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Losing grip – Hobbywing FOC and Castle Mamba X?

Hobbywing AXE R2-FOC or Castle Creations Mamba X – you might wonder which one to spend your money on? So do I. Or, rather, so did I until I tried them both. Ever since I put a Castle Mamba X in my Axial Yeti in 2016, I have been fond of the system, to the point where I now own [...]


Losing grip – Transforming the TRX-4 transmitter functions

As far as plans go, mine was as simple as they come. Even so, it failed miserably when faced with reality. It was like this:  1) Buy TRX-4 kit and 2021 Ford Bronco body, 2) build and paint TRX-4 kit and Bronco body, 3) drive and enjoy TRX-4, 4) upgrade and do pre and post comparisons one thing at a [...]