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Cross RC 10th NT-4 EMO RTR

Cross RC 1/10 NT-4 EMO RTR

Coming soon from Cross RC is the 1/10 NT-4 EMO RTR. Cross RC puts out some of the most scale realistic trucks on the market and the new RTR version of the NT-4 EMO makes it easy to hit the trail in record time. Here are the highlights- * Multi-link suspension * New chassis * Panhard rod * 2 speed transmission * Remote diff locking * [...]


Cross RC 8th EMO X3 Tow Truck Kit

Teaser – Cross RC 1/8 EMO X3 Tow Truck Kit

Cross RC is all about taking scale realism to the next level and to help prove this they are now teasing their upcoming 1/8 EMO X3 Tow Truck Kit. This burly tow truck is loaded with scale metal parts and even comes with a working winch. Coming in at 8th scale, and with a tough 4wd system, the EMO X3 [...]


Cross RC 10th NT4 RTR

Teaser – Cross RC 1/10 NT4 RTR

Over at Cross RC they have released new teaser images of their upcoming 1/10 NT4 RTR. The NT4 continues the tradition at Cross of taking scale realism to the very extreme. Sporting a standard 313mm wheelbase, the NT4 RTR is ready for serious outdoor adventure out of the box, or makes for a great base for your next custom build. You [...]


Cross RC NT Crawler Kit

Cross RC Now Teasing Upcoming NT4

Over at Cross RC they are now teasing the 1/10 NT4 Scale Off-Road Kit. With a standard 313mm wheelbase and 120mm tall Mud Crawler tires, the NT4 is designed to be highly capable out on the trail. Sporting plenty of approach (56°) and departure angle (66°) from it’s body and chassis, the NT4 can take on the gnarliest trails you [...]



Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Everybody’s Scalin’! The Big Squid RC scale shop has been extremely busy these last few weeks. With a bunch of new releases and a few more still to come, getting some time to start the Cross RC WT-4 has been a challenge. A build of this magnitude needs to be done slow, as [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’ – Big Truck Driver

Hey everyone, what’s up? Happy Thursday! Today we aren’t exactly talking monster trucks, but we are talking about a truck that is monstrous! So last year I decided to get a Tamiya Globe Liner semi truck to convert to an off-highway log hauler. Well, as I found out the Tamiya really wasn’t the tool for the job. I went wheeling with some [...]



The Cross RC EMO X has more than proven itself worthy on the trails. But after going through a Big Squid RC Review, the original body has seen better days. We got our hands on a fresh new body for the EMO X and had to show the abused rig some love.The body came pre painted and cut out. I [...]


Cross RC EMO X2 Scale Crawling Kit

Cross RC Teases EMO X2 RTR Scale Rock Crawler

The crew over at Cross RC is now teasing the EMO X2 Scale Rock Crawler. The EMO X2 is expected to start shipping this June and is loaded with scale accessories. Here are more details- * LCG chassis design * Remote locking diffs * Two speed transmission * Numerous scale accessories * High clearance portal style axles * RTR will be available in three different colors * [...]



Cross RC has released a 1:8 scale monster! The new Cross RC EMO X comes in multiple colors, yellow, blue, silver, and as well as a kit version for all you master builders. The EMO X is packed with features, locking front/rear Diffs, 2 speed transmission, 2.2 wheels and tires, a full lighting system and much more. We here at [...]


Cross RC EMO X in Action!

Earlier in the week we posted the unboxing video of the new Cross RC EMO X! Now it’s time for you to check it out in action! It has really held up great, and as you can see in the video, has no problem hitting the trails hard.If you want to order, or need more details you can use this [...]


Video Unboxing the Cross RC EMO X

Time to unbox the new Cross RC EMO X! Out of the box this 1/8th scale rig is impressive. The running video and review will be posted shortly, but for now, enjoy this video unboxing of the EMO X!If you want to order, or need more details you can use this link to visit the official Cross USA EMO X [...]


Cross RC EMO JT6 6x6 Kit

Teaser – Cross RC 1/10 EMO JT6 6×6 Kit

Now being teased by Cross RC is the 1/10th scaled EMO JT6 6×6 Kit. The burly EMO JT6 features 6 wheel drive, a two speed gearbox, and remote locking differentials. Sporting a flat bed made from ABS engineering plastic, and highly capable 120×45 1.9″ mud terrain tires, the EMO JT6 is more than ready for your next off-road recovery. As [...]


Cross RC XX10 T-Rex Kit

Cross RC Teases the Outrageous XX10 T-Rex

Mixing a combination of sci-fi design and scale realism, Cross RC has officially announced their upcoming XX10 Tyrannosaurus Rex. This 10 wheeled off-road monster machine has a military look, but is sure to be an absolute unit while hardcore off-roading. To make it stand out even more, the T-Rex comes equipped with dual M198 howitzers (with hydraulic lift system), a [...]


Monster Truck Madness – Gettin’ After It

Hello everyone and a Happy 2023 to you! I wound up spending the last two weeks at home, and given it’s been a long time since I’ve done that I had totally forgotten how time kind of just ceases to be and all days roll into one while on a long holiday break. It was nice getting back to the normal [...]


Cross RC WT4 10th Scale Recovery Truck Kit

Cross RC WT4 1/10 Recovery Truck Kit

For our first post of 2023 we are pretty stoked to help announce the new Cross RC WT4 1/10 Recovery Truck Kit. Scaled to fit 1/10th sized rc vehicles, the new Recovery Truck is big on scale realism, as well as performance. Here are the highlights- * Equipped with an electric lifting and back sliding system * Equipped with integrated electronic control [...]