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Exotek EVO3 Spur Gear Plate Set HPI D4

Exotek EVO3 Spur Gear Plate Set for the HPI D4 Series

Over at Exotek they have announced a new EVO3 Spur Gear Plate Set for the HPI Racing D4 series. This beefy spur gear plate is made from machined aluminum and can make for much easier gear changes. Here are the highlights- * Heavy duty machined Delrin spur gear * Alloy mounting plate for the HPI D4 series * Machined 7075 mounting plate with [...]


HB Racing 10th D4 EVO3 Competition 4WD Buggy Kit

HB Racing 1/10 D4 EVO3 Competition 4WD Buggy Kit

New from HB Racing is the 1/10 D4 EVO3 Competition 4WD Buggy Kit. The D4 EVO3 is a high-end race machine designed to win at even the highest levels of competition. Check out these highlights- * Designed by Torrance Deguzman to be faster, stronger, & more adjustable * Optimized performance on high grip surfaces * Aluminum chassis that moves motor forward for improved [...]


HB Racing D4 Evo3 4WD Race Buggy Kit

HB Racing 1/10 D4 Evo3 4WD Race Buggy Kit

Now being teased by HB Racing is the 1/10th scaled D4 Evo3 4WD Race Buggy Kit. This high-end race kit was designed to win at the highest levels of competition by using high-end materials and design. With an updated center gear differential and various carbon fiber goodies, the D4 Evo3 is ready to put you in the winners circle. The HB [...]


Usukani RWD shaft conversion for the Sakura D4 drifter

As predicted the 3Racing Sakura D4 has become the hot new platform for all of the aftermarket companies. One promising new company I have been following just showed a shaft drive conversion for the RWD version of the car that looks very promising. Usukani burst on to the drift scene recently with mods for some of the popular MST drifters. Their [...]


Drift Itch – Sakura D4 product spotlight

Whats up drifters! Evol here again with another edition of Drift Itch and I’m pretty stoked to finally be writing about this car i’ve been obsessing over for the last few months. The Sakura D4 is finally in hand and it’s one of the most exciting platforms to come along in a while. While it borrows some key design elements [...]


3Racing Sakura D4 – unboxing

What’s up gang, Evol here. Finally got my hands on the new Sakura D4. Thought I might show you guys some initial images and early thoughts of this highly anticipated drifter. Early observations are that while the box denotes both AWD and RWD versions all the parts needed to build either are not included. This feels like something that may [...]


Drift Itch – this week in Drift

Whats up Drifters! Evol here with a quick update on the RC Drift world. The 3 Racing Sakura D4 is finally here. This long awaited chassis recently started to make its way into the hands of customers all over the world. Hot on its heels 3Racing started to show off some of the bling and options that are on the way. [...]


3Racing Sakura D4 available for pre-order now!

Asiatees shot us over a note that they are accepting pre-orders for the highly anticipated Sakura D4. Along with it they shared a few more details like the car is to be sold in 2 versions (AWD and RWD) killing my assumptions that this will be a convertible kit. The RWD version will feature alloy extensions for the steering rack [...]


Drift Itch – This Week in RC Drift

Whats up drifters? Evol here with the latest Drift Itch. Lots of news in RC Drift land this week so lets jump right into it. Looks like Asiatees was the first to lay hands on the new Sakura D4 outside of 3racings circle. I’ve been wanting a good up close look at this chassis and while their description of the car [...]