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Two containers of Cheat Parts Black Grease

Cheat Parts High-Pressure Black Grease

The team at Cheat Parts has released a new lubricant for gears, universal shafts, ball diffs, and thrust bearings. Their High-Pressure Black Grease not only serves as a specialized lube but it can also be applied to other metal parts as a general maintenance grease. Cheat Parts High-Pressure Black Grease has been engineered to withstand the tortures of the track and [...]


Cheat Parts Bump Stop Shims for 1/10-scale Buggies and Touri…

“Cheat parts” aren’t typically something that you’d announce to the world, but it’s a different story when an R/C brand by that name releases something new. Cheat Parts has a new suspension tuning item to help you out at the track or your favorite bash location. Cheat Parts Bump Stop Shims are a simple way to tweak the suspension performance [...]