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Pro-Line 6th Coyote Grande Clear Body SCX6

Pro-Line 1/6 Coyote Grande Clear Body for the SCX6

The Pro-Line crew has officially announced a 1/6 Coyote Grande Clear Body for the SCX6. This classic looking lid is a perfect fit for the SCX6 and has been designed for extra tire clearance for when the going gets rough. Here are the highlights- * Domestic 80’s SUV styling * Pinched front end * Dove-tailed in the rear * Body adheres to competition [...]


Pro-Line Coyote High Performance Clear Body

Pro-Line 1/24 Coyote High Performance Clear Body

New from Pro-Line is a 1/24 Coyote High Performance Clear Body. Designed for hardcore rock crawling, the Coyote is sized to fit 24th scaled rock crawlers. Check out these highlights- * Pinched front end & dove-tailed rear for max tire clearance * Late-80s domestic-style appearance * Clearance for P-L’s largest SCX24 tires with no trimming * Made from a single piece of crystal-clear polycarbonate * [...]


Pro-Line 10th Coyote HP Clear Body 12.3

Pro-Line 1/10 Coyote HP 12.3″ WB Clear Body

New from Pro-Line is the Pro-Line 1/10 Coyote HP 12.3″ WB Clear Body. Designed specifically for high performance rock crawling, the new Coyote is ready for the most challenging trails that you can find. Here are the highlights- * Developed specifically for 12.3″ WB Class 2 & Class 3 rigs * Optimized for maximum crawling performance * Features Late-80s domestic styling * Pinched front [...]


Carisma RC Scale Rear Bed and Cage Set

Carisma Rear Bed and Cage Set

Shipping right now from Carisma is a new Rear Bed and Cage Set. This set was designed to fit trucks like the Carisma Coyote or Ford F-150, but can also be used on other custom builds. Here are the highlights- * Great for custom trophy or pre-runner style builds * Fits 285-313mm wheelbases * Robust plastic cage * Spare wheel holder * Plenty of space [...]


Carisma RC Coyote 2.1 Rock Crawler Video

Video – Carisma Coyote 2.1 in Action!

Ivan and the crew over at Carisma have just posted a new video for their Coyote 2.1 scale rock crawler. For decades, Carisma has been a leader in scale realism, check out the video below to see their latest creation, the Coyote 2.1, in action. In this particular video, the Carisma crew sends the Coyote 2.1 through crazy amounts of [...]


Carisma RC SCA-1E Bed Inner Fender Set Coyote

Carisma SCA-1E Deep Bed/Inner Fender Set For The Coyote

Shipping now from Carisma is a SCA-1E Deep Bed/Inner Fender Set for the Carisma Coyote scale crawler. The bed and inner fender set is a fantastic upgrade that can help take the scale realism on your 285mm Coyote to another level. * Complete set of inner fenders * Includes deep bed conversion for the SCA-1E Coyote * Bed creates perfect space for scale [...]


Carisma Coyote Unboxing Video

Unboxing Video – Carisma SCA-1E Coyote

Shipping soon is the Carisma SCA-1E Coyote scale crawler. The Coyote is a huge new release from Carisma and is bound to make its mark on the scale crawler scene. To show you what comes inside the box, Ivan Carisma himself unboxes one of the very first production units. Watch the video below to see what comes inside the box, [...]


Carisma Coyote Video

Video – Carisma SCA-1E Coyote In Action!

Here ya go folks, a video for all of you that have wanted to see the new Carisma Coyote in action. The Video Shown Below does a great job of showing the off-road capabilities of the Coyote, plus how well it is waterproofed. Along with the video, more features and specifications have also been announced. Here is the scoop on [...]


Carisma SCA-1E Coyote

Hot New Scale Crawlers – Carisma SCA-1E Coyote RTR & Kit

Now here is some big news, Carisma has announced the first two trucks in their new Scale Adventure line-up. The folks at Carisma have always been big into scale realism, and after looking at their new trucks, it certainly looks like they hit the mark with these. The black truck shown above is the SCA-1E Coyote RTR scale crawler. The Coyote [...]