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Capo Racing RC CD1582X Queen Baja Ultra4 Kit

Teaser – Capo Racing 1/8 CD1582X Queen Baja Ultra4 Kit

Over at Capo Racing they have released more teaser images of their upcoming 1/8 CD1582X Queen Baja Ultra4 Kit. Capo Racing is considered by many to be the highest of the high-end, with their on-road Nissan Skyline GT-R being arguably the most esoteric on-road car to ever hit the market. Not to be outdone in off-road, the Capo crew is [...]


Capo Racing Baja Ultra4 CD1582X

Teaser – Capo Racing CD1582X Baja Ultra4 Kit

Now being teased by Capo Racing is the CD1582X Baja Ultra4 Kit. Capo Racing has taken the high-end scale world by storm with truly over-the-top, all metal rc kits. Their new Baja Ultra4 kit was designed as the pinnacle kit for off-road trucks. With all metal parts, and high-end scale realism, the new Baja Ultra4 just might be the most [...]


Capo Racing RC 8th Ares Skyline GTR R34 Kit

Just Wow! Capo Racing Teases 1/8 Ares Skyline GTR R34

While we are used to Capo Racing blowing our doors away with insane ultra-scale releases, their upcoming 1/8 Ares Skyline GTR R34 takes scale realism to yet another new level. From a fully scale steering system, to insanely scale shocks, to it’s insanely over-the-top magnesium alloy body, the new Capo GTR is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in rc before. [...]


Capo Racing CD15829 Scale Crawler Kit Teaser

Capo Racing Teases New Scale Crawler

New from Capo Racing is a Teaser Image of their upcoming CD15829 Scale Rock Crawler Kit. While the teaser shot only shows a small portion of the truck, from what is shown it is easy to see some pretty insane scale realism. Going from the picture, we can see some insanely scale brakes, tie-rods, and a-arms, but with such a [...]


Capo Racing 8th Jkmax CD15827 Scale Crawler Kit

Capo Racing 1/8 Jkmax CD15827 Scale Crawler Kit

Now available for pre-order is the 1/8th scaled Capo Racing Jkmax CD15827 Scale Crawler Kit. The Jkmax is expected to start shipping in February and is one of the most scale looking rigs that we’ve seen. Also, being 1/8th in size, the Jkmax is large enough to get over some pretty gnarly terrain. Here are some highlights- * 78 piece, all [...]


Kaioz Model Studio 18th Scale RC Motorcycle Trailer

Kaioz Model Studio 1/18 Motorcycle Trailer

New from the Kaioz Model Studio is an 1/18th Scale Realistic Motorcycle Trailer. Kaioz is all about taking scale realism to the next level, their new motorcycle trailer is a perfect scale accessory for all you motorcycle lovers out there. The Kaioz trailer is made from metal parts and is easy to customize to suit your build. It also comes [...]


Capo Racing RC Cub1 Rock Crawler Video

Video – Capo Racing Cub1 1/18 Scale Crawler

Over at Capo Racing they are doing a bunch of promotion for their 1/18th scaled Cub1 rock crawler. Watch the video below to see how capable, as well as how scale looking, the Cub1 is while crawling. The Cub1 is one of the most scale realist crawlers to hit the market, watch below to see just how cool it looks [...]


Capo Racing 18th Scale Rock Crawling Obstacles

Teaser – Kaioz RC Model Studio Makes Indoor Crawling Fun!

Now being teased by the Kaioz RC Model Studio is what looks to be a 1/18th Scaled Buildable Crawling Set. The picture shown above was posted on Kaioz’s social media and it shows what appears to be one of the new 1/18th scaled Capo Racing rock crawlers, sitting on a unique set of obstacles. We don’t know when this set [...]


Capo Racing 18th Scale Crawler Kit

Teaser – Capo Racing 1/18 Scale Off-Road Kit

Right now the folks over at Capo Racing are teasing a new 1/18 Off-Road Kit. During the winter months, smaller 1/18th sized crawlers are perfect for indoor driving. The new small scaler from Capo Racing is sure to bring incredible levels of scale realism to the table. Watch the video below to see more details on what just might be [...]


Kaioz RC Model Studio 2.8 Aluminum Rock Crawling Wheels

Kaioz RC Model Studio 2.8″ Aluminum Scale Crawling Wheels

New over at the Kaioz RC Model Studio are Aluminum 2.8″ Scale Crawling Wheels. The new wheels were designed as a perfect fit on the Capo Racing SIXER and feature a modern scale realistic look. Made from a heavy duty aluminum, the wheels are as tough as they are stylish. You can use this link to get more details on the [...]


Kaioz RC Model Studio Scale Realistic Male Driver Figures

Kaioz RC Model Studio – Scale Realistic Male Driver Figures

Now available from the Kaioz RC Model Studio are some pretty incredible Scale Realistic Male Driver Figures. The drivers are scaled at 1/6th and are extremely scale realistic. Also of note, Kaioz gives you a wide range of different heads, clothing, and even boots, to choose from. To learn more about Kaioz 1/6 Male Driver Figures simply click the link. Click [...]


RC4WD Trifecta Bumper Capo Racing

RC4WD Trifecta Bumper for the Capo 1/6 Samurai

New from RC4WD is a very trick Trifecta Front Bumper for the 1/6 scaled Capo Racing Samurai. The Trifecta bumper is available in either black or silver and was designed for an incredible scale look. * Made from stainless steel * Available with or without square or round lights * Tough powder coated finish * Length- 9.22″ * Height- 3.14″ * Width- 2.16″ * Weight- 9.05oz The RC4WD [...]


Capo Racing 2020 CD15827 JKMAX

Pre-Order Open – Capo Racing 2020 CD15827 JKMAX

Over the last half decade, Capo Racing has come into the limelight with impressive realism on their 1/8th sized scale crawlers. Now open for pre-order is their latest release, the 2020 CD15827 JKMAX. The 2020 version of the JKMAX promises loads of scale realism, with serious off-road driving capabilities. You can use this link to get your own Capo Racing [...]


Capo Racing RC Scale Dash LED Screen

Capo Racing Teases Insane New Dash for Scale Crawlers

Here we go folks, Capo Racing is now teasing a next level Scale Dash with a crazy LED Screen. The dash itself looks on-point, but the real head turner is a screen on the dash that is capable of showing video! As you can see in the video below, the screen does a great job of showing the animated Capo [...]


Capo Racing Samurai RC Scale Crawler

Capo Racing Samurai 1/6 RC Scale Crawler

Want to see the latest and greatest in scale crawlers? If so, have a look at the new 1/6 Samurai from Capo Racing. Capo Racing has been pushing the limits of scale realism for several years, the Samurai continues this trend. Here are just some of the the Samurai’s highlights- * Scale realistic hard plastic body * 1/6th in scale – easier [...]