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HD FPV Racing – Coming Soon From Connex

Guys, this is big. As of now, all FPV racing drones utilize an analog video signal for flight imagery. Of course you can strap a GoPro or any other of about a dozen HD cameras on to your FPV racer to capture footage, but not to use as a flight camera. Aerial photography rigs have long used HD FPV (see: [...]


Connex HD Mini Video Downlink for FPV drones

The holy grail of flying FPV has always been zero-latency HD flight video. Well, the new Connex HD Mini Video Downlink from Amimon claims exactly that. Offering a lightweight, compact, robust wireless HD video downlink, the Connex HD is the perfect solution for aerial cinematography, building inspection, conservation, law enforcement, and the like. Priced at $1299.00, the system may be a bit spendy for [...]