the stock plastic unit. Precision machined, and weighing in at only 15.5 grams, the aluminum bulkhead looks trick and is an easy to bolt-on upgrade for your [...]


Team Associated DR10 Factory Team Front Bulkheads

Team Associated DR10 Factory Team Front Bulkheads

New over at Team Associated are a pair of Factory Team Front Bulkheads for their DR10 drag machine. Both bulkheads add weight to the front of your car to help get you down the lane faster and more consistently. Here are more highlights- * Aluminum front bulkhead weighs in at 14 grams – #72006 * Brass front bulkhead weighs in at 45 [...]


Exotek RC Heavy Duty Center Bulkhead Set HB D819 E819

Exotek Heavy Duty Center Bulkhead Set for the HB D819/E819

Over at Exotek Racing they have just dropped a new Heavy Duty Center Bulkhead Set for the HB Racing D819/E819 race buggies. This HD bulkhead set is made from high quality 7075 aluminum and features 2 color anodizing. * Fits HB Racing D819, E819, RS & E817 series of buggies and trucks * Sturdy aluminum construction maintains proper gear mesh * Uses stock [...]


JConcepts Steel Front Bulkhead Associated B6.2

JConcepts Steel Front Bulkhead For The Associated B6.2

The crew at JConcepts have just dropped a Steel Front Bulkhead for the Team Associated B6.2 race buggy. The steel front bulkhead serves two purposes. First off, it is much more durable than the stock part, and secondly, it helps to strategically place weight on the front of your race buggy to enhance steering. Check out the highlights- * Made from [...]


RPM Front Bulkhead

RPM Front Bulkhead For Traxxas 1:10 2wd Vehicles

Let’s face it, things happen when you go bashing. You might hit things like a curb, a tree, or even your buddy’s car. To help keep your 1/10th scale Traxxas 2wd in one piece after such an incident, RPM recently announced Front Bulkheads made out of their legendary blend of plastic. The designers at RPM made sure their new front [...]


Exotek front bulkhead associated

Exotek Front Bulkhead for the Associated B44.3

Years ago 4wd 1/10th buggies had a terrible reputation for breakage. Back in those days even the slighest tap to a pipe usually resulted in a broken part and a DNF. The new age of 4wd buggies are different, they can take harder hits without snapping a part, but like every other vehicle out there, they do have their weak [...]


RPM Slash 4x4 & Rally LCG Front Bulkhead

RPM Slash/Rally 4×4 LCG Front Bulkhead

If you bash your Traxxas 4×4 Slash or Rally hard, undoubtedly you already have some RPM upgrade parts on it. The latest product from RPM for the 4×4 Slash & Rally is a Front Bulkhead. Like everything RPM puts out, their replacement part in improved in multiple ways over the stocker. The RPM bulkhead is molded from legendary RPM plastic to [...]


RPM Bulkheads for Traxxas T-Maxx E-Maxx

RPM Front and Rear Bulkheads for Traxxas T-Maxx and E-Maxx

How many bulkheads have you busted on your Traxxas T-Maxx/E-Maxx over the years? If you are anything like us, dozens. Cue the crew over at RPM RC Products. RPM is known for making the most durable aftermarket parts in the industry out their unique blend of plastic. RPM has just announced their new Front and Rear Bulkheads for the Traxxas Maxx [...]