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MIP X-Duty CVD Traxxas Bandit

MIP X-Duty Traxxas Bandit CVD Kit

To help you put down serious brushless power, MIP has announced an X-Duty CVD Kit for the ever popular Traxxas Bandit. Here are some of the highlights with a video also included below- * Fully rebuild-able design * Ultimate upgrade for drag racing or speed runs * Beefy, heat treated X-Duty steel construction * Black oxide coated for longevity * Designed, manufactured, and packaged in [...]


MIP Race Duty Drive Kit Arrma Outcast Kraton

MIP Race Duty Drive Kit For The Arrma Outcast/Kraton

Have you been looking for bombproof driveshafts for your Kraton? Just announced by MIP is a Race Duty Drive Kit that fits the ARRMA Outcast, as well as the Kraton. The MIP driveshafts are made from the highest quality hardened alloy steel to help bombproof your beast. * Large 6mm tapered driveshaft bones * Improved tolerances over the stock units * Smoother working [...]


MIP Axial Yeti

MIP X-Duty Rear C-Drive Kit For The Yeti

Just announced by MIP is an X-Duty Rear C-Drive Kit for the Axial Yeti. The X-Duty C-Drive kit replaces your Yeti’s rear plastic driveshaft with a heavy duty steel unit designed to take massive power and the worst bashing you can throw at it. The all metal design features heat treated, high grade alloy steel parts and is 100% made [...]


MIP Liquidation Sale

MIP Liquidation Sale

Going on now over on their website, MIP is having a Liquidation Sale. The liquidation is being used to make room for lots of new items in 2017 and some parts are priced as low as $1. MIP manufacturers a huge variety of different drive-line and hop-up parts, use This Link to head over to their official website and check [...]


MIP Spline CVD™ Center Drive Kit Axial Wraith

MIP Spline CVD Center Drive Kit For The Axial Wraith

Tired of breaking the stock plastic driveshafts on your Wraith? If so, MIP recently announced a Spline CVD Center Drive Kit to save the day. The MIP CVD kit replaces both the front & rear driveshafts with heavy duty steel units that were designed to take the worst you can throw at them. * Dual CVD articulation * All metal construction * 40 [...]


MIP X-Duty™ C-Drive Kit Vaterra Ascender

MIP X-Duty C-Drive Kit For Vaterra Ascender

To help bomb-proof the driveline in your Vaterra Ascender, MIP has announced a new X-Duty C-Drive Kit. The MIP kit replaces all the stock plastic center driveshaft parts with heavy duty metal, giving you ease of mind when pounding the throttle in tight situations. * Durable X-Duty design * Made from heat treated, high grade alloy steel * All metal * Spline drive [...]


MIP Axial Spline Drive Kits

MIP CVD Spline Drive Kits For Axial Trucks

MIP has just announced 6 new C1 X-Duty CVD Spline Drive Kits for various Axial trucks. These are are truly heavy duty and are made from the highest quality steel. The driveshafts have also been heat tempered for added durability. Once installed, you’ll no longer have to worry about popping a driveshaft while out on the trail, even when powered [...]


MIP C-Drive Vaterra K5 Blazer

MIP X-Duty C-Drive Kit for the Vaterra K-5 Blazer

Trail driving is a lot of fun, right up to the point when you get in a tight spot, then tag the gas and pop a driveshaft. To help eliminate that lowly walk of shame back to your truck for a replacement shaft, MIP has some new heavy duty driveshafts for the Vaterra K5 Blazer. The X-Duty C-Drive Kit from MIP [...]


MIP Shiny Pucks Associated B5

MIP Pucks Shiny Drive System for Associated B5/B5M

The MIP Puck system is pretty slick. They use a puck system where the drive-shafts slide into the out-drives to not only keep wear to a minimum, but to also give your buggy faster acceleration. MIP recently announced their Shiny Puck system for the Associated B5/B5M. The shiny pucks were designed for the more demanding loads of modified racing and their [...]


MIP Spline CVD Center Drive Axial SCX10

MIP Spline CVD Center Drive Kit for Axial SCX10 12.3" Wheelb…

MIP has a new CVD Center Drive Kit for Axial SCX10s with a 12.3″ wheelbase (which includes the Axial Jeep Rubicon). The new kit does away with the old double set screw design and instead opts for a pin set screw. The drive hubs have also been changed so they no longer make contact with the spur gear cover. * Dual [...]


MIP Pucks Shiny Drive System Associated SC10/T4

MIP Pucks Shiny Drive System for Associated SC10/T4

For all you guys running big power in your Associated SC10 or T4, the crew over at MIP have announced their new Pucks Shiny Drive System for your truck. This set includes a ball diff, but more importantly, includes MIP Pucks for the drive shafts. The Puck system helps keep your drivetrain fresh by not constantly wearing out the outdrives, [...]



MIP X-Duty C-Drive Kit for RC4WD Gelande II

If you have an RC4WD Gelande II then you have probably already found out that the plastic stock driveshafts can’t take much abuse. Our friends over at MIP also know they are a problem so they have announced a new X-Duty C-Drive Kit for the truck. The MIP units are heavy duty and made from steel, making them much stronger [...]


MIP CVC Pucks Associated B5 B5M

MIP Pucks Bi-Metal R-CVD Drive System for Associated B5/B5M

If you are a stock class racer looking to go fast with your new Associated B5/B5M, the crew over at MIP have some new Bi-Metal CVDs for your consideration. This CVD set is very light to reduce rotating mass, while they also come with MIP’s Puck system so your outdrives will last much longer. The MIP set is 40% lighter [...]


MIP CVDs Vaterra Halix

Vaterra Halix Hop-Up Series Part #4 – Installing MIP CVDs

The previous hop-ups we performed on the Vaterra Halix didn’t take much elbow grease. Installing pre-mounted wheels & tires can take as little as 5 minutes, while installing a pre-painted body might take less than half an hour. On the flip side of the coin, installing MIP CVDs on the Halix might be the most time consuming hop-up to be [...]


MIP Pucks Shiny Drive System Serpent Spyder SRX-2

MIP Pucks Shiny Drive System for Serpent Spyder SRX-2

For all you Serpent buggy owners, MIP has announced their Puck CVD System for the SRX-2. The Puck Shiny System comes with steel CVDs to handle mod power, plus the replaceable pucks will keep your outdrives & CV bones from wearing out so quickly. Oh ya, they look sharp and help with quicker acceleration too. The part number is #14125, [...]