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DE Racing RC Outlaw Sprint HB Dirt Oval Tire

DE Racing Outlaw Sprint HB Dirt Oval Tires

Being teased right now by DE Racing is a new Outlaw Sprint HB dirt oval race tire. Designed for high bite tracks, the HB dirt oval race tires now come with a larger and lower block pattern. This gives the HBs improved grip and longer wear to help put you on the top step of the podium. A stiffer carcass [...]


DE Racing Dirt Oval Tires

DE Racing G6T SCT Dirt Oval Tires

Are you ready for some dirt oval racing this summer? New from DE Racing are G6T dirt oval tires. The G6T tires were designed to fit short course wheels and were engineered to give your race rig serious traction. * Grooved G6T D40 Compound SC Oval Tire- #DER-G6G-SR4 * G6T D40 Compound SC Oval Tire- #DER-G6T-SR4 * Grooved G6T D30 Compound SC Oval [...]


DE Racing Speedline Wheels Losi Tekno

DE Racing Speedline Front Wheels For Losi & Tekno

Recently announced by DE Racing is a new set of Speedline Front Wheels. These were designed to fit the Losi 22-4 and the Tekno EB410. Available in yellow, white, or black, the Speedline wheels are a lightweight design for improved performance. The DE Racing wheels come in sets of four with street pricing of $15. Hit This Link for more details, [...]


DE Racing Mud Plugs

DE Racing Mud Plugs

New from DE Racing are Mud Plugs. The Mud Plugs snap into DE Racing’s Speedway series wheels and keep mud from packing up inside the rim. These not only look like their full scale counterparts, but can also improve lap times by keeping unwanted weight from building up on your dirt oval machine. The Mud Plugs are sold in packs of [...]


DE Racing Bumper Skid Plate RC8B3

DE Racing Front Bumper and Rear Skip Plate For The Associate…

To increase the durability of your Team Associated RC8B3, the crew at DE Racing has developed a Front Bumper and Rear Skid Plate. Made from the highest quality engineering grade nylon, both units offer superior protection while being stylish. When used on your RC8B3 they can prevent your chassis from wearing out, saving you big bucks down the line. The [...]


DE Racing SpeedLine PLUS SC

DE Racing SpeedLine Plus SC Wheels

The guys over at DE Racing have announced SpeedLine Plus SC wheels for your short course truck. Available in white, yellow, or black, the SpeedLine Plus SC wheels feature DE’s “Sure Lock” foam retention system to yield more traction and to eliminate inconsistencies while driving. The wheels are available to fit a variety of Associated, Losi, Kyosho, Tekno, and Traxxas [...]


DE Racing SpeedLine Plus Wheels

DE Racing SpeedLine PLUS 2.4″ 1/10 Wheels

The latest entry into the 2.4″ wheel market comes from DE Racing. The new SpeedLine PLUS 2.4″ wheels from DE Racing are available to fit a wide variety of popular race vehicles and feature their Sure Lock foam retention system. The new wheels were also designed to be ultra-light and come with a glue channel for a clean install. The wheels [...]


DE Racing Speedline Plus 1/8th buggy wheels

DE Racing Speedline Plus 1/8th Buggy Wheels

The folks over at DE Racing have announced new Speedline Plus wheels for 1/8th scale buggies. Featuring a Sure Lock foam retention system, the Speedline Plus wheels deliver maximum on-track performance by using radial ribs that lock the wheel to its foam insert. * 83mm diamter * 38 grams in weight * Available in black, yellow, and white * Comes with a glue channel [...]


DE Speedline Wheels

New Offsets for DE Racing SpeedLine Wheels

The crew over at DE Racing have announced new offsets for their Speedline series wheels. The offsets allow multiple new vehicles to be dialed with DE wheels. The new wheels fit- * TLR 22-4 front * Kyosho Laser ZX-5 front * Durango DEX210 front & rear * Durango DEX410 front & rear (also fits XRay XB4) The initial production run offers both white and [...]


DE Racing Color Speedline Wheels

Four New Colors for DE Racing Speedline Wheels

In the DE Racing press release it says “The world is colorful, drive accordingly.”. With DE Racing’s new wheels, your buggy or truck will certainly be one of the most colorful at the local bash spot. The DE crew has announced four new colors for their Speedline series wheels- fluorescent green, orange, hot pink, and bright red. The new colors allow [...]


DE Racing New Color Wheels

Teaser – New Color Options From DE Racing

Over on the DE Racing Facebook Page they’ve been showing off new colors for their wheels. Traditionally white and yellow have been used for dish wheels, it will be cool to see some new colors options for our buggies and trucks. Shown for both 8th and 10th scales, we should have part numbers and pricing on these in the very [...]


DE Racing Associated Chassis Brace

DE Racing Chassis Brace/Skid Plate for Team Associated B4/T4…

DE Racing has just announced new Chassis Braces/Skid Plates for select Team Associated vehicles. One version, part number #DER-CB-A, fits the Associated B4 and T4, while part number #DER-CB-ASC fits the SC10. Both are built to be tougher than stock and have a street price of just $9. Hit up This Link to check out the official DE Racing website. Click [...]


DE Racing Stopz-It Tool

DE Racing “Stopz-it” Tool for Stopping Nitro Engines

Two of the most common ways to stop a nitro engine are to place a finger over the exhaust tip (ouch!) and to stop the flywheel (ouch if you use your hand, clumsy if you use your foot). DE Racing decided to make a better way. The new Stopz-It tool from DE Racing is a small piece of rubber that [...]


ASK Cub Reporter, 02.28.1013, Version- Your Honest Questions…

“Scale” short course comments As a long time – 30 years – RC enthusiast and racer, I feel that you guys are way off the mark with your “scale” comments lately regarding short course. The class will never grow if we don’t move it more and more towards performance. We cannot go back to Slashes and hard “realistic” [...]


DE Racing Borrego SC Dish Wheels

DE Racing Borrego Dish SC Wheels

Wanting a different look for your short course truck? DE Racing has announced their new Borrego SC wheels that look like a beadlock wheel with mud cover. With the new Borregos you can add DE’s colored wheels disks to come up with some trick color customizing for your short course truck. In addition to a new look the Borregos are [...]