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Losing grip – Akela: a new dawn for my SCX10

If you’re in this hobby you probably have the same kind of bug I have, always itching in the back of your head: things could be improved. And when they finally cannot, up pops ideas for the next project, which could be either just slightly better than the last one, or something entirely different. My SCX10 is a case in point, [...]


Losing grip – Dusk or dawn? Hot or cold? Cat or dog?

Check it out! My trx-4 Simba has finally gotten a brother in my SCX10 Akela. Which do you prefer? Cat or canine? Hot or cold. Dusk or dawn? Red or blue? We all have a preference, don’t we? The Lion King or The Jungle Book?  So that you don’t have to google it: Akela is the leader of the wolf [...]


Losing grip – Here I go again

G’day folks! One hobby, many aspects. And no, I’m not talking of all the different kinds of RC vehicles that’s out there, but of what the hobby entails for us on a personal level. Driving, wrenching, dreaming, watching, designing, writing. Maybe also photographing, video editing, sharing. For me, right now, it’s writing on the agenda. If you’re looking for technical [...]


Losing grip – Pimp My Ride!

G’day folks, it’s time to Pimp My Ride! As you may know, ever since I released the TRX-4 Simba, I have felt a dire need to update the look of my SCX10III. I want to bring it up to the same standard as its Traxxas mate, which to me means both a new paint job and adding a bucketload of [...]


Losing grip – Club5Racing accessories review

We all want a good looking car standing out from the crowd, and while a custom paint job requires a fair bit of work and skill, boosting the look with accessories do not. Also, it’s basically fool proof. A custom bumper simply cannot be messed up the same way as a paint job can. As I was planning my TRX-4 2021 [...]


Losing grip – The TRX-4 Simba is released!

Here it is, the  Traxxas TRX-4 2021 Ford Bronco Simba edition. This version of the TRX-4 comes with a custom paintjob, upgraded lights and electronics, and a creative rearrangement of the diff lock and gearbox servos. Only one will ever be made. The lion. Available exclusively from Yours Truly, at a price so shockingly high I am sure I’ll get [...]


Losing grip – Transforming the TRX-4 transmitter functions

As far as plans go, mine was as simple as they come. Even so, it failed miserably when faced with reality. It was like this:  1) Buy TRX-4 kit and 2021 Ford Bronco body, 2) build and paint TRX-4 kit and Bronco body, 3) drive and enjoy TRX-4, 4) upgrade and do pre and post comparisons one thing at a [...]