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AKA Indoor Handlebar Tires

AKA Handlebar Tires for 10th Scale Buggy, SCT, and 8th Scale…

AKA has just announced their new Handlebar series of tires. With their low-profile tread and rounded edges, Handlebars should be the bomb at your local indoor clay track. AKA is producing Handlebars for a wide variety of vehicles- 10th scale buggy, 8th scale, and for short course trucks. And talk about variety, some Handlebars are available pre-mounted, some just with inserts, [...]


Pro-Line Blockade Mx Compound 8th scale buggy tires

Pro-Line Blockade MX Compound 8th Scale Buggy Tires

Our favorite tires for track use are Pro-Line Blockades. Blockades give fantastic traction and wear a long time, what’s not to like? Recently, Pro-line has announced their extremely popular Blockade 8th scale buggy tires are now available in MX (blue groove) compound. Pro-Line’s MX compound is specifically designed for hot outdoor blue groove outdoor tracks where premature wear can become [...]


Pro-Line Suburbs 2.0 SC MX Blue Groove Tires

New Pro-Line Suburbs 2.0 SC MX Blue Groove Tires

There is only one leader in the tire game and that is Pro-Line. Part of being a leader is making tweaks to an already good design to make it even better. Such is the case with Pro-Line’s new Suburbs 2.0 SC short course truck tires. The Suburbs were already a very popular high bite/blue groove tire, the 2.0 version is [...]


Pro-Line Ion SC Tires

Pro-Line Ion SC Tires in MC/Clay Compound

What’s that old saying, “Power is nothing without control.”? Well mount up a set of Pro-Line Ion SC tires and be dialed for your local high bite clay track. The new Ion’s come in Pro-Line’s popular MC clay compound, run about $25 a pair, and come with closed cell inserts. Hit up THIS link for even more information. Have you read [...]