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Traxxas Crash Video

Traxxas Video – RC Crash Compilation 2018!

Recently posted by Traxxas is a giant Crash Compilation Video. Just like you and me, the Traxxas crew has plenty of crashes while filming, have a look at some of their gnarliest in the video below. Filmed at Camp Woodward with loads of enormous ramps, the video has some hits that are absolutely gnarly! After watching the video you can hit [...]


Traxxas X-Maxx Crash Video

Video – Massive Traxxas X-Maxx Crash Video

What happens when you tag a curb (then a street sign!) at 60 mph+ with a Traxxas X-Maxx? Find out at the 2:15 Mark in the video above. YouTube user udluuz was making some serious speed passes with his Castle Powered X-Maxx, then lost control, showing just how hard it is to drive on pizza cutters. What was the total [...]


Raging Rotors: The Path to Pilot is Paved in Broken Blades a…

As we move forward in the journey to be a pilot, I cannot help but reminisce when I first started stepping up my piloting game by buying a collective pitch (or 3D Stunt) helicopter, the Blade Nano CPx. I was so excited, until I took it out of the box and got it ready for flight. That one ounce micro helicopter [...]