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Axial Racing SCX10 II Deadbolt RTR

Axial Racing 1/10 SCX10 II Deadbolt RTR

After a bit of teasing, Axial Racing has announced the 1/10 SCX10 II Deadbolt RTR. Refreshed for 2022, the new Deadbolt features an SCX10 II chassis and a highly adaptable design. Here are the highlights- * LCX AX10 transmission with adjustable gear ratio * Universal axle joints allow up to 45° of steering angle * Optimized gear ratio of 3.75 that [...]


Axial Racing SCX24 Deadbolt RTR

Axial Racing 1/24 SCX24 Deadbolt RTR

Here ya go Axial Racing fans, they have just dropped the 1/24th scaled SCX24 Deadbolt. The SCX24 is Axial Racing’s first foray into the 24th scaled market, have a look at some of these features- * Comes completely pre-built as an RTR * 3-link front and 4-link rear suspension * Rugged steel C-channel frame rails * Fully licensed Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tires * Licensed [...]


Pro-Line 1966 Ford Bronco Clear Body Ridge-Line Trail Cage

Pro-Line 1966 Ford Bronco Clear Body w/ Ridge-Line Trail Cag…

For all your Axial Deadbolt owners out there, Pro-Line has announced the 1966 Ford Bronco Clear Body with Ridge-Line Trail Cage. The 1966 Bronco is heavy on scale realism and has some pretty amazing attention to detail. Here are more details- * Fully licensed by Ford * Separate dash for greater detail * Deep interior for increased realism * Comes with over-spray film * Detailed [...]


Axial Deadbolt Video

Video – Axial Deadbolt w/ Custom Mods – Rock Run

Recently posted by Axial Racing is a new video for their Deadbolt. The video shown below features an Axial Deadbolt sporting licensed Maxxis Trepador tires. The video does a great job of showing how awesome the Deadbolt looks while getting in some time on the trail, as well as showing close ups of the Trepadors hard at work churning up [...]


Pro-Line TimberLine Soft-Top

Pro-Line TimberLine Soft-Top For The Axial Deadbolt

New for all you Axial Deadbolt owners is a TimberLine Soft-Top from Pro-Line. The top is easily mounted with Velcro and is a perfect way of adding a touch of scale realism. The top is made from a durable black nylon and it even comes with clear vinyl rear windows. Pricing for the soft-top is just $27 and it has a [...]


Incision CVDs for your Axial RR10 Bomber/Wraith/Deadbolt/SCX…

Vanquish Products are at it again with their new Incision line of affordable parts. The Idea? A high quality parts line manufactured in the USA at an affordable price. VP knows their parts come at a premium, thats because they try and bring you a no compromise top tier parts line with an emphasis on creating the nicest parts possible. [...]


Knight Customs Axial Deadbolt Parts

Axial Deadbolt Hop-Up Parts from Knight Customs

The folks over at Knight Customs have announced a bunch of new parts to upgrade your Axial Deadbolt with. First up is a choice of two different front grills. One is the Angry version (#AD10006, $16) that features a tougher look than the stock style unit (#AD10007, $14). Both require the use of the Axial light bucket set (#AX80045). The next part [...]


Axial AX10 Deadbolt

Review – Axial AX10 Deadbolt RTR

THE Axial Deadbolt AX10 RTR ReviewAxial has been kicking some major butt, their products are solid, their scale looks turn heads, and they have brought rc crawling (and scaling) from obscurity. Their latest release, the Deadbolt AX10, isn’t radically new from them, rather it’s a truck with smart updates with a cool looking off road body. We’ve been putting our [...]


axial heads

Axial Heads in Deadbolt

The other day we posted some custom painted heads that showed you what it looks like when you paint up the new heads that come with the Axial Deadbolt. Here are some pictures that show you what they look like when installed in the truck. Here is the link to the Axial Deadbolt unboxing. For more info on everything [...]


Axial AX10 Deadbolt Unboxing

Unboxing – Axial AX10 Deadbolt RTR

Everything Axial is super hot in the scaler world and deservedly so, they look good and work well out on the trail. The latest machine from Axial? The Deadbolt. The Deadbolt uses the ever popular AX10 platform and has a body that is a bit reminiscent of an old Bronco II. Some of its features and specifications include- * Three battery configurations * [...]