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Carten RC T410 Rally Car Kit

Carten RC 1/10 T410 Rally Car Kit

Just announced by Carten RC is the 1/10 T410 Rally Car Kit. The T410 rally uses a highly capable 4wd system to put the power to the ground and comes equipped with aluminum c-hubs for added durability. More highlights include aluminum shocks, CVD driveshafts, and a bathtub style chassis with a polycarbonate cover to help keep out rocks and debris. The [...]


Carten RC 10th M210FWD Pro Kit

Carten RC 1/10 M210FWD Pro Kit

New from Carten RC is the 1/10th scaled M210FWD Pro Kit. Made for high-end competition, and loaded with carbon fiber bits, the M210FWD Pro Kit is ready to crush your competitors. Check out these highlights- * Based on Carten’s M210R touring car * Front motor layout for improved weight distribution * Shaft driven, low friction drive train * Wheelbase – 210 to 239mm * Final [...]


Carten RC T410FWD Pro Kit

Carten 1/10 T410FWD Pro Kit

New from Carten is the 1/10 T410FWD Pro Kit. Designed for FWD racing, the T410FWD Pro uses a front motor layout for optimal weight distribution. Here are more highlights- * Low friction drivetrain * Full bearing set * Steel CVDs * Composite fiber chassis, upper deck, and shock tower * Aluminum floating servo mount * Aluminum motor mount & spur gear hub * Aluminum shocks * Metal gear [...]


Carten RC Aluminum T410 Bellcrank Steering Set

Carten RC has released an optional steering set upgrade for its T410 and T410R touring car kits. Replacing the stock plastic steering components, the Aluminum T410 Bellcrank Steering Set (#NHA453) aims to provide improved precision and durability whether you’re an on-road racer or parking lot basher. This steering set consists of three main aluminum pieces and including mounting hardware; this upgrade shouldn’t [...]