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Pro-Line Pro-MT Monster Truck

Our First Drive with the Pro-Line Pro-MT Monster Truck

As we were finishing up the Pro-Line Pro-MT review that goes up on Tuesday, we started talking among ourselves about our first experience with the truck. You see, the first time we got to pull trigger on the Pro-MT was nearly 2 months ago during our California Dreamin Road Trip. Our first drive included a big parking lot, a dirt [...]


Cubby Quadcopter Shovel

THE Cub Report, 08.18.2014, Version- Suffocating on Hate

Hey now everyone, thanks for tuning in to yet another Cub Report, where all the cool industry types get their water cooler fodder. How was our SoCal trip? Man, I hate to use the word “epic” as it will make me sound arrogant (read- guilty as charged), but ya, that pretty much sums up our trip. If you are “in the [...]


Kyosho America California Dreamin

California Dreamin Road Trip – Kyosho America

Sure, Kyosho is well known for their high-end racing gear and multiple IFMAR championships, but as of late they have been putting out loads of bashing style products. Their new Psycho Kruiser monster truck and fully RTR Dirt Hog buggy are prime examples of that. Lucky for us, the crew at Kyosho America were nice enough to let us take a [...]


Pro-Line Racing California Dreamin

California Dreamin Road Trip – Pro-Line Racing

If you have been reading BigSquidRC for any length of time, you know we are big fans of Pro-Line Racing. Their products are top notch, just like the people behind them. Yesterday we were once again lucky enough to visit the PL crew and learn more about what it takes to get all their uber products to market. During our [...]


Axial Wagon Ride

California Dreamin Road trip – Axial Racing

This week the BigSquidRC Bash Crew is back in Southern California and yesterday we got a chance to hang out with the folks at Axial Racing. As seen in the picture above, we got a chance to bash with the Axial crew and I can assure you they bash as hard, if not harder, than we do. The more time [...]